9 Snapdragon 865 Powered Smartphones – AnTuTu Benchmark Test Comparison!

what’s up individuals you’re back with Technic and also today I have an invasive standard around between the 1 + 8/ top discover x2 Pro Samsung Galaxy S 20 ultra upper a Stu actual me X 50 Pro Xiaomi conference Pro red me K 30 assume Version xiaomi black shocks repro any type of nubia red magic 5 g 9 phones on my table the most phones I’ve ever before had three phones on the left-hand-side have 12 jobs of ram the remainder of them are all coupled with 8 gigs of ram it should not influence the test given that it’s concerning rate of the RAM as well as not actually about the quantity of the RAM on each private device we have every one of the software’s updated to the newest software update considering that we do have updatable chauffeurs with the snapdragon 8 6 5 processing chip these 3 phones left wing are 120 hertz panels the phone all the method on the right-hand man side the Nubia red magic 5 jeers 144 it’s panel and afterwards the rest of them have 90 oh it’s panel with the exception of the red mackay 30 Pro which is capped at simply 60 Hertz so it shouldn’t make much of a difference to the results of this antutu benchmark run carrying on from this we have a qhd+ resolutions on the three phones on the left hand side as well as the black shock 3 Pro we have dropped them to complete HD plus since that is what’s indigenous on the rest of the gadgets of ear so we attempting to maintain points a little bit more even when undergoing the NC to benchmark around variation eight factor 3 point 3 we have actually additionally allowed every one of the high performance or gaming driven moans on every solitary gadget those

strangely the black shock 3 Pro doesn’t give you an alternative to add an su-22 shark area so we’re not going to be making use of any kind of high efficiency on the black store people this is Technic and also these are 9 monstrous snapdragon 865 handling chip phones I can not wait to see the outcomes without additional trouble let’s go we’re gon na swiftly do a beginning our battery percent battery levels in Celsius as well as CPU levels in Celsius at the begin of the examination below the cruellest in the CPU Division being the Samsung will certainly refer this throughout of the examination to see what obtains raised or reduced throughout all 9 tools I have actually simply ensured that we do have all the performance settings on and we have extremely efficiency setting on the Nubia which we have simply made it possible for there via a video game area we are currently performing at a hundred percent genuine time as you can see at the base over there when we speed up points up that will be 2400 percents we began the 3 phones on the left at the very same time all phones between at the exact same time and the to gaming phones on the right-hand man side at the exact same time so if you see the phones on the Left going a little quicker than the phones on the right it is since I don’t have more than 2 hands sorry for that individuals but seriously 9 Snapdragon 805 processing chip

phones the most amount of phones I have actually had in one video clip on my channel if you guys are new to the channel make sure you hit that subscribe switch for crazy mass contrasts much like this and also if you men have an interest in massive comparison videos such as these 9 phones all bundled with each other allow me understand I will be doing fee and drainpipe tests on all nine tools soon so please stay tuned for that one individuals thus far every one of them look really wonderful and smooth throughout this and also true to variation 8 a race over right here this is my preferred part of NCT variation 8 which is the terracotta soldiers this is actually in a district called Zeon in China and also I have seen the terracotta soldiers they have actually made it look rather a bit various for the preference with all the snow and also stuff looks absolutely sensational in the taste you can see a little jitteriness on every one of the tools snapdragons 865 is operated on 7 anime the class modern technology is doing a wonderful task throughout the board however this is a really hefty part of the examination that’s why you see a bit of a jitteriness here also with high refresh rate panels now although we have high refresh rate panels right here a great deal of them except for the red mica 30 Pro it doesn’t indicate that we are necessarily using them when running the antutu variation 8 preferences over below it simply suggests that we have that ease of access so I simply

assumed that I let you people understand the specifications of these devices as well I understand that into 2 fifty percents has currently been eliminated from the Google Play Shop if you men would like it just struck onto google as well as key in as well as two to version apk download and you can download it from there the most recent version is eight factor 3 point 3 which is what I am presently working on every one of these phones over below so much you can really see a few of the phones in the middle of really surpass the phones on the left-hand side yet the high score does not necessarily imply that it needs to finish initially it does not really it’s not truly a time race right here it’s more of an institution race I have actually gone back down to a hundred percent actual time right here simply so that you guys can see the refresh price panels not fairly certain if as well as to to really allow high refresh rate panels use the software program yet there it is anyhow at the end of the test we have in the past going down the many in battery portion being the 2 uppers over here as well as the red magic 5 coming by 6 percent the one that added the a lot of in degrees Celsius here was Dashami adding 3 factor 5 degrees Celsius and also it was likewise the best phone of the lot the one course was the coolest phone of the number yet the Samsung included just one point three degrees Celsius in the battery department so it added the least

amount of levels to during the examination which is absolutely incredible since a lot of of these phones have active fans as well as active cooling in them the Samsung has an energetic cooler in it however it’s doing a fantastic task nevertheless specifically in the CPU division right here also the coolest phone over below and also including the least amount of levels Celsius the East Wing ultra simply adding two levels Celsius with an overall of 33 degrees the hottest phone being the Black Hawk 3 Pro meeting Pro and both deals too however the Black Sox 3 Pro really included the most in degree Celsius day at 5 degrees Celsius top place the top locate x2 Pro with 600 and also 2000 only one with over 600,000 factors below supply a stew in second area with 595 operas doing fantastic seer third area the Shamy with 594 thousand 4th location the genuine me with 589 fifth place by means of raid me with 588 6 plays the Nubia seventh the black shark ate the oneplus and also dead lost the samsung galaxy s twin eltra which is 5 hundred and also fifty-one thousand points I do have the Snapdragon variation of the phone the best CPU honor is allocated to the top ace to here with 8 jobs around and also a Snapdragon 86 documents handling chip the base GPU is granted to the redmi k 30 presume enhancement based memory is granted to the Oppo find x2 Pro and also the very best customer experience shock surprise mosts likely to the Nubia red magic 5g that monstera phone had to prevail in something this is technic I hope you enjoyed this preference and I’ll see you in the following one

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