Note 20 Ultra / Mi 10 Ultra / ROG 3 / Find X2 Pro / X7 Pro / K30 Ultra – AnTuTu Benchmark Comparison

this is an antutu variation 8 standard contrast in between the asus rog phone 3 and samsung galaxy note 20 ultra both shaking qualcomm’s most recent and also best snapdragon 865 plus refining chip the xiaomi mi 10 ultra and also oppo locate x2 pro both housing the vanilla snapdragon 865 as well as the least expensive phones of the lot the genuine me and redmi x7 pro and also k30 ultra specifically both real estate the need city 1000 plus chipset all of them have been upgraded to their most current offered software application and also we have android 11 on the oppo discover x2 professional though remains in beta phases we have 12 gigs of ram on the rog phone note 20 ultra as well as oppo discover x2 pro all with lp ddr5 ram the xiaomi also has lp ddr5 ram though i have the 8 gig of ram variant as well as the real me and also redmi both have rp ddr4 xram though the realme has 8 gigs of ram and also the redmi has 6 gigs of ram all devices here have ufs 3.1 storage except for the oppo with ufs 3.0 and also the genuine me as well as redmi both share the
same ufs 2.1 storage all smart devices right here has a 120 hertz refresh price panel besides for the asus rog phone 3 which can go all the way as much as 160 hertz then we’re going to keep it at 144 hertz because that’s what comes out the

box and also 160 hertz is rather unpredictable where 144 is fully secure all tools are native full hd plus however the samsung as well as the oppo both have a choice for qhd plus though the samsung can just be utilized at full hd plus when 120 hertz is made it possible for so we’re going to drop down the top to full hd plus also in order to enhance performance we have x mode utilizing max performance on the rog phone video game launcher as well as high performance setting on the samsung video game turbo utilizing max efficiency settings on the mi 10 ultra video game room making use of competition setting on the oppo and the real me as well as video game turbo on the redmi k30 ultra they have all been updated to the most up to date antutu version 8.4. this is technique and without further trouble let’s go we’re mosting likely to begin here by examining the battery percentages and also battery degrees in celsius at the begin of the test along with the cpu levels in celsius at the beginning of the test over right here we’ll compare this once again at the end of the run we’re making certain that all the game or high performance setting alternatives are undoubtedly made it possible for prior to we get going with the examination and at the end of the display i will certainly be claiming if it is quicken or 100 actual time it’s presently accelerated currently it’s 100 live so that you guys can see exactly how liquid all the devices are running the very first component of antutu version 8.4.7 over right here no stutteriness taking place on any of the phones they’re even more than with the ability of running the first component of antutu variation 8. They all look spectacular with their extraordinary amoled panels though the 1 billion shades using an led panel on the mi 10 ultra really does stick out compared to the others and also its very little bezels is additionally great though the tiniest quantity of bezels is certainly seen on the note 20 ultra it is definitely my gadget of choice however seriously expensive both phones all the way on the right are extremely inexpensive at around 300 so it will certainly be really intriguing to see exactly how they complete in version 8 over here of antutu 2nd component of below once again no jitteriness over right here no stutters every little thing looks wonderful and smooth however the 3rd part over here the terracotta soldiers right here in china in a district called xian i’ve really existed it’s actually lovely location if you guys ever before want to go examine it out and also chatting concerning antutu over here you can see there are a lot of stutters going around on all devices over here not just the domincity 1000 plus chipsets on the right-hand man side indeed they are running 7 nanometer innovation where the various other four on the left-hand side with qualcomm’s handling chip or running 7 nanometer plus innovation they’re just a little extra effective and they are certainly better at efficiency as well as updates nonetheless the dimensions have actually pleased me with regards to speed examinations and also antutu runs as i’ll show you individuals in a little bit when we reach the results along with the warm monitoring we’re going to skip through 2 scrolling effects over below to contrast the 120 hertz panels on all devices and 144 hertz on the rog or phone 3. i’m mosting likely to slow them all down so that you guys can see a little bit of a distinction however since i began the devices at various times over here they will not be all on par so the 3 phones on the left over there you can see the rug has mild much more ghosting than the other 2 tools at 120 as well as the other 120 hertz panels on the ideal hand side the more affordable panels with the ryomi and also redmi look pretty on the same level with the remainder of them when it involves battery drainpipe the rock phone went down the lease with just minus five percent yet it does have the greatest battery over right here so it hits a massive 20 milliamp hours per min of drainpipe where the samsung came by minus 6 percent though it really had the finest milliamp hours per min due to its smaller battery in connection with the percentage went down the xiaomi mi 10 ultra oppo fund x2 professional real me and also redmi all stopped by seven percent but the tools with the most awful mini empire per min reading is 21 on the xiaomi realme as well as redmi with the oppo just in between those devices as well as the samsung when it comes to battery warm dissipation over below the best device overall was the realme x7 pro with a whopping 43. degrees in celsius and also the coolest was the samsung with 39.7 levels in celsius though the oppo just included six levels in celsius throughout the test where the redmi added 8.3 levels in celsius throughout the examination adding one of the most in degrees celsius right here when it concerns cpu heat dissipation the most popular phone was indeed the rog phone 3 with 49 degrees in celsius and also the coolest was the note 20 ultra with simply 40 levels the rog additionally added the most in levels celsius including nine throughout the test where the samsung was the least including degree celsius only adding 6 levels et cetera of the tools were about seven and also 8 with the redmi not applying over here because i still can not identify why antutu will certainly not gauge its temperature level when it involves the cpu the xiaomi mi 10 ultra was initial place with practically 650 000 factors the highest i have actually ever before seen in antutu version 8. 2nd location was the rock phone with a much better snapdragon 865 plus processing chip contrasted to the vanilla one on the mutant ultra the rock phone obtained 628 000 so not much behind that though it’s still unsatisfactory to see that the newer chip isn’t executing along with the xiaomi i’m simply not fairly certain if xiaomi had anything to do with this result the oppo can be found in third place with just under 600 000 as well as just underneath that was the note 20 ultra once more a vanilla snapdragon 865 on the oppo defeating the 865 plus on the samsung with additionally 595 000 factors with just a couple of figures various over there for the place is indeed the actual me x7 pro with over 500 000 points over here it’s interesting to see considering that it has the exact same mediatek measurement 1000 plus chipsets as the redmi k30 ultra the k30 ultra was about 20 000 much less factors over right here the xiaomi got awarded the best cpu and the redmi obtained awarded the worst cpu the xiaomi once more finest gp over here as well as the worst gpu this time awarded to the x7 pro finest memory obtains designated to the oppo find x2 pro as well as worst memory when again to the redmi k30 ultra worst user experience once again to the k30 ultra and also ideal user experience over here the asus rog phone 3 though the dimensi chipsets on the actual me and also redmi did not perform the very best in this test they are a fraction of the cost contrasted to the other gadgets over here so i have to provide it to them for that i wish that you people enjoyed viewing this video as long as i did making it this is tech neck and also i’ll see you in the next one

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