Tonor Q9 Professional Condenser Microphone Kit Review

today we’re taking a look at the toner q9 usb condenser microphone it’s a complete microphone kit that has input sample rate of 48 kilohertz a 16 bit rate with a maximum sound pressure level of up to 120 decibels inside the box we get a usual two-year warranty a detailed user manual setup guide there’s a bendable dual layer pop filter which should effectively attenuate the energy of those plosive sounds like for example the b and p letters also included is a metal microphone shock mount a foam microphone cover there is a desk mount clamp too with a maximum fitting surface of up to 1.7 inches now yep we do get a 1.8 meter usb a to b audio cable but what is also included within this package not only do we get this satisfying to squeeze but we get to all metal suspension scissor stand which should have an excellent range lastly we’ve got that toner q9 usb condenser microphone itself it does come in this lovely matte black design with volume control on and off buttons to the front as well as the chrome edge detail that looks rather stunning yes but how this cardioid condenser

capsule works is that it is equipped with a 16 millimeter large diaphragm so basically it will pick up all the noise from the front of the mic and it should cancel all of the room noise around your surroundings now as we fit this together i’ll just let you guys know that this microphone kit today is compatible with pc and laptop ps4 on ps5 consoles but unfortunately no it’s not compatible with any xboxes no anyway now the microphone kit is fully put together all that leaves us to do is tidy up that cable put the pop filter in place and bob’s your uncle let’s go ahead and let’s test this microphone out now as we plug this microphone in it is indeed plug and play so it shouldn’t need any adaptions such as the sound card needed basically you plug it in and it should automatically set up itself if it doesn’t go to your pc settings go through all the little individual settings and set this microphone as the main microphone and you shouldn’t really have much problems we didn’t today with this evga gaming laptop and now it is quickly set up we’re gonna test our voice quality out yeah all right guys let’s just start off by saying it’s absolutely boiling in the uk just now it’s 40

degrees outside and we’ve got the studio lights running and i’m ringing wet with sweat so let’s make this microphone tester real quick now we have in fact sat a foot away from the microphone and the volume is cranked up to its highest level with this high level this will enable you to record more than one person at any given time so if you’re sat next to someone within a room you’re having a bit of a podcast and just sit close to each other sit for away from the microphone and you shouldn’t have any type of problems but as you may have noticed just now just listen there is indeed some background hiss no it’s not the fan of the laptop that is because that volume control is turned up to its highest level now we have indeed gonna turn it down just a few notches maybe four levels and because now we have turn that microphone volume down the background hiss is somewhat eradicated but you will indeed need to sit a little closer to the microphone just to keep your voice sounding sharp nice crisp and clean and what we have noticed actually is that background noise is rather blanked off too so this microphone does a good job blocking out room murmur so if someone’s chatting in the background or playing fifa on the playstation like my kids like to do it should have advocates mild sounds only takes around four to five minutes to fully set this microphone kit up we do like the volume control level and we can actually turn it off via the mic too by holding for two seconds holding once again to turn it back on but is there any type of

distortion well let’s check those b p and t letters pick up a penguin let’s move the pop filter out of the way just to see the difference okay now we have got that foam filter on the microphone head just now and let’s once again test those plosive sounds okay it’s not as good as having that dual pop filter in front of you just like so i guess it really all depends what you’re actually using this microphone for so if you’re using it on a ps4 or ps5 console you might want to keep the pop filter in place because you’re going to be shouting extra loud like that but like i’ve mentioned if you’re recording more than two people within a room you could just simply turn that volume up to its highest level move the pop filter out of the way and sits a bit further back and you will still get very crisp and loud rice pickup yes so if you’re doing a podcast this microphone is definitely suited for it we are really surprised at how well it is performing just now giving that it is a cardioid condenser capsule it is pretty much impressive yeah now we really did like this microphone today it’s a simple cheap kit which should help spice up your podcasts clear up your voice recordings and with that adjustable arm that extends up to 70 centimeters it does provide you with fantastic maneuverability brilliance comfort when sat upright at a desk not only bringing you sharper recording quality but not

only that this microphone kit right now does have a handsome price tag too retailing at around 50 pounds that’s 60 in dollars we are indeed going to give this q9 microphone kit a big nine out of ten it has certainly surprised us today and it is actually really cost effective so for a beginner microphone we are certainly gonna give it two thumbs up now i have left a handy little link in the video description down below where if you go and check it out you can purchase one of these microphone kits yourself now i’m not affiliated in any type of way so you aren’t free to check out should you wish but if you like what you have seen within this video well why not go ahead and go get yours while you’re in that video description guys checking that link out i’d very much appreciate it if you please like and share this video today but most importantly please show some support by subscribing right now bearing you might know to hit that bell notification option so you guys will stay updated on already next upload now we have indeed loved doing this review this week and we hope you stay tuned for our very next uploads which should be coming in the next few days so stay tuned for them as usual guys i hope you all stay safe and thank you ever so much for peace you

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