Huawei Mate 40 Pro vs Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Speed Test

the huawei mate 40 professional is the world’s very first android smartphone to integrate 5 nanometer process node technology within its new high silicon present 9005g chipset and also today it’s going head-to-head in a rate test versus the old faithful samsung galaxy note 20 ultra with a snapdragon 865 plus processing chip both of them have actually lpddr5 ram that huawei has 8 jobs of it the samsung has 12 and they both have ufs 3.1 storage space we’ve upgraded them to their most recent readily available software application both android 10 and also we have 90 hertz freshen rate on the friend 40 pro as opposed to 120 on the note 20 ultra we’re gon na be running really comparable full hd resolution on both tools and also we’re gon na be enabling high performance setting on both of them as well likewise making certain that all the applications that we do use in the rate test are not enabled to do any kind of battery optimization to be killed behind-the-scenes as well as we’re going to leave all animation ranges enabled round one will certainly have to do with boot fingerprints and face unlock rounded two will be initial opening app speed and also rounded three will certainly be everything about ram administration

we’re utilizing my fingers over here so we’re gon na pop gopro video at the lower left-hand corner of precision this is technology neck and also without more ado allow’s go we’re gon na start here in round one with a basic boot to see which one can power on the fastest and it is undoubtedly alloted to the companion 40 pro here with 22.5 secs but simply 0.5 seconds quicker than that of the note 20 ultra with 23 seconds going right into the actual gadgets themselves the companion 40 pro gets at 2nd point filling the application icons a great deal quicker than the note 20 ultravio so well was worthy of to point that time around and currently we’re gon na test out the optical fingerprint sensing unit underneath the mate 40 pro in contrast to the ultrasonic one beneath the screen of the note 20 ultra we’re taking a look at when the wallpaper gets revealed not a lot the actual app icon so not looking at the animation yet the real speed of the fingerprint sensing unit as well as it is without a doubt designated to the mate 40 professional each and every single time over there grabbing its 3rd point exact same point with face recognition the huawei mate 40 pro is quicker every single time and also it’s extremely intriguing since the friend 40 pro in fact has protected 3d face unlock obtaining its fourth as well as last factors in rounded one instead of zero on the note 20 ultra making certain we hook to the exact same wi-fi network max

illumination efficiency setting is allowed and also all applications are closed in the history we’re going to begin with our very first application here which is indeed the settings application which the companion 40 pro gets its very first factors in round 2 with entering into our nexus the map which is undoubtedly calculator leaping into that one once again a hair of a 2nd quicker the friend 40 pro that time run choosing up its 2nd factor but stick to me individuals it gets really intriguing in the future as well as the 3rd system app that we have right here is certainly the video camera app delving into that the note 20 ultra was somewhat quicker in opening it up and flipping to the selfie video camera for some unusual factor the friend 40 pro always shifts to the picture mode in this respect despite having ai off and it flips to it quicker and also takes the breeze quicker than the note 20 ultra now with four factors as opposed to the one on the note 20 ultra nevertheless the note 20 ultra promptly grabs its 2nd point entering into the pictures application quicker and also its 3rd point after opening the actual photo we just took quicker over there going into photoshop reveal which one can open this third-party app a little quicker is undoubtedly the note 20 ultra and also mosting likely to the image it is certainly the note 20 ultra now surpassing the mate 40 pro like i said getting fairly intriguing now we’re going to go on as well as save this to gallery making use of the ufs 3.1 storage space on both devices it was as well close to call over there so no

factor was alloted that time around entering into adobe premiere russia using a video clip editing and enhancing app the note 20 ultra gets at six factor entering into the app nonetheless the mate 40 professional opens the project a little quicker getting at its fifth factor now just one behind the note 20 ultra which is indeed shaking 7 nanometer plus technology where the huawei is shaking five nanometer now we’re going to export this 4k clip decline it to 1080p suit the framework price of 25 fps and we got 12 secs on the mate 40 pro as opposed to 19.
5 on the note 20 ultra now it is neck and also neck six factors an item but the note 20 ultra promptly strikes back picking up at 7 factors after opening spotify and music streaming application a little quicker than that of the m840 professional going right into astral vpn considering that we need one here in china the companion 40 pro opens it up a lot quicker than the note 20 ultra that time around yet they turn it on at a family member time over there entering into google chrome it interests see that the non google centric made 40 professional actually open it up quicker than the note 20 ultra now exceeding it with its eighth point entering into facebook the note 20 ultra actually opened it up quicker yet they made 40 pro filled the page quicker so no factor was allocated over there so one factor lead for the main 40 pro thus far but matching that now the note

20 ultra after opening instagram slightly much faster currently with eight factors too next social media application is indeed twitter and delving into that among them opened it up quicker the various other one packed the web page slightly much faster so no point was alloted going right into youtube this time around around it was undoubtedly the friend 40 professional opening up and filling the page quicker too now taking the lead with 9 points now given that we can not log right into our google account only huawei we have to search for me this time around around and also leaping right into tech neck into that search engine we got the note 20 ultra grabbing its ninth point over there and going into my real profile you know 20 ultra got its 10th now taking the lead one more time it’s a genuine throw around right here once more now with the mate 40 professional connecting things up with 10 points after opening one of my videos quicker and also packing the whole page quicker and also playing the video clip quicker as well it’s 10 for 10 until now both with double numbers and also the following application is certainly netflix delving into that a person the friend 40 professional opens it up quicker but which one can pack the whole page quicker it is indeed the note 20 ultra after entering into my account so 11 an item one more time initial benchmark app that we have below is certainly geekbench 5 it was as well close to call when opening up the app we’re mosting likely to speed up points up lower right-hand man corner i’ll let you men understand the

seconds at the end we did it in 2 minutes 38 seconds for the friend 40 pro as opposed to a monstrous 2 min 53.5 seconds on the note 20 i’ll show you concentrating on quick are not a lot score yet the major 40 pro did indeed do a much better work in solitary and also multi-core score over below with over a thousand points for single which is fantastic following standard app that we have is a 3dmark as well as we’re going to be checking out wildlife over here as well as going into it the note2l actually open it up quicker but the companion 40 professional packed the whole page faster so no factor was allocated again just a one point lead up until now for the companion 40 pro as well as going right into this it must be quite intriguing considering that this benchmark test in fact tests out frames per second a second fast only made 40 selecting up its 13 points over here but a much better rating over 6 000 as opposed to simply over four thousand on the note 20 ultra as well as the note 20 ultra got like 25 fps where the friend 40 pro obtained regarding 38 structures per second going into our first game over below which is a cool subway web surfers the major 40 pro picks up its 14th factor in round 2 i really had to backtrack the app because the current version of the game couldn’t actually work on the friend 40 pro so i had to swiftly mount the old version on the note 20 ultra going right into the temple run 2 nevertheless same variation over here similar to we had with train surfers but the most up to date variation you understand 20 ultra surprised me over there opening that a person up quicker currently just two factors behind that of the companion 40 professional entering into amongst us an

awesome video game 15 points for the mate 40 pro in contrast to 12 for the unit 20 ultra after the mate 40 professional opened up among us slightly quicker and also going right into our last game last app of the 20th which is undoubtedly pubg mobile which one can triumph over here it is undoubtedly the note 20 ultra extremely unexpected 16.5 seconds a second slower is undoubtedly the mate 40 pro currently completing around 2 with 15 factors for the friend 40 pro as opposed to 13 on the note 20 ultra when it comes to ram monitoring we do have less ram on the friend 40 pro but it maintained adobe rush open where the samsung eliminated it with its 12 gigs of lpddr5 ram remember that the setting 40 pro does certainly have lpddr5 ram it’s not so much concerning the quantity i think 8 jobs is actually the wonderful place it’s more so about the actual component within the system which is why they are maintaining the remainder of the apps open nice and also snug over right here overall rating we’ll be delving into in a second as well as that is certainly 20 points to the maj40 pro in contrast to 13 on the note20 ultra yet if we just consider round two which concentrates on rate efficiency we’ve got 15 factors for the major 40 pro as opposed to 13 on the note 20 ultra so very little of a big distinction between 5 nanometer and 7 nanometer plus hope that you men delighted in viewing this video clip as a lot as i did making it a below to the channel would really be epic this is tech neck and also i’ll see you in the following one you

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