YeeTonda Y77 Wireless ANC Headset Budget headphones with a KICK!

these are the new year tundra y77 bluetooth headphones what’s up guys this is eddie art from the go get yours review channel asking everyone to please support this channel by subscribing and clicking that bell notification option it would be humbly appreciated so before we get into the unboxing i just want to quickly give a shout out to joey hyung for not only sending us this product today but for also wishing us a personalized happy new year on the outside of the box very nice we are very much thankful for this and well i just hope that after testing this product out that it does live up to the expectations really so yeah guys this video is not sponsored and well let’s go right in shall we now initially they are advertised as being active noise cancelling having a massive 30 hours battery life obviously we will be testing this aspect out using 100 volume consistently and they are also stated to be designed to provide deep bass inside we do get a hard shell but soft feeling matte black zip carry case the same kind we have previously seen on the mixier e9s and the proticate 918s opening up the case we do have the headphones that sits very well

protected in that nice feeling fabricated enclosure to the top we have a simplistic but detailed user manual a micro usb charge cable i actually would have preferred it to be a type c but we do get a 3.5 millimeter straight to 3.5 millimeter audio cable now most of the headset is indeed made from abs plastic although the headset itself has a black plain natural look i do like those shiny vinyl discs on the side of those 40 millimeter driver units especially with that chrome edge detail very nice they are fully extendable those oval drivers do rotate and swivel they are totally flexible that will not only fit any size head but will also stay locked in place when they’ve on your head resulting in some good comfort and that do initially provide very good basic sound seal too and although those pu leather ear pads do feel quite plush i would have preferred slightly thicker pads but nonetheless the inner foam padding is real thick with the left and right icons printed upon them with a handsome amount of padding around that headband too now all the function controls are solely positioned and well situated on the rear of that’s right hand driver unit they are great for blindly locating them when the headset’s on your head with such features like play pause call answering the previous index track selection which also acts as your volume up and down controls with voice assistant activation after

holding down that power button for two seconds as well as these controls we do have a led indicator a 3.5 millimeter audio port yes that dated micro usb charge port for charging which by the way will only take two hours 40 minutes to charge these headphones from flat nope not the three hours that were stated which is quite pleasing and yes lastly we have the only microphone which is backed up with that cvc 8.0 microphone technology now guys this is your only microphone with this headset and when you do indeed plug that 3.5 millimeter cable in the microphone will not work and it will be rendered useless so yes the microphone will indeed only work when it’s in the wireless mode only i’m afraid now the anc mode does work when it’s switched on okay it won’t block out voices or noises around you it will just simply more or less make the sound around you sound a little lighter as it is only using that’s one single pin microphone to basically adapt the sound and as well as that with that mode switched on it will not only use more battery life but the sound levels will also be adapted too basically the audio won’t sound as good as it would do in normal mode alrighty then we have gone ahead and tested these yet on their headphones out over the past week or so so let’s just start with the audio quality now when it comes to the bass this is the real shocker wow the base is real good there’s some impactive smooth flowing bass not too overpowering with treble that sits high and adds a real good kick the only level that seems a bit overpowering at times is the midtones with the yitunda y77s having a high reach now yes you can drop that volume just a bit or simply adjust your device’s equalizer now we personally did do that with our mobile phone and the audio did sit nice and silky smooth and because we’ve been blasting these headphones out for a good number of hours on end the

headphones never made that ears feel painful or sweaty it’d be just a bit hot at times after tirelessly testing them out for ourselves out of the 30 hours that was stated on the back of the box and in the specifications well we did in fact only get 23 hours music playback time this is while using 100 volume consistently and after using the headphones for that amount of time i’ve got to be truly honest guys my ears have been left with ringing noises i just hope you guys appreciate the effort no but seriously i do think that the audio was way better than i expected these y77s do have good polarity and you don’t lose any of the audio quality when switching them from wireless mode inserting a 3.5 millimeter audio cable and then using them wired oh yeah i forgot to say when it comes to using that built-in microphone on this headset well the microphone quality itself is pretty good it’s nice and crystal clear without any latency issues whatsoever the only thing we have noticed is that the background noise is somewhat very much picked up i’m afraid so yes when you’re in a room and there’s noise in the background and you’re making a call expect them to hurt everyone around you yeah you’re looking at so yes today these yotundo y77s do retail at 58 pounds that’s around 80 in us dollars and we are in fact going to give them a 8 out of 10.

But guys let us know what do you think about these headphones today are they really worth the 60 pound price mark get commenting in the comments section but while you’re down there i have left a link for these headphones check it out for yourselves and if you’ve liked what you’ve seen today well why not go get yours now i’d very much appreciate the support if you go ahead and like and share this video today please subscribe to this channel very much appreciate it as well as hit that bell notification option so you guys stay updated on all our new uploads it’s been great reviewing this headset today and we hope to be doing a new tech review in the next few days so stay tuned for the upload but as usual guys please stay safe and thank you ever so much for watching peace and when it comes to this so and when it comes to using that built-in microphone well i’ve got to be quite truthfully and win it everyone around you yeah are you looking at oh you

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