iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera Comparison

apple iphone 12 professional max versus samsung galaxy s2 ultra extensive contrast of image and also video clip capabilities allow’s go what’s heros my name is alek nikiti as well as you’re viewing no limits on channel so today we have a front runner from apple iphone 12 professional max as well as the front runner from samsung galaxy s21 ultra so allow’s begin allow’s begin with the electronic cameras what cams are inside and what are the focal arrays the f-stops as well as all that things so we’ll start with the ultra wide video camera both phones have 13 millimeter ultra wide the apple iphone has f 2.4 and also the samsung has f 2.2 both 12 megapixel after that we have the major camera module on the iphone it’s 12 megapixel 26 millimeter the dimension of the sensing unit is one half of a inch which is pretty huge for a mobile phone and the f-stop of 1.6 with optical stablizing and also in samsung we have 108 megapixels major electronic camera 24 millimeter equivalent with f 1.8 aperture and optical image stabilization then we have the telephoto video camera on the iphone we have 65 millimeter with f 2.2 12 megapixel and in the samsung we have the telephoto 72 millimeter 10 megapixel f 2.4 with optical stabilization cam and also samsung has 10x zoom which is 240 millimeter 10 megapixel f 4.9 optical picture maintained lens as well as the selfie cameras 12 megapixel 24 millimeter on the iphone and also 40 megapixel 25 millimeter on the samsung below is a listing of numbers so you can check once more right here we’ll start off with the photo capacities ultra vast white telephoto lenses very telephoto lens and more and then we’ll return to video clip you can also check the phases of the video if you have an interest in something in certain and also my next-door neighbors are drilling the walls certainly allow’s begin with the ultra vast lenses as for i can

see the apple iphone is a bit sharper but samsung has much more electronic intensity i do not like it a whole lot so there is an edge for iphone below are the instances as well as you can see the distinction on your own with a whole lot of focusing guys the primary cam is a little sharper on the iphone when you utilize the normal mode not 108 megapixels on the samsung yet when you switch to 108 megapixel setting it’s much sharper as well as a lot more outlined on the samsung so there is a minor edge to the samsung [Music] so so provides you with far more contrasty and extra saturated photos and it’s a little over sharpened digitally iphone provides you with reduced contrast pictures a bit much more cool i suggest the white equilibrium is a little cooler in the direction of chilly colors as well as if you reduced the exposure while shooting it will certainly offer you with better contrast naturally or you can digitally in post reduced the contrast as well as you’ll improve results overall vibrant variety is really really close i can provide a small side to iphone maybe half of a quit as well as in regards to noise iphone is doing a little far better however those 2 smart devices are really near each various other it’s a pretty close contrast guys in terms of reduced light they’re once more extremely extremely close yet iphone has its weakness because when you see the light in the shot it shows a great deal and type of flares and samsung has much less of those artifacts also when you use the telephoto setting x3 on the samsung and 2.5 on the apple iphone we obtain a little much better dynamic array in the samsung

as well as in general a little much better high quality in regards to images in evening setting so my conclusion pertains to your preferences if you like android smartphones choose samsung if you like ios go with apple iphone as well as some situations are better in samsung some cases are far better a bit in the apple iphone so it all comes to your individual choice and that’s it additionally i’ve compared those two smartphones with nikon d780 with 24 to 70 f 2.8 lens that’s a full structure specialist image video camera and you can see it’s somewhere on my channel next week possibly or here or in the summary as well as you’ll see that the outcomes are really extremely close in some situations obviously the electronic camera wins however, for instagram as an example they are really close and you can absolutely utilize those mobile phones to get superior images in your insta and currently we go to the video i’m as a videographer with 10 years of experience i’m really interested in those contrasts since i wish to know how close the phones and the smartphones are currently for the cams to the electronic cameras in fact and yep below are the outcomes my overall monitorings in regards to video the samsung is a lot a lot more digitally developed in fact i have a review and contrast of sony a7s iii which is shooting me today with the iphone 12 professional max you can check this right here or in the description as well as the apple iphone is already very electronically sharpened and also the samsung gets a little over hones in complete to ensure that’s the very first minus for samsung after that a little lower dynamic variety and somehow samsung records one black framework initially of each video clip data as well as i needed to reduce this file i mean the frame the first one the black one and also it really irritates me i hope they will repair it with some future updating

firmware as well as the samsung is extra noisy simply a bit however still you can see the sound even if you shoot something really bright throughout sunlight my biggest disappointment with samsung is 4k60 is simply gross men consider this picture check out my nose how over sharp every part of my nose is and i simply i just dislike this 4k60 it appears like 720p and over developed in post like absolutely overshadowed in message additionally you get just the major cam module in 4k60 you can not use your ultrawide your tele image lens and you don’t have extra stablizing in 4k 60 only in 1080p so it’s just so frustrating individuals and also consider the iphone 60p footage you can shoot in 60p with your ultra broad with your telephoto with your primary video camera and the photo is looking very wonderful and also thorough and also not over sharpened like samsung does as well as the high quality of 4k 60 in the iphone is nearly identical to 4k30 on the iphone which is good as well as now the stabilization of course the stabilization is better at all cameras at ultrawide main camera and also telephoto electronic camera on the iphone no uncertainty although the samsung has some optical image stablizing the video cameras where apple iphone seems to not have it but the results are noticeable samsung is even worse in stablizing likewise samsung has the incredibly smooth setting which is some you understand electronic plus maybe a normal security stablizing yet still it’s just in 1080p and 1080p is not usable in my opinion it’s very soft as well as over sharp once more so the factor goes to iphone 4 stablizing when i was running it felt like i was utilizing the gimbal on the apple iphone on the ultra white camera as well as the restlessness of the video of the samsung is so obvious and i elect iphone in terms of stabilization without a doubt in regards to sound they appear extremely close the richness

the volume the wind noise and also all that things it’s extremely extremely close and it’s just as much as your choice and also to your job with equalization in article for instance yet when you go to professional video clip mode in samsung you can choose the setting in your microphone you can change from omnidirectional both sides after that front instructions which is your voice like cell selfie setting or back so everything which lags the camera which behaves it does function it does make a distinction as you can listen to most likely and of course it’s a little better to have this attribute right below built-in than not to have it in the apple iphone so a mild side to samsung so individuals now it’s the examination of our selfie electronic cameras on the iphone 12 pro max right here and on the samsung galaxy s21 ultra below so it’s a rather tough circumstance i’m going from the sun to the color and all that things yeah so just how do you like the video cameras which is sharper which is much better in terms of audio so inform me in the remarks and now individuals the ultra large video cameras for vlogging taking a look at the noise taking a look at

the whiteness as well as taking a look at the color the dynamic variety and the security of both and also currently the major video camera angle one x so let’s check the field of vision the colors the stablizing and more so i’m going down from the hillside exactly how do you like the footage people i wish i wait as stable as i can in both hands yeah and now 4k 60 on the samsung galaxy and also on the iphone as you can see it’s currently less sharp on the samsung and i can make use of only the main camera the others are not offered for 4k 60 as well as the top quality is not the most effective one i like the iphone’s top quality a great deal more and right here is the plus for the iphone allow’s proceed individuals in regards to sluggish activity i simulate as well as choose the apple iphone’s video due to the fact that samsung appearances like it’s a 720p with a great deal of intensity in it and also the total photo quality as well as the noise proportion is worse on the samsung in terms of low light video clip capturing i do favor the apple iphone’s video due to the fact that look at the samsung footage it’s much more loud as well as you see a lot of sound decrease going on as well as kind of a complete mess and sort of a gruel from the pixels that are noisy and also obscured out by the samsung so a point for apple iphone in terms of active lapses as well as time lapses 4k

on the samsung and 1080p on the iphone yet consider those 2 time lapses and you can see that the high quality is very extremely near each various other and you can primarily say that they are type of similar as well as likewise samsung has 8k wow but it’s all about the advertising and marketing people due to the fact that look at those two shots firstly the 8k crops in a little bit from the major cam in the samsung check out those blurriness and check out those uh you know loud parts of the picture so 4k30 is far better on the iphone than 8k 24 on the samsung no doubt just look at this i’m speechless marketing advertising and i actually appreciated one function which is called director’s deem you can see we can flip those cameras out as well as when you tap this thing you can see your ultra vast your white and also your tele cam and also document all at once the front video camera as well as the back electronic camera as well as you can relocate somewhere like this yourself on the display it’s a fantastic feature when you wish to fire something and on your own completely with one electronic camera as an example for vlogging or all that things so

wonderful function i actually enjoyed it this is the motion picture mode i don’t assume it’s regarding the flick however you can alter the focal size right here and you can relocate yourself on the screen amazing attribute on the apple iphone you can obtain this function in the application i forgot the name possibly i’ll write it down right below however it’s a paid application regarding i bear in mind as well as it’s awesome that the samsung has it built in and now allow’s talk concerning the application the built-in cam app in the apple iphone is very straightforward as well as it has not a great deal of features however in the samsung galaxy s21 ultra it’s a quite intricate and also substantial application so below we have the even more feature and also right here we have your enhanced truth zone your doodle enhanced fact you understand face masks as well as all that you have your professional setting for photos your view setting food mode for your instagram you know food shots night mode picture mode even picture video clip mode which blurs the history behind you i assume you recognize it’s a pretty ineffective point to have however, for insta stories maybe it’s okay i do not truly like it and do not enjoy it since it’s functioning type of you know so so incredibly slow-moving motion 240 structures per 2nd regular slow-moving movement 120 structures per second your hyperlapse your director’s sight which i’ve revealed you both shooting from the front as well as the rear electronic cameras and naturally the pro video setting where you can

transform your microphone instructions you can additionally transform your iso shutter speed your manual focus as well as car focus and also when you manually concentrate in it reveals you the focus choosing it’s integrated in which is amazing likewise your white equilibrium as well as that picture account is off of training course and your zoom function as well as certainly you have some skin softening integrated and also all that however i’m not exactly sure that any person uses it in the built-in app i make certain that everybody uses it in the instagram or elsewhere so it does exist right here however i don’t see a reason to utilize it built-in it is what it is it’s fine it’s it’s in there a great deal of stuff that i do not require yet possibly someone can use it that recognizes yet overall an excellent app in the samsung so in regards to video of course apple iphone is still the cane in regards to mobile videography however it doesn’t compare to the huge video cameras so simply it’s a good video gadget allow me claim samsung only 4k30 the just

mode which is fine is 4k30 and also in good illumination problems so individuals my final thought everything involves individual choices in regards to picture quality in terms of pictures the samsung is for android and the iphone is for ios so it’s simply your individual preferences they set you back type of close to each various other the samsung is a little cheaper yet if you wish to shoot a great deal of video especially in 4k 60 certainly choose the iphone so people tell me please in the comments what do you consider those two phones which is better which one one possibly you have a various opinion after my contrast as well as watch it on a great screen and also closely i have actually made 600 or 300 crops for you to comprehend all the nuances and distinctions as well as if you did take pleasure in the web content on my network please smash such and subscribe containers as i state in my video clips and hit the notices bell certainly to be alerted when i post my next video and most likely it will be a comparison so thanks significantly for seeing my name is alex nikitin no limitations on network see you in the next video clip guys take treatment bye

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