Huawei Mate 40 Pro vs iPhone 12 vs Mi 10 Ultra vs Note 20 Ultra vs OnePlus 8T Charging Speed Test

the mate 40 pro is here and huawei finally decided to increase its wire charging speed from 40 to 66 watts but how does it stack up against some of the best smartphones on the planet well the mate 40 pro comes paid with a 4 400 milliamp battery and you get that wonderful 66 watt charging brick in the box the iphone 12 comes with a brand new 20 watt charging block though you have to buy it separately and the smallest battery in this test the maintenance ultra jumps up the battery department and the wattage with 120 watts and 4 500 milliamp hour battery samsung sticking to the same 4500 milliamp hour battery as the xiaomi but a much smaller 25 watt block and the oneplus 8t comes with the same battery at 4500 milliamp hours to the xiaomi and samsung but comes with an improved 65 watt charging brick in the box i’m really excited to get this underway this is technic and without further ado let’s go we’re going to kick start things off here by testing out the heat dissipation on all the smartphones over here this is pretty much room temperature we’ll test this between each interval as you can see below each branding we have the interval and the peak which is the max that it’s hit time interval top right hand corner which is in relation to the percentage below the branding and above each phone after just 6 minutes 20 on the huawei 13 on the apple 33 on the xiaomi 11 which is lower than the apple is indeed the samsung and the oneplus 8t with an impressive 25 max peak over here in terms of temperature is indeed the huawei and the coolest is the iphone after 10 minutes 33 on the huawei 49 on the xiaomi 35 percent on the at all three eating the pack of yeah i have made sure to turn all battery optimizations off there is no battery optimization option on the xiaomi very strange that is nevertheless we’re reaching that 15 minute mark into olivia 45 on the mate 40 pro 31 on the apple iphone 12 64 on the xiaomi lead in the pack 28 on the note 20 ultra

and 49 on the 8t which is definitely a bit quicker than the mate 40 pro though it has one watt less and a bigger battery very interesting 55 on the huawei after 20 minutes 41 on the iphone smashing the note 20 ultra with a much bigger battery however at 37 81 on the xiaomi and 64 on the 80 max peak temperature via is awarded to the xiaomi with 48.9 degrees in celsius we’ll check that again after this interval 25 minutes 66 on the mate 40 pro 94 almost about to clock out on the xiaomi 77 on the oneplus 8t 51 on the iphone 12 beating the last one here which is indeed the note 20 ultra and after just 30 minutes of charge we get a hundred percent on the mi10 ultra which is pretty impressive with a max a peak temperature here with 48.9 degrees in celsius so did indeed get quite hot but it ended off with 44.3 degrees in celsius and after the 31 minute mark interval 77 on the huawei 91 on the 8t53 on the note 20 ultra still being beat by the iphone 12 with 60 we’re reaching the 45 minute interval well that is the next one that we’ll hit but focus on the one plus over here did just hit 100 after 37 minutes exactly the same time reading that i got in my last test and the me 10 ultra actually did 150 milliamp hours per minute as opposed to 122 on the oneplus 8t i

have heard that android authority actually figured out that the mi10 ultra only really peaks at 93 what’s not it’s advertised 120 and that is why it is so similar between the me10 ultra and the oneplus 8t over here and in the 45 minute mark we have 95 on the mate 40 pro and we have 78 on the iphone 12 below that is the note 20 ultra with 73 and after 58 minutes the huawei mate 40 pro locks out over there with its 66 watt charger and 4 400 milliamp hour battery not the biggest of the bunch over here definitely not the fastest charging either we’ll have to give it a couple runs to see if this improves but it’s not really hitting that 40 minute advertised time point but 76 milliamp hours per minute is not the worst it’s still half that of the me 10 ultra which is a fraction of the price of the mate 40 pro we had that one hour mark interval with 88 on the iphone 12 and after an hour and 15 minutes the note 20 ultra knocks off at 100 which is pretty great the note 20 ultra was indeed hotter than the iphone over there in the last interval but the iphone is sitting at 95 percent after an hour and 17 minutes the note 20 ultra has a worse million power per minute reading of 60 compared to the

76 on the huawei making it the worst now we’ll get to the first 50 milliamp hour readings at the bottom of the screen at the end of the test the iphone 12 is now hitting 98 after an hour and 30 minutes my last test i got an hour and 37 minutes let’s see if it can beat that or it could match that we’re getting to that interval now one hour and 41 minutes it finally decides to give up and say okay nick i’m gonna say that i’m a hundred percent even if i’m lying to you one hour 41 minutes for the iphone 12 20 watts 2815 milliamp hour battery capacity which is not terrible i guess it’s still kind of fast charging and if we look at the first 50 million power readings over here of course the xiaomi was the best with 215 and the worst was indeed the iphone with 59 milliamp hours per minute its first 50 didn’t do too bad but its first 80 dropped down to 46 milliamp hours and its last 20 did a crazy 11 milliamp hours per minute fifth place over here the iphone 12 with its slightly improved 20 watt charging brick unfortunately you have to purchase it separately smallest battery over here worst time with an hour and 41 minutes not too impressive for apple fourth place is indeed the samsung galaxy note 20 ultra with an hour and 15 minutes not much better than the iphone but a much bigger battery to boot but it does indeed have slightly faster charging at 25 watts 66 watt beast the huawei mate 40 pro didn’t

impress me as much as i would expect 58 minutes over here for its 4 400 milliamp battery to knock off at 100 percent second place is the oneplus 8t with an impressive 37 minutes keeping consistent with my last test 65 while charging and a nice big 4 500 milliamp battery first place of course is indeed the me10 ultra over here with 30 minutes slightly quicker than my last test 120 watt charging with a nice big 4500 milliamp battery to boot the xiaomi did a hell of a lot better in its first 50 milliamp hour per minute reading than its entire charge so did the iphone 12 quite noticeably over there pretty much double that the huawei mate 40 pro did very good in its first 50 but it didn’t peak out at the max temp here that was awarded to the xiaomi mi 10 ultra with almost 49 degrees in celsius though the huawei was pretty close to that i was really impressed that the oneplus 8t kept a nice cool peak of 44.1 degrees in celsius triple the charging speed of the iphone but cooler peak temps over here it still didn’t finish cooler at the end but that’s thanks to the seriously slow apple charging in its last 20 guys i hope that you enjoyed watching this video as much as i did making it a sub to the channel would really be appreciated this is tech neck and i’ll see you in the next one you

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