Samsung S22 Ultra vs OPPO Find X5 Pro, OnePlus 10 Pro, iQOO 9 Pro, Xiaomi 12 Pro Charging Speed Test

the samsung galaxy s22 ultra is ultimately right here but so are a bunch of various other new android gadgets that not just include their charging adapter in package but boast exceptional billing technology when compared to samsung’s new king the s22 ultra has the biggest battery capacity right here at 5 000 milliamps and also while you can bill it with a 25 watt charger i’ll be making use of samsung’s 45 watt brick since the galaxy s22 ultra notes the return of 45 watt charging do remember though that neither battery charger comes crammed in the box the oppo locate x5 pro suits the samsung’s battery size at 5000 milliamps but bumps up billing speed to 80 watts which is a little better than its precursor’s 65 watts the oneplus 10 pro corresponds its oppo sibling which sports a 5000mah battery cell and also 80 watt billing also a step up from its precursor the iq9 pro has a somewhat smaller sized battery at 4700 milliamps yet brings charging rate right approximately a tremendous 120 watts the xiaomi 12 pro has the smallest battery of the last at 4 600 milliamps however matches the intelligence in terms of billing rate by also including a 120 watt battery charger in its box who will certainly triumph of this very comprehensive absolutely no to 100 billing speed test this is tech nick and without additional ado allow’s learn before we obtain points going it deserves having a look at the temperature at the beginning of the test before we connect all phones on charger or resting at around 21 degrees in celsius which is pretty much area temperature popping them all on cost from delegated ideal and hitting start on the starter timer phone on the right hand side we do have a time

interval on top appropriate hand edge as well as the percents listed below each branding of the phone and over the real device remains in relationship to that time interval this is not gauged in real time after five minutes we have 10 percent on the s22 ultra 21 on your locate x5 professional 22 on the oneplus 10 pro 28 on the intelligence 9 pro as well as 28 matching the iq is the xiaomi 12 pro i have also seen to it to disable all kinds of battery optimization as well as enable all forms of rapid billing super fast charging or enhance billing for that of the xiaomi over below to make certain that we can get the very best possible arise from all tools nearing that 10 minute mark interval after the xiaomi was the hottest then the samsung was the coolest we had 10 mins and also got 22 on the samsung 40 on the oppo 41 on the oneplus 64 on the iq as well as 55 percent now dragging behind the aku is the xiaomi 12 professional with the xiaomi still being the best and also the samsung still being the coolest over below reaching that 15 min mark period and we have 33 on the samsung 56 percent on the oppo 58 still in advance of the up over here strangely enough although they practically the same cousins over here 89 on the ico and also 82 on the xiaomi and also can we reach the 20 minute mark can one phone be done prior to 20 minutes and also yes it can be that being the iq 9 pro finishing off in 18 minutes which is ridiculously quick thanks to its smaller battery dimension of 4700 milliamps and insane fast 120 watt charging not much after that nevertheless the xiaomi 12 professional knocks senseless at 20 mins but still ending off hotter than that of the iq over below and also having the most popular optimal it didn’t do too poor in terms of absolutely no to 100 neither of them did basically doing it in under 20 mins

which goes over to state the least after thirty minutes we have the samsung resting at 68 94 on the oppo 97 still beating the oppo is the oneplus 10 professional over here once more very same battery dimension same billing wastefulness rate over below both come bundled with incredibly vook in package and also the oneplus beats the oppo over here doing it in 33 minutes which is i guess you could state quite impressive yet rather comparable to its predecessor the oneplus 9 pro which did it in around thirty minutes with 65 watt billing but it did have a smaller battery similar point can be stated for the oppo through completing in 36 mins its predecessor was a little bit quicker however had a smaller sized battery and 65 watt billing this did it in 36 minutes which is still extremely rapid billing but not the fastest i’ve seen around now we’re attempting to edge off to see how much time it’s mosting likely to take in order to energize the samsung 200 as well as it hit 91 after the 45 min mark period over below not too negative taking into consideration samsung gadgets have actually been recognized to charge slower in the past as well as there is some contradiction between 25 watt and 45 watt billing this time around however making use of the 45 watt charger we got under a hr of course that’s ideal 57 mins no to 100 on the s22 ultra finishing things off with a milliamp million power permanent reading of 87.7 which is fairly away the greatest of the test of year being the iq 9 pro at 261.1 5th location over right here we have the samsung galaxy s22 ultra doing it in 57 mins the fastest charging ultra phone from samsung i have actually ever evaluated thanks to 45 watt charging and also a 5 000 milliamp hour battery fourth place we have the oppo locate x5 professional using

doing it in 36 mins they’re not the fastest around still ridiculously quick as well as 80 watt charging 5000 milliamp hour battery which is the same cell and also battery charging speed of the oneplus 10 pro which defeated its oppo sibling over here doing it in just 33 mins in 2nd place we have the xiaomi 12 professional doing it in 20 mins level which goes over to claim the least yet that results from its smaller battery 4 600 milliamps and 120 watt charging the intelligence remains in starting point over here the iq9 pro that is doing it in 18 mins slightly bigger battery than the xiaomi yet the exact same charging speed at 120 watts and if we contrast all phones to its predecessors the s21 ultra did it in 66 mins whereas this time around it carried out in 57 minutes though that had 25 while billing as well as this was making use of 45 watt charging the predecessor of the find x5 pros the discover x3 pro looking at the top right here by the means that has a smaller sized 4 500 milliamp hr battery yet reduced charging speed at 65 watts which did it in 29 minutes which is quicker than the locate x5 professional same thing can be said with the oneplus 10 professional where it’s precursor the oneplus 9 pro with a smaller battery and 65w charging did it in 31 mins which is quicker than the oneplus 10 pro’s 33 minutes and also the iq 8 pro did it in 17 minutes whereas the intelligence 9 pro did it in 18 minutes yet the million power per min reading was pretty similar considering the intelligence 9 pro has a slightly bigger battery than its predecessor as well as contrasting the xiaomi 12 pro to its precursor the mi 11 professional the mi 11 pro in fact had a bigger 5 000 milliamp hour battery but dramatically lower billing at 67 watts that did it in 35 mins which has seen a huge renovation this time around around with the

20 mins on the xiaomi 12 pro and also if we look at all-time low of the screen we can see the initial to 50 and initially to 80 of all phones the samsung did the worst right here getting 50 in 22 minutes after that we had the 13 minutes on the oppo 12 mins on the oneplus 9 minutes on the xiaomi and leading the pack no doubt eight minutes to reach 50 on the iq 9 pro as well as the reason i put up to 80 right near the bottom is due to the fact that many phones start to slow down their billing rate once they hit 80 no matter of whether they’re making use of maximized billing technology or otherwise we had optimized billing off over below and the samsung did 80 in 37 minutes 23 mins on the oppo 22 minutes on the one plus 15 minutes on the xiaomi and also 13 mins on the iq as you can see the milliamp hour irreversible distinction declines from 50 to 80 to 100 being a full cost to make sure that we can shield our batteries as well as we can enjoy them for a longer period of time in the next 2 three four years per se though do remember that the oppo find x5 pro actually makes use of a new battery health engine which is supposedly suggested to speed up billing and also make your battery age better in time i guess you can kind of claim that it could age far better gradually but it hasn’t specifically made it quicker it also has a brand-new cooling system on the oppo which makes its peak neck as well as neck with that said of the oneplus being the coolest of the examination at 43.1 degrees in celsius the oneplus had the coolest end temperature as well as the xiaomi had the most awful end temp as well as the worst height temperature i wish that you men appreciated this as high as i did making it this is technic and also i’ll capture you in the following one you

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