Sony Xperia 1 II vs RedMagic 5G Speed Test

the red magic 5g has been the absolute champ when it comes to speed tests against other phones on my channel but recently the sony xperia 1 mark ii has beaten everything it has come across so how is it going to stack up against the red magic monster over here they’re very similar specs over here both with snapdragon 865 processing chips both with eight gigs of lp ddr5 ram and both of them have ufs 3.0 storage the other hardware specs feel free to hit ports for more information we have updated to the latest software builds on both devices over here we have that wonderful 4k display on the sony and we are limited to 1080p on the red magic though we have 144 hertz on the red magic and we have motion blur reduction enabled on the xperia 1 mark ii we’ve disabled all animations here so that we can see raw performance round one is going to be all about boot and fingerprint unlock round two will be all about initial opening of app speeds and round three will be all about ram management it’s gonna be using my fingers over here so to make things accurate we’re gonna pop gopro footage at the bottom left hand corner this is a technique and without

further ado let’s go we’re going to start with a boutique in round 1 to see which one can get into the phone faster 16 seconds for the xperia as opposed to 12 for the red magic giving the red magic its first point in round one going into the phone itself over here the red magic picks up its second point because it refreshed all the app icons slightly quicker than that of the xperia not two points as opposed to zero we have an optical scanner underneath the screen of the red magic and a physical one side mounted on the xperia and the red magic is quicker slightly quicker each and every time getting its third point best out of three there in round one closing off round one with three points on the red magic as opposed to zero on the xperia one mark two we have closed all apps in the background of vr we’re set to the max brightness and we’re on the same wi-fi network and going into the first app which is the camera app the red magic open it up quicker and flipped to the selfie quicker and took the snap faster as well getting it three points there in round two as opposed to zero on the xperia going into the gallery or photos app we have google photos on the xperia the google photos app and gallery app on the red magic opened up at the same time though the xperia opened the photo up quicker when it comes to calculator they both open them up at the same time and going into the phone app the red magic 5g open that one up quicker they’re both running pretty much

stock android over here i would say that the xperia 1 mark ii is slightly more stock than the red magic so certain system apps will be quicker such as google photos i guess but other than that the red magic 5g seem to have done a better job we’re running an internet speed test over here called speed check we’re not checking download and upload speed we’re focusing on how long it takes to do the test 22 seconds for the xperia and the exact same 22 seconds for the red magic so neither of them got a point over there next app that we have over here is spotify the first non-system app that is not an internet speed test and going into it we get its third point on the xperia over there opening up spotify slightly quicker then the red magic over there now just two points behind but the red magic quickly snapped back with its sixth point and now four points on the xperia after going into photoshop express’s actual photo saving into gallery the xperia picks up its fifth point both ufs3 storage but the xperia said save to gallery slightly quicker than that of the red magic going into adobe rush over here we went into it at the same time but the red magic opened up the project slightly quicker now it’s seven points two points ahead of the xperia one mark 2.

I’m going to speed things up when we export this 4k 25 frames per second clip compressed down to 1080p the bottom right-hand corner as you can see 400 percent sped up and the xperia one mark ii does it in 15 seconds as opposed to 16 seconds on the red magic 5g now to get a win over there in terms of seconds but it was very close because they’re both paired with ufs 3.0 storage going into astral vpn because we need a vpn in china the xperia opens it up quicker and they both turn it on at the same time first social media app over here which is why we actually need a vpn here in china the xperia one mark ii opens up facebook slightly quicker next social media app is instagram and the red magic 5g opens that one up quicker next one is twitter going into that it was too close to course and neither of them got a point so far eight for eight so it is tied all square here going into the youtube app however the red magic 5g picks up its ninth point when going into the app quicker and loading the entire page faster than that of the xperia 1 mark ii i’m going to head over to my profile over here to see which one can get into a channel faster and going into it it is so close to

call but the red magic definitely was slightly quick over there it was a bit noticeable that is why i allocated the point but the xperia opened up the video and loaded the video page entirely quicker than the red magic 5g now just one point behind the red magic 5g nine points on the xperia the red magic went into netflix quicker though but going into my profile it was too close to call going into chrome the xperia one mark two pulls back another point there ten points just one point behind that of the red magic and going into our first game here which is subway surfers we would expect the red magic to get it because it is a gaming phone but the xperia one mark ii opened it up a lot faster i did test it out over and over again but the xperia seems to open it up quicker every single time next game that we have here is indeed flip diving so far 11 a piece on both devices but after opening up flip diving quicker on the sony it got its 12 points now taking the lead over the red magic 5g’s 11 points over there going into our next app over here which is indeed temple run i sped it up a bit slowed it back down and the sony xperia 1 mark ii opened up its third game in a row faster than the gaming centric red magic 5g now with 13 points last game over here last app out of the speed test is indeed pubg mobile a lot longer to

load so i’ve sped things up at the bottom right corner 15.5 seconds as opposed to 16 on the xperia 1 mark ii getting its 14th and final point in round two over here as for round three it’s all about ram management i’ve sped things up because guys it is way too close to call over here i’m not taking into account how fast they reopen the apps but just if they keep them in the memory in the background and they have both kept them all open in the background together so if they keep them open together no point is allocated and if one of them kills it and the other one also kills it no points is allocated either so it is completely even steven over there total point 14 for the sony xperia 1 mark ii and 14 for the red magic 5g both of them champs of my channel both of them tied over here but if you look at raw speed which is all about round two the xperia got 14 points as opposed to the 11 on the red magic 5g so slightly quicker over there it all comes down to personal preference and remember the red magic 5g is half the price of the sony xperia 1 mark ii guys i hope that you enjoyed watching this video as much as i did making it this is tech neck and i’ll see you in the next one you

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