Review EKSA Air Joy Plus Gaming Headset – Audio/Mic Test PS5

today we are back with some more eksa gaming headphones the eksa e3z airjoy plus headset to be exact now we did previously reviewed the e900 airdroid pros they too did have an ultra light design it wasn’t too bad to be honest but what really stands out about these air joy plus headphones is that not only do they remain ultra light but they really do have a unique ball design stated as having a 7.1 surround sound which to be quite honest guys most headphones that advertise that they have 7.1 surround sound what they actually are really saying is that they are good to use with 7.1 surround sound software to emulate and simply apply the effect it all really depends guys on how well tuned and balanced any particular headset is with most 7.1 surround sound applications only being available by a pc nevertheless this air joy plus headset does indeed have enc environmental noise cancellation to help block out surrounding noises when chatting and as well as being compatible with most devices they do retail at a low price of 26 pounds that’s found 36 in u.s dollars opening up the box as standard we have a really simplistic aksa user manual there is a type c usb 2.6 ft extension cable and a little foam filter which will obviously fit on the end of that unidirectional microphone that is fully attached on the driver on the

headset themselves so no it can’t be detached now the microphone is bendable it actually does stay in place when it is bent into position and when we said that they were ultra light we wasn’t kidding for this headset size it actually is the lightest headset that we have tested so far 204 grams in fact the molded twisted abs plastic design on the side of those driver units truly look fantastic almost like a james bond opening scene it has that standout chrome surround around that central black mesh grille which when you go ahead and plug that attached type c power cable into a mobile phone that air dry logo will illuminate in a standard breathing mode which is very snazzy yeah so yes this headset is type c connected so it will work with most compatible mobile devices remember we do get that usb extension cable which when it’s plugged in it will convert the gaming headset to work with consoles too and yes as well as the headband being very nicely padded and being quite adjustable those driver units also swivel too slightly rocking up and down providing fantastic comfort and stability with help with those pu level over-the-air ear pads that too by the way can be replaced if need be lastly we do have that volume control audio wheel it is well positioned with ease of access and access to a mute button too audio with this e3c headset is a bit of a different experience when either gaming or listening to music so for example when listening to music bass is not that deep but it is rather smooth with good treble 2.

Now the mids have a bit high for my liking but this is where the difference shifts when using this headset for gaming gunfire and action scenarios are real loud and really impactive resulting in a great live-action immersive environment with in-depth gameplay and audio picking up pinpoint noises around your surrounding having nice real clear and crisp basic surround sound it is almost spot on with regards to noticeable directional footsteps and gunfire but the only thing we did notice is that the audio parameter did sway a little slightly to the forward and left position so for example dialogue is a bit more noticeably louder in that left-hand driver unit guys this is the example of what my phone quality is like so i’m playing the last of us too and um just want to talk normally um got a microphone about an inch away from my mouth and we’re just going to go into some action so let’s get our guns out there ready don’t really force anything yeah that’s what talking about trying to get i’ve been killed this is just the best come on then get out come on he skips every which way possible we want to kill this woman we can do it if you’re into it come on if you’re beyond cured now in order to get the best possible mic pickup when using this headset the microphone has to be placed right direct in front of your mouth that is because of that enc technology trying to block out all the outside

noises around you off the recording so if you’re recording gameplay like i’m doing now keep the microphone close to your mouth try and keep that foam filter on by the way it will stop a lot of distortion especially when you’re talking loud like this it will stop that distortion and give you a better voice pick up and clarity do you know what i’m talking about let me just clear things up with this girl let me just warn this girl because she’s been bugging me during this gameplay today been playing last of us all right and i’ve never have you ever noticed how much she talks about s-e-x you stop making stupid innuendos all the way through this game it’s getting on my nerves dirty carry on and i’ll blow your head clean off later in fact not your head your nose have you seen that nose look oh it’s massive even if it did shoot the end of that nose off she would still have a bit of nose left in fact because that nose is so big if she leave backwards in the sea people would think it’s jaws let me just see what i can do because she’s bugging me you know what i’m gonna do now don’t you you know what i’m gonna do now overall the eksa joy plus gaming headset is great to use for long use my ears never felt sweaty or painful after many hours of gameplay and due to their extreme lightness they are very comfortable i did have the headphones working on both ps4 and ps5 console for me they did work fantastically that is with any noticeable issues that were previously mentioned for example with that bit of sound sway to the left hand driver but yet today we are going to give these eksa airjoy plus e3zs a rating of 8 out of 10.

Now what do you guys think are they really worth that price of 26 pounds please leave a comment in the comment section down below if you’ve actually got some yourselves but if you haven’t i will definitely leave a link in the video description down below so you guys can go ahead and check them out but if you have like what you’ve seen today well why not go ahead and go get yours while you’re in that video description guys it means so much if you please like and share this video today please subscribe to this channel i’d very much appreciate the support as well as hit that bell notification option so you guys stay updated on all our new uploads now again it’s been fascinating reviewing this headset this week and we hope to be doing some more tech reviews in the next few days so stay tuned for those uploads but as usual guys please stay safe and thank you ever so much for watching yes peace you

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