Review RedMagic 7S Pro World’s BEST Under-Display Camera Gaming Smartphone

what’s up guys technic here and also today’s video clip is everything about this man the red magic 7s professional as well as this is in fact the follower to the red magic 7 pro which debuted a couple months back which was simply a pair months back so whoever purchased its predecessor the 7 professional sort of draws for you since it’s already been replaced nevertheless that phone was sensational and also really still is so i’m rather sure this man is going to take all packages that that a person did and after that some so i’m super delighted to obtain this review going but before we do that just to allow you individuals know in a bit of a personal note below i am a little bit ill so do birth with me but this has to do with the phone not concerning me so i’m mosting likely to provide you every little thing that you need to recognize in this evaluation so allow’s start being that this is the direct successor to the red magic 7 pro group red have actually adhered to the exact same winning formula in

terms of under display video camera technology that debuted because 7 pro a couple of months back but have actually upped the ante thanks to the inclusion of the new snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 chipset upgraded cooling down system and boosted shoulder activates that claimed they have maintained the rate the same to its predecessor also though they have actually increased the ram to 18 gigs this video gaming monster could not warrant an upgrade for those who currently possess the red magic 7 pro yet i’m incredibly thrilled to see just how well the brand-new snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 does in addition to any welcomed new enhancements this is neck and this is my full testimonial of the international red magic 7s pro [Music] the red magic 7s pro is available in 3 different shade variations you can choose it up in obsidian which is a solid black back panel shade or you can pick it up in mercury or supernova the version that i have the last 2 are the only clear versions as well as just the transparent versions been available in 18 gigs of ram and 512 gigs of storage the style is pretty comparable to that of its precursor the 7 pro though i simulate the small little touches such as the brand-new camouflage influenced light weight aluminum or i guess aeronautics grade back plates over here it actually does give a nice ring to it along with naturally that rgb fan there which looks absolutely fantastic as well as similar to the 7 pro prior to it we do have some text around the phone simply underneath the transparent back

plates though the only real part that you can see in this clear variation is that cooling follower and also speaking of cooling we do have a new ice 10.0 air conditioning system which is evidently three degrees cooler when compared to the previous generation as well as certainly the fan can leap completely up to 20 000 transformations per minute apart from that wonderful rgb follower which brand-new 10 layered piled air conditioning system the gadget is packed with the exact same huge five thousand milliamp hour battery as we saw in the seven pro and yes it is split just like we saw in the seven pro we additionally have the very same 65 watt billing so not as quick as the chinese versions yet 65 watt charging is still unbelievably fast and also we do currently have cost separation directed right right into the setups menu extra on that a little later on we additionally have this man kit set certainly with the brand-new 4 nanometer run snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 chipset alongside the very same adreno 730 gpu that we saw in the vanilla snapdragon 8 gen 1 that we saw in the 7 pro that is

as well as of course we do have the red core 1 dedicated gaming chip that red magic put in this individual’s precursor d7 pro and this guy when much more in addition to lp ddr5 ram 18 gigs of it ufs 3.1 storage space 512 gigs of that along with a 5g wi-fi 6e bluetooth 5.2 as well as nfc the red magic sevens pro is constructed quite solid i think you can claim we do have a gorilla glass 5 front a glass back not exactly sure what grade that is yet we do have an air travel aluminum back plate in the facility of those 2 glass pieces as well as an air travel light weight aluminum frame the phone does come in at 9.98 millimeters thick along with 235 grams in weight so it is a bit of a beefy boy however at the end of the day this is a gaming phone so you desire it to be great and comfortable and also have a bit of weight to it anyhow do remember though that that thickness and also weight is specifically the exact same to the decimal point when contrasted to its predecessor the 7 pro and when it pertains to the electronic camera system we have the exact very same arrangement as its precursor that being an 8 megapixel ultra wide sensing unit 64 megapixel isoscell gw3 primary sensing unit as well as a substandard 2 megapixel macro camera the 8 megapixel ultra broad looks fine in my workshop over below 64 megapixel primary appearances quite respectable even in a lessened circumstance 16 megapixel bin down looks even better thanks to ai 2 times digital zoom does not look too negative a 5 times electronic zoom in fact thrilled me a whole lot greater than other mobile phones at this cost range as well as 10 times zoom is the max not as well poor on a video gaming phone in addition to that the macro sensor in fact does a.

far better job than a lot of other macro sensing units i’ve seen around and also the portrait setting option does do a pretty respectable job in terms of natural deepness as well as side discovery we also have a picture video this time around but being topped at 1080p and 30fps it doesn’t do a horrible work it’s pretty cool to see this function on a gaming phone nonetheless and also we do have 4k 60fps so the stablizing is a bit rickety it still looks crispy crunchy clear over below and also of course it is running buttery smooth at 60 structures per 2nd as well as we also have 8k 24fps and also i’m not certain if much of you know this but red magic nubia that is on their red magic device was the first phone to actually have ak video so it’s kind of sentimental to see it return over here as well as it’s does a greater than decent job also at a reduced lit situation right here in my studio the cameras on the back of the red magic sevens professional really do a better work than i believed that they would certainly considering it’s a pc gaming phone however that is the precise very same thing i stated concerning the red magic 7 pro prior to it and that is because they have the precise very same three cam sensors below which is not a negative point it just would certainly be wonderful to see video gaming companies alter it up a bit you know but however does a rather decent task for a phone at this cost points and being a very pc gaming centric tool we do have a double sim 5g standby tray near the bottom regrettably no expanding storage space though there is a.

water resistant seal alongside that is a usb 3.0 kind c port alongside that is the very first twin stereo speaker 2nd one on top and a little slit for it above that coupled with dtsx ultra audio as well as a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the left side of the gadget we do have the game room switch that we’ve seen it’s ended up being pretty renowned on red magic devices so as to get to the video game center and at the rear of the phone we do have that 20 000 transformations per minute rgb turbo follower and on the ideal side of the back plates is a consumption air duct as well as on the ideal side of the phone we have the exhaust follower vents which is pretty streamlined i presume nowadays it looks good and also neat as well as these shoulder causes that we have that are identical to the red magic 7 professional nevertheless this time they have a slightly much faster 520 hertz touch tasting price and also somewhat reduced that being quicker also 7.4 nanoseconds feedback time over the 8 milliseconds response time that we carried its precursor on the right side we have a power button in addition to a volume rocker which is however not split as well as on top of the phone on top of the screen we once again have the very same under display screen selfie video camera that we saw on the red magic 7 pro that being a 16 megapixel under screen a selfie video camera and also the photos in fact do look a bit much better i believe they’ve optimized it a little much better yet unfortunately once more no portrait mode so it does not obscure the.

background even when you utilize portrait setting however what concerning video selfie picture images do not actually appear to work correctly on the red magic 7s professional though we do have something brand-new right here that being selfie portrait video clip though it is capped at 1080p and 30fps i guess you might claim i am having a little bit of a bad hair day today say thanks to benefits uh red magic sent me this amazing hat along with um an eye spot people the red magic sevens pro can tape-record selfie video at 1080p 30fps that is the cap allow me recognize what you people think about the audio and video clip high quality when taping with the selfie webcam on the all new worldwide version of the red magic sevens pro the selfie electronic camera takes greater than good pictures and video clips taking into consideration a this is a pc gaming smart device and is not intended toward photography lovers and b the fact that it is a video camera below the screen which is still exceptionally new tech and powering on the tool we rate to and also always on display screen which behaves and bright and does have a couple video clip computer animated variations that you can pick from we do have an under display screen finger print sensor it is optical.

not ultrasonic it still gets the job done rather well though as well as we do have 2d face unlock that utilizes the under display screen selfie cam and also talking that under display screen selfie video camera we do have the exact same one that we saw in the 7 pro that being sets it with a multi-drive ace circuit for light transmission wave electrodes for image top quality and an under display video camera pro chipset for specific imaging yet when you do flick in between white and black backgrounds you can still see a little pixelization around the under screen cam which was something that i in fact applauded about the just recently launched zt accent 40 ultra which is made by the same business so i would certainly have suched as to see a little of a change of pace yet like i said the previous red magic 7 pro the previous flagship simply launched a couple months back so you would not anticipate them to change excessive with the repetitive upgrade right here the display itself is a 6.8 inch amoled 20 by 9 aspect proportion present set with complete hd plus resolution 100 dcr p3 color gamma score it includes dc dimming in addition to 600 nits of max brightness as well as 92.7 display to body proportion we do have options of 60 90 or 120 hertz revitalize rates this is not an ltpo screen so it can not vary in between 1 as well as 120 hertz it’s always going to be taken care of at 120 hertz but that’s not the end of the world given that it has a large battery as well as it is a gaming centric gadget as well as we have in between 480 and also 960 hertz of touch sampling prices as well as indeed this is android.

12 skinned with red magic os version 5.5 it is virtually one of the most equip like pc gaming device i’ve ever before utilized packages it with all google’s goodies over right here and yes the notification cabinet so on etc is really structured as we’ve seen with previous red magic gadgets and also we have 18 jobs of ram as well as that brand-new 4 nanometer run snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 octa-core cpu so the largest enhancement here is probably the clock rates primarily the main one pretty a lot across the board yet mostly the main core clock speed which is currently jumped from 3 ghzs from the vanilla snapdragon 801 to 3.19 gigahertz on the brand-new snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 chipset the 8 plus gen 1 simply really doesn’t roll over my tongue the method people do state it does nevertheless so the clock speeds have actually enhanced as well as that 3.19 is virtually matching the snapdragon 870 cpu primary core clock rate which is what people have actually been asking for for an up-to-date flagship chip with such a high clock speed and also it’s finally below with the 8 plus gen one which is extremely remarkable i can’t wait to evaluate it out they are making some rather strong statements over right here as well as that being 10 increase in cpu efficiency 10.

clock rate increase in gpu performance 20 ai efficiency rise as well as the greatest one the boldest one being a 30 boost in power effectiveness it deserves looking into the air conditioning fan option we do have a car setting along with a rapid cooling setting we have a new shark fin layout as well as we can make it possible for the rgb lights which still looks definitely amazing it never gets old if you ask me as well as it has decreased in regards to decibel counts so allow’s provide it a listen so combining the cooling fan with the rapid air conditioning choice in addition to flicking the activate the left of the gadget opening up video game room over here and also going right into our very first benchmark ultimately reaching criteria with ryze performance setting enabled we obtained a ridiculous rating highest i have actually ever before seen one million ninety seven thousand 5 hundred as well as thirty nine factors which is definitely mental and also puts everything in the dust consisting of the mediatek measurement 9000 chipsets when it comes to geekbench we obtained a single core rating of one 3 3 one as well as multi-core of 4 one 6 5 that is the greatest android solitary core rating i have actually seen before 1 31 factors beating.

every little thing else on the checklist below as well as the multi-core score did a better job than the red magic 7 pro’s snapdragon 8 gen 1 chip certainly because this is a beefed up snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 chip though it did drop timid of the mediatek dimension 9000 in terms of multi-core efficiency when it comes to 3d mark wild animals simply the regular variation we got a maxed out score which once more places it at the top of the checklist and testing out wildlife extreme we got a rating of 2810 points which is once more the greatest i have actually ever seen at 16.8 ordinary structures per 2nd as well as as soon as again leaving every little thing else on this listing in the dirt so i presume it’s risk-free to say that this point is a beast when it concerns benchmark results however this is a video gaming phone nevertheless so if it can’t game well then why purchase it so let’s try in regards to video gaming so back to flicking that game activate the left of the.

gadget reaching the gamespace 5.5 center utilizing magic gpu over here which assists stabilize frames we’ll get to that in a minute but also for now utilizing the overlay we do have the choice to transform touch tasting rates as well as performance mode gpu setups too we can likewise flick between various filters if that’s your favorite and drawing in from the right hand side we can jump right into tiny programs such as whatsapp adjustment our frame price on the fly also have a performance screen to show the fps counter and also yes we likewise have the choice to make it possible for or disable our fan as well as enter into a small hang up window to make sure that you can play your video game still while you’re flipping around your phone which is brand-new and also is quite amazing i’m not exactly sure just how typically i would use it but it’s rather amazing for those who would certainly such as the attribute included we do have fee separation now consisted of within these settings as well as not just when you’re playing games so you can really utilize it while you’re simply texting your pals or scrolling via instagram and also indeed we can utilize it in gaming scenarios as well and we can simply take it bent on disable it and we do have shoulder triggers over right here remember they are a little more.

receptive when contrasted to the previous generation from nubia’s red magic as well as we do have a bunch of different alternatives that be in single tap lengthy press rapid fire twin procedure press and also lift to separate the switches and also macro shortcuts as well as well as they are very responsive and also do function as they constantly have which is pretty darn well and also macro recording is once more right here once again so you can input a lot of keys tap one button and afterwards it repeats all those keys once more pretty great for video games similar to this mmos or rpgs absolutely your favorite if you don’t really feel like wrecking a whole number of buttons our very first video game over here that being dension influence making use of the highest possible graphics established right here along with limit fps which is 60 so the phone can go up to 120 as well as i claim this in every video clip but since the phone can most likely to 120 does not suggest all games can reach 120 fps this game is capping at 60 whatever phone you throw it on yet this gadget itself is getting a standard of 60 fps which is the first time i have actually ever seen approximately unfailing 60 frames per 2nd with a min of simply 55 fps as well as a max of 61.It just takes your breath away playing such a graphically demanding game as well as it simply does so darn well which is undoubtedly what you would anticipate from a gadget such as this being a pc gaming centric gadget next video game over right here real racing 3 we can not adjust the graphics or the fps the cap below in terms of fps is limitless and also we are obtaining the cap of the phone that being 120 fps typically with a minute of 117 and a max of one two one so the minutes a little bit less than his predecessor d7 pro however still rock strong 120 fps usually and flicking over to bullet force over here ultra graphics maximum frames per 2nd endless cap so we’re getting to the cap of the display when again and also we are getting it 120 frames per second on average however the vanilla red magic 7 obviously has 165 hertz refresh price as well as i have actually evaluated that in the past and it was getting 165 fps in video game such as actual racing and also little bit of pressure however this is getting a rock-solid 120 fps matching the red magic 7 pro 120 and it did have a greater min of 118 as opposed to the red magic 716 minutes yet they both have the exact same max fps of one 2 one so the largest takeaway right here is the 120 fps on standard which is amazing when playing high refresh rate games the last thing you desire is a pc gaming gadget to be capping at 60 when you’re playing greater first rate games games and also effect naturally is topped at 60 however the others aren’t and also it’s striking 120 which is what i anticipate expected directly because the previous generation the red magic 7 pro hit 120 a lot of the moment also so that’s excellent to see yet what concerning sound since this man does come crammed in with your stereo audio speakers along with dtsx ultra allow’s go in advance and also provide a pay attention the red magic sevens pro may look the same to its precursor due to its design many thanks to that twin glass which sandwiches the light weight aluminum that being aeronautics great aluminum fancy word tossed in over there and it is motivated this time around by camouflage design it’s the little touches the little touches that

make a difference over here hidden within that back plate coincides electronic camera component we saw on the 7 pro and also inside that little bump sits these very same three video camera sensing units that do a greater than respectable work for a gaming smartphone and adhering to in its precursor’s steps is arguably its precursors and also its best feature that being the under display selfie video camera now it’s not its finest feature due to the fact that it takes amazing images or videos it actually takes greater than good images of videos yet the main reason for it is to have a nonstop screen as well as continuous video gaming which’s what this device is everything about it’s the same panel as the 7 pro however that’s not a negative thing since it’s one stunning 6.8 inch amoled display screen that boasts 120 hertz screen refresh prices and as much as 960hz touch sampling price which helps display its unbelievable video gaming performance not just does it have some of the most effective frame stablizing in business yet keeps things great many thanks to a boosted cooling system newly designed rgb turbo follower and also extremely

receptive shoulder activates which have actually also seen a slight upgrade there’s now additionally the choice of fee splitting up also when you’re not video gaming and also the tool itself flaunts very rapid 65 watt cable crediting sustain up the exact same large 5000mah battery good everything i stated now aside just put it aside for a sec there’s one major sensor for this phone it’s not the flashy screen with the under display screen electronic camera tech it’s not the gaming sets off or the new air conditioning system it is the chipsets at the end of the day particularly when you’re comparing it to its precursor v7 pro so the greatest incentive right here is the snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 chipset which definitely damages criteria and strikes hefty when it concerns high refresh rate gaming which is great something that you would expect from a gaming device that being stated it’s actually tough to suggest this individual as an upgrade over

existing customers of the red magic 7 pro so if you have a red magic 7 pro it’s actually hard for me to advise this as an upgrade given that the biggest benefit you’re obtaining is the new and enhanced chipset that being the snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 rather than the vanilla snapdragon 8 gen 1 that you saw in the phone that launched a couple of months back that being the red magic 7 pro so if you have the 7 pro it’s really tough to advise this but if you do have the extra money to invest that coinciding price as its precursor which is wonderful so the rates is actually reasonable on this phone as well as if you have the cash to invest as well as you intend to evaluate out the brand-new chip after that choose the upgrade i wouldn’t criticize you i ‘d possibly do the same thing if i had the money but if you do not have the cash to simply upgrade from the 7 pro yet you do have a red magic 6 or 6s or any type of previous generation

red magic tools then this is going to be a substantial upgrade for you so of program the chipset however after that if you’re coming from those phones you’re going to get an upgrade in terms of the screen in terms of the cam in regards to the air conditioning in regards to every little thing so you’re not just getting an upgrade of chipset however you’re obtaining an upgrade of whatever whether whereas if you come from the red magic 7 pro you’re only actually going to really feel an upgrade in terms of chipset and also also after that you’re not mosting likely to really feel way too much of a performance distinction so definitely there for those who intend to get an upgrade from previous red magic tools or for those who are making a decision to lastly begin getting gaming phones it is a magnificent phone from the front stunning from the back if you’re a pc gaming fanatic and i could not suggest anything better than the new red magic sevens pro for precisely those needs so completely spec tool absolutely worth your cash money if you’re attempting to get among the most effective pc gaming phones around that being claimed i really hope that you men enjoyed watching this video as a lot as i will honestly be taking pleasure in video gaming on my all new red magic 7s pro

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