Sony Xperia 1 ii PUBG Mobile Test – FPS / Battery Drain / Battery & CPU Temps

the sony xperia one mach 2 has an unbelievable electronic camera arrangement spectacular layout and also seriously solid construct flip the phone around use that fantastic physical finger print sensing unit and you obtain welcome to a great 4k resolution screen on a mobile phone however can it play video games more especially just how does it do in pub crucial mobile well we’re gon na be testing out frames per second battery drainpipe along with warmth dissipation throughout an hour of pub G mobile video game play which is mosting likely to be absolutely epic and we’re going to be using this great game enhancer to enhance our efficiency over below what does it have the most up to date software program updated below as well as naturally you’re mosting likely to be making use of that terrific 4k screen and also we’re gon na rocket the brightness up as Max as we can go this to be straightforward men this earning xperia one Mach 2 is not the brightest phone around we’re going to be using an infrared thermometer gun to taste our warms people this is Technic as well as without further trouble allow’s go [Songs] certainly we’re gon na launch by

inspecting the battery percentage at the beginning of the examination we have 0 mins and 0 secs on the timer on the right over there we’re mosting likely to also examine out the degrees in Celsius for the battery which is found at the lower part of the phone and on top of the phone alongside the video cameras is housing at the CPU as well as GPU chips over there while the GPU is really incorporated within the CPU which is undoubtedly the Snapdragon eight-six 5 processing chip itself we have max the graphics setups as well as the FPS settings for bar G mobile over below and also we’re resting at a seriously stable 60 fps as you can see at the top of the phone over there I’m not the most effective entertainer yet I need to claim I truly do enjoy club G mobile gaming when playing at this terrific 21 by 9 element proportion it is not stretched you can in fact just see more field of vision as well as it looks definitely fantastic remember this is certainly a 4k phone it has a 4k screen but pop G mobile just makes at 1080p so of course when you do take a screenshot that reveals that it is revealing at 4k so it is in fact just dipping into 4k yet all the structures and also every little thing else is provided at 1080p so that you don’t get excessive of a knock in the frames divisions over here so it’s not gon na look a lot better in that respect however that 21 by 9 element proportion most definitely is something to discuss checking out the attempts after simply 6 as well as a half minutes we’re resting at around 42 levels Celsius

for the battery and over 50 degrees Celsius for the CPU and GPU that is unbelievably high we’ve added eighteen factor 3 levels Celsius in just 6 and a half minutes to the CPN GPU we’ve included almost 10 levels Celsius to the battery and also the battery has actually drained by 6 percent in 6 minutes that is not great guys like I claimed we’re making use of 4k making at 1080p however it is not doing wonders for the battery as well as there is no way to really change the screen resolution dancing is an EDP within the settings of the phone itself do not get me wrong individuals I absolutely love the Sony Xperia one walk to it has in fact been my day-to-day chauffeur and truthfully one of my preferred phones around but it is getting seriously warm after just a couple minutes of playing pub G and also it’s battery is training unbelievably quick wait four thousand milliamp battery while reaching a bigger evaluation of the warm along with the battery drain at the end of the video clip states remain tuned for that a person we’re sitting at the 18 minute mark now we’re going to go all the means via to an hour as well as I have sped up points up a bit I do not wan na keep you guys for an entire hour so after 15 and also 5 minutes we really decreased in CPU and GPU levels in Celsius we likewise decreased in battery in level Celsius but obviously the battery dreamed once a lot more so we’re currently down by 11 percent after 15 and also a fifty percent mins which truly draws keep in mind that the sony xperia one more – like the majority of phones around is topped at 60 Hertz so we

can not get more than that yet pouchy Mobile is topped at 60 Hertz too you can not get even more than 60 frameworks per 2nd utilizing the global version of pubsey mobile so also if you have 128 Hertz display phone you’re going to be kept at 60 when playing this details game we’re surrounding that thirty minutes mark as well as it is obtaining really hot my hands are actually accumulating with sweat you’re gon na have to slap a back cover on the back of this phone I would certainly suggest perhaps a material cover to ensure that it doesn’t come via the plastic as well as make it also warm yet honestly this game looks wonderful with its facet proportion you can see a lot more on the left and right victor champion hen supper we won this round over below with the MVP getting 9 really feels great job over there dude so what do you want for sending the battery department playing battle royale has really experienced in the battery Division for the xperia 1 mark 2 and also considering the temperatures it does not look good guys so we’re now down 20% in the battery department after half an hour that is outrageous men like definitely outrageous so five times that two and a half hrs of pop G as well as your phone will be entirely depressing we’ll probably drain a little bit quicker than that we’re playing supremacy over here in a 3rd individual player mode and also we’re speeding via once again however seriously men we included a lot more to the battery levels in

Celsius and also CPU and also GPU in levels Celsius afterwards half an hour mark and also simply to allow you guys understand infrared guns typically come at the box with an emissivity level of 0.9 5 that is readied to organic products and also after a lots of study and also testing it feels like a point 5 is the pleasant spot when videotaping heats up showing up from digital gadgets such as mobile phones we’re hitting that 45 marginal 33 percent now we’re practically half of what we started at 45 degrees Celsius for the battery as well as is still well over 50 levels Celsius for the CPU as well as GPU I think the great point right here if you want to assume glass half-full is that it hasn’t actually transformed much from the six-minute mark we’re sitting at fifty two factor 5 levels Celsius off to 6 minutes and also now simply 53 off to 45 mins so it’s not truly changing as you play however playing as a whole makes the phone unbelievably warm we actually decreased a little bit from the 30-minute to the 45 min mark over there by points seven degrees Celsius however we went up in the battery degrees Celsius over there once again we have currently drained even much more 28 percent drain in 45 mins that is absolutely insane men like I claimed you’re gon na obtain a little over two hrs of gameplay of bar G on this gadget

you’re gon na want to bring that brightness completely down the good idea is that we do have HS power setting meaning that you can connect your phone into an outlet and won’t bill the phone it will not drain pipes the phone will certainly make use of all that power and go right into it I didn’t use it over yep since I specifically wished to check our battery drainpipe I did take the FPS counter off but if you individuals want utilizing that FPS counter on your own the efficiency metrics were caught making use of video game pinch Pro the most accurate Venture screening device in the sector adhere to the link in the description down below for additional information we will strike that arm mark right over right here and obtain to the final outcomes 26% left in the storage tank of the Xperia a 1 mark 2 we can additionally look into the heats up for a little 2nd over below 45 degrees in Celsius hasn’t actually transformed much from the last time we examined along with the CPU as well as GPU relaxing that 53 levels Celsius mark over there which is bad but at the very least it’s not transforming much checking the front of the phone it does take the heat of the display right into consideration that’s why I keep inspecting out the back of the surface location over here as well as the complete outcomes over here when you take a look at that table on top 35% drainpipe in a hr is outrageous are the phones with 4

thousand milliamp AA batteries seem to only drain about 15% after a hr of pubsey but remember they aren’t showing it at 4k made at 1080p they’re showing it at 1080p made at 1080p so that is a substantial aspect over here another is that because the phone is obtaining so warm it is pushing the efficiency a lot more suggesting that it is gon na drain a little foster’s well we have included 12 factor 2 degrees Celsius to the battery and also 18 factor 8 levels Celsius to the CPU placing the CPU and GPU at 53 degrees Celsius in overall at the end as well as forty five point seven levels Celsius for the battery at the end which is hugely warm most phones after an hour of pubsey are resting at around 40 degrees Celsius for the battery and also the CPU specifically this is resting well over that as well as obviously your phone is flawlessly fine if you’re sitting listed below sixty levels Celsius for the CPU GPU and also battery so I presume this is secure but in my hands it does not feel like it like I claimed earlier I absolutely enjoy the Sony Xperia one mark – however is this phone for video gaming for the element ratio alone of 21 by 9 of course for certain but also for 4k pc gaming rendering at 1080p and playing for extended periods of time no I simply do not assume that it is a video gaming phone for fanatic gamers available people I wish that you appreciated enjoying this video clip as long as I did making it this is Method and I’ll see you in the following one

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