RedMagic 5S vs Lenovo Legion Phone Pro Speed Test

the red magic 5s and lenovo myriad phone pro are 2 of one of the most powerful mobile phones in the world as well as today they’ll be going head-to-head in a speed test they both have very similar requirements theoretically they both contrasted with ufs 3.1 storage space they both have lp ddr5 ram currently we have 12 jobs on the red magic we have eight jobs on the lenovo nonetheless the lenovo one ups the red magic by including the most current qualcomm snapdragon 865 plus cpu for the red magic has the vanilla 865 they both have a 144 hertz panel over here and we’re mosting likely to leave animations on due to recent requests on my channel round one will certainly be all regarding boot as well as finger print unlock considering that there is no face unlock alternative on the lenovo round two will certainly be all regarding initial opening application rate and also rounded three will certainly be everything about ram administration we’re using my fingers over here so to keep things accurate we’re gon na stand out gopro footage at the bottom left hand edge this is technology neck and without more trouble allow’s go we can begin round one with a straightforward boot to see which one can turn on the phone faster the lenovo is currently in landscape they both in fact powered the phones on at the specific very same time 15 seconds i’ve never ever seen that prior to so no factor was assigned going into the real devices themselves to rejuvenate the app icons the lenovo gets its initial factor over there they both have optical finger print scanners beneath their displays over right here beneath the amoled screens the lenovo was faster the first two times and also it is undoubtedly quicker the third time accessing its 2nd point and also final factor in rounded one because there is no face recognition on the lenovo myriad phone ensuring all

applications are removed behind-the-scenes as well as we get on the very same wi-fi network opening up the video camera app was also close to call flipping to the selfie cam the red magic obtained that point because of the pop-up on the lenovo and also taking the snap the red magic was quicker as well getting involved in its second factor now it’s 3rd point after opening up gallery somewhat quicker currently we’re gon na delve into that photo that we just took and also entering into it the red magic was when again a little quicker adequate four points rather than the absolutely no on the lenovo going right into calculator nevertheless the lenovo snaps back accessing its first point and also the following system map that we have more than here is certainly the phone application and also leaping into the phone app the red magic fives grabs that as well as the last system application that we have below is certainly setups which the lenovo grabs two points for the lenovo until now as opposed to 5 currently six on the red magic after opening an internet speed examination called speed check up somewhat quicker we’re not checking out download upload rate over right here however we’re concentrating on how long it actually takes to do the examination 21.5 secs for the red magic in contrast to 22 secs for the lenovo obtaining the red magic its seventh point in round 2 the following step that we have more than here is spotify and also music streaming application as well as leaping into it the red magic was as soon as again quicker currently eight factors instead of two it is four times much faster thus far compared to the lenovo legion phone pro and going right into adobe a photoshop reveal overview an image editing and enhancing app the red magic opens it up quicker the lenovo however goes into the photo faster and currently we’re.

mosting likely to use that wonderful ufs 3.1 storage space on both gadgets to conserve its gallery and the lenovo waits to gallery somewhat quicker than the red magic 5s the following app that we have is adobe best rush a video modifying application which the lenovo legion pro opens quicker nevertheless the red magic enters into the job faster currently we’re mosting likely to go ahead as well as export this 4k 25 fps video clip as well as we’re going to compress it to 1080p suit the structure rate of 25 frames per 2nd as well as struck export i’m mosting likely to speed things up at the lower right-hand man edge and afterwards reduce them down when one phone has one so we’re gon na see which one can do it they both have the exact same ufs 3.1 storage space so the lenovo does it in simply 16 seconds in contrast to 18.
5 secs on the red magic so the red magic was over 2 seconds slower over there when exporting a video clip going into celestial vpn since we require a vpn here in china the red magic of 5as opened it up quicker yet they both turned them on reasonably similar very first social media application we’ll be going right into right here is indeed facebook one of the reasons we need a vpn over right here in china as well as the red magic Fives opens up that one up quicker next social media app that we have is without a doubt instagram which the red magic when again opens up much faster now 13 points on the red magic as opposed to six on the myriad phone pro third social media application is undoubtedly twitter which once again the unusual metric Fives opens up quicker and also lots the web page much faster.

entering into youtube however the red magic does type of open it up quicker but the lenovo did indeed load the web page quick over there so i provided the factor to the lenovo now just half the points of the red magic going right into my account however the red magic fives opens that up quicker and entering into the video they play them at a similar time though the lenovo filled the entire page quicker so i gave the indicate the lenovo making it 8 points for the lenovo in contrast to 15 on the red magic entering into netflix over right here the red magic was a little quicker there and entering into my profile it was visibly quicker that time around giving it its 17th factor in round two instead of the standstills ace on the myriad phone pro successive that we have right here is google chrome which the red magic no surprise opens faster over right here and the very first video game i have 4 over below is certainly metro surfers it’ll be fascinating to see which phone opens it up quicker since they are both pc gaming centric tools as well as the legion phone pro shocks over below obtaining its ninth point in round 2 opening the initial game much faster than the red magic fives 2nd game over below is indeed flip diving and we’ll dive straight into that no pun meant and going right into it the lenovo was once more slightly quicker two games for 2 over here contrasted to the red magic fives which is also a gaming centric device so double figures for the lenovo until now as well as going right into tempo run 2 i sped it up slow to pull back precisely the same opening time over there so no factor was alloted as well as the last video game over here last game of four last app of 20 is without a doubt pubg mobile.

the new era updates so it takes a little bit longer than the previous examinations i have actually worked on the game as well as opening it up i’ve sped up points up 15 seconds for the lenovo 16 on the red magic just a second slow-moving on the red magic completing rounded two with 18 points on the red magic in contrast to 11 factors on the lenovo myriad phone pro round three is everything about ram management over here as well as i recognize what you men are believing the red magic has 12 gigs of ram and also the lenovo has 8 gigs of ram it honestly does not make a distinction in any way also an apple iphone can maintain 20 applications open in the history with just 4 gigs of ram i’ve seen androids with six gigs of ram maintain all these apps open as well what does matter though is the speed of the ram as well as they both have the same lp ddr5 ram which is great yet until now the red magic 5s has actually maintained five applications open now six applications open where the legion has actually killed those six apps and now 7 applications after opening up youtube over right here now we’re gon na go right into our last six applications over right here as well as the red magic 5s and also legion are both keeping these run of apps open however entering into flip diving the myriad phone pro eliminated that getting the red magic its 8th factor in rounded 3 over here and also the last two applications both kept open on both devices complete score here 26 for the red magic 5s as opposed to 13 on the lenovo legion phone pro double the points for the red magic excellent on you team red if we simply focus on rounded 2 which comes down to raw rate raw efficiency we got 18 points on the red magic fives rather than 11 on the myriad phone pro it’s simply intriguing over right here since the red magic has the vanilla snapdragon 865 while the myriad phone pro has the buffed art 865 plus processing chip this is technology neck as well as i’ll see you in the next one.

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