Samsung Galaxy Note 10: But Why Tho?

what is up men mkbhd right here and this is the samsung galaxy note 10. you’re probably believing wait marquez i simply saw this your last video had to do with the galaxy note 10 no that had to do with the galaxy note 10 plus the larger front runner phone with a great deal of the bells and whistles that type of fits perfectly in the note brand this is the galaxy note 10. it’s a bit smaller sized it’s missing a bunch of what the note 10 plus has as well as it’s still 950 dollars as well as i still sort of like it allowed’s discuss it so if i’m being flawlessly real samsung could have possibly must have called this the note 10e this phone is a sort of a trimmed version in a great deal of methods sort of similarly the s10e was a trimmed down version of the s10 however, for a little bit less cash so i assume finest means to evaluate this phone is basically to reveal precisely what’s different about this note 10 versus the note 10 plus that i just dropped a 15 min video clip on so i’ll link that complete review right below such button if you haven’t seen that one yet this is the note 10. So firstly it’s 150 bucks cheaper like i said which uploaded at 9 49 to begin as well as it’s kind of a little sibling as well as i say that because the most evident difference is it’s literally smaller sized now generally i ‘d always opt for the biggest feasible variation of any kind of phone but a lot of phones have all gotten so significant nowadays that it’s in fact kind of rejuvenating having a smaller front runner phone so the note 10 is smaller than the apple iphone 10s max smaller sized than the oneplus 7 pro i’ve been making use of prior to i can get to all 4 corners fairly quickly it’s in fact truly nice not having to extend to get to the top on these huge phones just to obtain to notices i don’t have any one-handed assist functions turned on anymore on this phone it’s sort of wonderful you recognize it’s been a while given that i have actually utilized a phone that’s actually this little which is plenty to say about a galaxy note it’s a 6.3 inch display screen uh bezel’s still tiny you recognize still the blocky general shape as well as one more spec difference that a great deal of individuals concentrate on is it’s now a 1080p display instead of the 1440p that the big brother had now this specification is an ideal instance of something that matters to lots of people a lot a lot more theoretically than in reality like if you haven’t seen the galaxy note 10 if you have not in fact used this phone you might see on the spec sheet that it’s such an expensive phone but it only has a 1080p display screen and that stands out like a sore thumb however actually this display is practically terrific with that said resolution you ‘d be worried concerning intensity however it’s still quite sharp at over 400 ppi so you never actually see

any pixels still gets incredibly brilliant or very dim colors still look quite good it’s just primarily smaller sized the hole strike intermediary even though it coincides size appears just a little bit larger since the phone is smaller sized but general it’s still not a huge interruption whatsoever i assume if it was a notch like the apple iphone i would certainly locate it a little bit much more invasive on this smaller sized screen however even you recognize full screen videos or gaming and also things like that are still great right here i still do miss out on not having 90 hertz or any type of high refresh price but besides that this screen has actually been rather superb i simply believe still since it’s 950 you simply type of want it to have everything you desire it to have a 1440p screen at this price to make sure that is among the only ways it actually feels frustrating every little thing else visually is basically identical to the big sibling just contracted down which makes things more reachable extra pocketable and extra holdable so the cameras are specifically the exact same the speakers are exactly the same the finger print reader is the very same and the switches are the exact same but they’re much more obtainable so they’re a bit lower i didn’t have a trouble reaching them on the note 10 plus yet if you did these are a little closer the software program is likewise all still the exact same however, for some factor and they did this on the galaxy s10e also on the smaller phone they do not give you the choice to transform your display resolution on a phone with a 1440p display screen they let you select if you intend to jump to 1080 or

back up on a phone with the 1080p display screen they hide it possibly it’s since they assume it’s fine to just leave it at 1080 max res regularly i don’t know however i would contend the very least like to have seen the option here because this is the galaxy note uh the s pen is exactly the very same also i was in fact type of questioning if the smaller sized phone would get a smaller stylus pen however nope exact very same stylus on the larger phone with just the same functions and also motions and afterwards performance is for all intents as well as objectives the exact same yet with some little specification differences so the note 10 specification will certainly always be 8 gigs of ram and 256 jobs of that broadband storage none of that is expanding below the note 10 plus like we spoke concerning previously can bump approximately 12 jobs of ram as well as 512 gigs of inner storage space and also it has the expanding storage via microsd as well as i assume that for 90 something percent of individuals that 8 gigs of ram is plenty as well as the 256 jobs of storage space suffices however if you require a lot more you must take into consideration the note plus a couple other little things one uh note 10 has a little bit of a smaller battery 3 500 milliamp hours is the main number kind of tiny for a flagship really in 2019 yet after utilizing it for some time it emerged that it does not matter as a lot due to the fact that it has a 1080p display screen if you bump up the resolution on the 10 plus you will start to get

even worse battery life i type of left it in the center obtained my four as well as a fifty percent hrs of display in a timely manner this phone with a smaller battery however a 1080p display got me those very same great numbers for battery concerning a 4 hr display in a timely manner which is pretty great battery life and after that note 10 also does not have the support for the super fast 45 watt ultra rapid battery charger i do not understand if that’s an area thing or just a price financial savings thing yet it will certainly still can be found in package with a 25 watt charger which is rather great if you get the pricey extra one it’ll just collaborate with the 10 plus and after that note 10 while i stated it does have the same video cameras it doesn’t have the extra deepness sensors on the back as you can see that the 10 plus has so yeah no ar doodle or anything crazy with deepness sensing like that although it still does picture mode and live emphasis video clip just fine so total you understand there’s a good quantity of stuff missing out on however it’s also still quite a premium phone with a premium construct and the premium specs and it turns out the important things that were kind of the most worrying to me which were the display screen as well as the battery life sort of worked together with each other to be fine so it’s still a great phone in a vacuum cleaner however we’re not in a vacuum cleaner this is a globe where other phones or other options exist this is a world where the galaxy s10 plus also exists now why do i bring this up here’s the thing right here’s things samsung is a wise firm you know lots of wise people persuading there yet back in simply march it looks like they’ve made a phone that’s far better in a great deal of means than the note and also for much less cash galaxy s10 plus appeared simply a couple of months back

and also if you take a look at exactly how comparable they are they have the same specs you understand some on the s10 plus are really better so they both have the snapdragon 85 yet you can go up to 12 gigs of ram it has a larger greater resolution display at 6.4 inches as well as 1440p exact same ultrasonic fingerprint sensor far better speakers in my viewpoint and also it has basically the exact same three-way electronic cameras on the back yet sidewards rather than upright and also you obtain a second sensor on the front for your depth noticing that the note doesn’t have as well as it’s far more rounded as well as tapered naturally however you additionally obtain that extra button so bixby followers it is remappable and also you basically trade the s pen for a headphone jack and a much bigger 4 100 milliamp hour battery that is that that’s a lot of factors to get the s10 plus over the note as well as it’s less expensive it starts at 800 bucks today in b h and you can locate it for way much less than that and after that the note is 950 so why does this smaller sized note 10 exist well turns out there is a select team of individuals that have always really suched as the galaxy note experience or intended to have a galaxy note you know s pen and all but just wanted it to be smaller and the note’s always been a big phone it’s been generally the phone samsung makes that’s their biggest for the past couple years this

one is smaller it’s even more grippable a lot more reachable which’s component of why i love it a lot so for those that liked the note but desired it to be smaller this phone is for those individuals to ensure that puts you in like a really particular venn diagram overlap of people that like uncommitted too much concerning the specifications or the couple missing out on features they simply really want the s pen and a smaller
phone and also they have 950 bucks to invest in a phone this i hunch that’s this is that phone directly i actually like this phone a lot greater than i in fact believed i would it’s type of rejuvenating really having a front runner phone be smaller although it’s still a 6.3 inch display yet all that being said uh i would still go for oneplus 7 pro over this note and over the s10 plus it costs less than both of these phones as well as it’s got that greater fresh price show that i’ve been so raving over lately that i truly wish a great deal of phones in the future detect you’re going to lose out on points like the far better video cameras here and cordless billing yet uh that’s where i ‘d go yet hey a minimum of currently we can address the question in the title who this phone is for it’s that little group of individuals could be you regardless many thanks catch you men in the next one peace

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