Best boom-stand lighting stand for lights & camera review and comparison Falcon Eyes LSB-2 & LSB-2JS

what’s excellent men my name is alex nikita and you’re viewing no limitations on and also today we’re looking at 2 cranes or stands with functionality of a crane i want to install this little child the vl-150 from godox with aperture light dome 2 but it’s not precisely from aperture it’s a much less costly variation but it’s like specifically the exact same guys so i used to utilize this little stand it’s quite flimsy and also this light and this light dome needs desperately needs something much better heavier and also we’ll learn which one is the far better one let’s go [Songs] These 2 cranes i’ mma call it cranes since it’s not precisely a stand are from falcon eyes firm the very first one is falcon ice lsb 2 and also the 2nd one is falconized lsb-2js likewise you can discover something like those stands from different suppliers for example jean bay if i’m not misinterpreted so we’ll simply have a look at the layout capability weight capability as well as all that things so before those two stands i was utilizing those ones these are me king l two two dual o fp and also i bought those together with my kmtv bolton lights and i have 3 of those and also each and also every single stand has broken parts someplace right here so either this part or the lower one or the higher one so these are fantastic lightweight however not for this monster which is around i presume 5 kilos at least so today we’re going to be picking a various one to install this monster up above so it’s a crane in fact that that is why we’re going to be mounting this up above

and also just we’ll discover if the smaller one which is the uh lsb-2 the easy one with no letters anymore is adequate for me to use this thing or maybe i need to get an extra costly and a much more hefty alternative which is this one so allow’s go so guys let’s start with the first stand which is the smaller one falcon eyes lsb-2 it’s pretty heavy possibly it’s around 4 to five kilograms yet it can hold around four to six kilos of weight which is nice as well as it’s working as a crane likewise so here we have 120 centimeters spread of the legs and also if we break down the stand you can see that it’s quite high it’s something like 120 perhaps 130 centimeters 183 so you can visualize so about the advantages of this stand below we have the faucet which we can mount at any point from the top from the side from the various other side so different installing factors likewise we have this protection cover for the spigot and this is the quarter inch string and uh 3 8 of an inch string so one of the most usual threads right below those uh you understand tightening parts are metal so it’s not mosting likely to be breaking and the others are from light weight aluminum which is you recognize making it not that hefty as well as below we go below we have the unique device we untighten this handle incidentally there are some springs and also we have to untighten the center part of it so we untighten this component as well as we pull it thus as well as when we get to completion point we can repair it right below and also hereafter we can really untighten this component and also tilt it like so utilizing it like a.

crane then we tighten this up untighten the previous knob as soon as again constructed of steel so it’s rather risk-free as well as we can do it like so as a crane as well as we tighten this back up after that we can raise it up thus so this is the optimum elevation of the stand in crane position so it’s a bit over two meters as well as right here we have the special uh hole for holding the sandbag which is within the plan by the means likewise we have this special mountain carabin i’m not misinterpreted if there were carabin so here is the velcro little sandbag you can place some containers of water below or just the sand some holes right here as well as you merely connect it with the cabin right here pretty nicely as well as you can likewise make it much much longer allow’s turn it this a little thus and we untighten this set it likewise has a spring in it as well as we can draw it to this much out of framework i hunch and it’s 2 meters and 15 centimeters of length so it’s a pretty pretty you know long part be mindful with the legs constantly place the pressure on the front leg it’s not actually remedy right right now yet i’m holding it with my hand so it’s all right and also you can put the counterweight below your uh you understand soft box and also your light fixture there throughout and also you can place it upside down thus and also make some outstanding gorgeous shots from you recognize lighting from above with some soft gorgeous and regulated lights.

due to the grid and then you can collapse it back to start with you can decrease the stand like so the springtimes are aiding you out then you untighten this knob you transform it thus you return it to you know the original setting and after that you untighten this little arm and afterwards tighten this knob back as well as you merely collapse it down and now it’s all set and also done pretty hassle-free construction men i do enjoy utilizing it and also it really does not take a great deal of space my close friends informed me that i have to purchase a c-stand to hold this much weight i’m not certain concerning utilizing c-stance in the you understand house atmosphere home youtube studio due to the fact that it’s really hefty it’s much larger it takes a lot even more location and area in your level in your apartment or condo so that is why i’m just staying with the smaller ones i wish they will hold the weight appropriately at the very least i really hope so and also this little monster four kgs of weight is a counterweight for this larger position so let’s chat about this set so men right here’s the second stand which is falcon eyes lsb-2js and it has a little bit different building and construction and also can in fact hold a lot more weight not a lot extra yet a lot more it’s a bit heavier than this set and additionally it has an intriguing system which is removable crane arm it separates thus we have an unique take care of right here for you recognize a lot more comfy operating additionally we have two takes care of right here which are much better solutions for you at least for me to you know tighten up the various components of the stand different expanding components of the stand the faucet likewise has three hill positions on the sides as well as ahead it has the protection it has the quarter inch thread the 3 8 of an inch string so second best right here as well as this point can be this long it’s 2 meters and also 30 centimeters guys really long point so as you.

can see right here so this component is really durable it has uh you recognize thicker thicker parts thicker tubes if you will certainly as well as all in all it’s a much you understand beefier building than the previous one so we can place it thus and afterwards it’s all the exact same we can unscrew this one we can place it in this placement screw this back on unscrew this part then we can pick the the size also then we can place this 4.5 kilograms of weight with a special holder it’s working men so now it’s time to place this beast to this system as well as we’ll see if it holds the weight so men it’s the minute of truth and right here i have my even more beefy lsb-2js stand and actually i’ll have not a great deal of size right here the counteracting below as well as allow’s attempt to place this face so guys as you can see this building is pretty steady the weight gets on the leg right here so this leg is extended in the direction of the weight and possibly you have to you recognize put it a bit greater so men lastly we did it and now it’s time to switch on the as well as light it’s working in fact the ceiling is not high enough to you understand place it even greater it’s in fact the maximum distance however, for me it’s more than sufficient perhaps i can put it a little more from the table however as for now i’m pretty satisfied with the result you understand it’s not wiggling all the means if you desire me to make a testimonial a full review about this light the vl 150 and also this light dome so please share your ideas in the remark section below and claim yeah i desire a testimonial however i’ll make it anyhow one even more benefit of this type of stand of a crane is that you can place your lights to practically any type of position you can place it down you can place it sideways you can place it inverted and also all that things it’s far more functional solution than the regular stand so currently it’s time to attempt the second one just.

for the experiment men i have separated this weight the counterweight and in fact it’s standing still my item of advice is not to use it thus because it’s really unsteady as you can see a little touch and also it’s going to fall thus so use the counterweight i’m taking a look at the display sorry so make use of the weight people however if you forgot it at house or something you can still use it without it or if you are as well careless to bring with you this sturdy you can merely have a plastic bag and load it with i do not understand plastic containers of water or something and also put simply it right below as a counterweight it’s likewise mosting likely to be functioning just fine so individuals i was able to place this thing onto a much smaller sized stand however it’s a much more flimsier building and construction far more lightweight building this part is flexing a little and also the entire size of it the functioning size with this quantity of weight is not huge so that is why i’ll have to use the weight i will not be using the sandbag because i have no sand in my backyard it’s winter season in russia but i’ll be using this component equally as a recommendation point so we’ll see can we get this arm a little bit much longer as well as allow’s learn so men i was able to get like 30 centimeters of size when utilizing the counterbalance and the entire construction is now a lot.

a lot more steady it’s not mosting likely to drop anywhere so use the sandbags or weights every single time you do something thus so this stand is just enough to utilize with this light absolutely nothing which is heavier is not going to be working for certain so people which one do you favor certainly the initial one is a lot more heavy the js model however uh it’s too much weight for me in fact and also i much choose the lighter gear due to the fact that weight is very important for me so i hunch i’m gon na stay with this i’ll be utilizing the sandbag i’ll be utilizing the you recognize this this kind of points as well as uh youngsters are not running constantly around my you know working space my studio and i presume the lighter the gear the far better since i’ll be taking this every so often to my shoots and also it’s simply an extra usable item of kit in my viewpoint it’s not ideal men it’s not best in fact if i was choosing the better general stand of program the js version is absolutely far better overall for studio for you understand constantly in one place it’s a far better option however, for me for my requirements i require to be convenient i require to be quick i need to be light so i assumption i’m gon na stick to this version falcon eyes lsb-2 and also currently about the prices this version the js design prices around a hundred dollars which is a pretty wonderful rate for this type of item in my opinion as well as this set is a little a little less it’s around 70 dollars as well as it’s just a no-brainer for this amount of cash so this one will be offering you for a long time if you’re being gentle and you know not.

placing excessive pressure on it’s not hanging like an ape or ape on this set so we’re relocated on to the quote of the episode as well as today’s quote of the episode is from the movie lock supply as well as two smoking barrels the deprivation of weight presses to your mind and also yeah without a doubt the deprivation of weight as well as the weight altogether simply presses to my mind as well as presses it since i’m really tired of lugging a great deal of weight to my shoots and all around the workshop to ensure that is why i’m attempting to remain light and trying to stay you know risk-free as well as how do you state this in english let me say movable mobile so that is why i’m similar to peter linger and also stuff a little so i’m just adhering to this smaller option making use of the sandbags as well as all that stuff and also now the question of the episode men which one do you choose or possibly a different brand or a various system simply please create it down in the remark area listed below and if you do like the web content on my channels we have 2 channels the russian one the english one please strike the like as well as subscribe switches as i claim in my video clips as well as likewise the alerts bell so you’ll be seeing more of this content i hope it was valuable individuals as well as see you in the following make sure bye you.

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