Xiaomi 12S Ultra vs 12 Pro / Samsung / Vivo / HONOR / OnePlus / iPhone Battery Life DRAIN Test!

what’s up guys technic here and i’m super extremely ecstatic today because today’s everything about this man once more the xiaomi 12x ultra which i’m certain you all recognize by now is one definitely unbelievable tool in terms of digital photography many thanks to that new one sensing unit yet i’m incredibly fired up due to the fact that this is a battery drainpipe test due to the fact that i indicate you might have the very best cam tech on the planet on your phone with the very best hardware due to the fact that this point’s loaded with wonderful equipment in it and functions for that issue but if it’s battery does not last like we have actually seen the negative record from xiaomi in the past point what’s the factor of of ordering one of these people so we’re going to be putting this guy up in a battery examination right now yet before we get to that talking of equipment this is kitted with the newest and best from qualcomm 30 more power effective apparently the snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 chipset and we’re mosting likely to be placing this guy the 12 s ultra up against some of the finest smartphones that 2022 has to use in this 100 to 0 battery life drainpipe examination the galaxy s22 ultra and oneplus 10 pro both have the largest batteries here at 5 000 milliamp hours next up we have the brand-new and also enhanced xiaomi 12 s ultra with a 4 860 milliamp hr battery though it is smaller sized than its precursor it’s still pretty big after that we have the vivo x80 pro which comes in at 4700 milliamps then we have the xiaomi 12 pro matching the honor magic 4 pro at 4 600 milliamps and also last and definitely least in terms of battery capacity is the apple iphone 13 professional max with 4 352

milliamps yet you recognize dynamite does can be found in little bundles i can assure you individuals that all phones have been established to the specific same illumination degree thanks to a lux meter nevertheless if a phone does look a little better or a little bit dimmer than another it’s not as a result of the illumination degree on each device but due to my studio lighting all 7 devices have been updated to the most up to date readily available software application updates and although the samsung does show some spirit function bars on top of its screen i can guarantee you that all phones incredible complimentary all tools right here are kitted with 120 hertz ltpo displays all the android phones for that issue can vary in between 1 hertz as well as 120 hertz whereas the apple iphone likewise has an ltpo screen but it can just go as reduced as 10 hertz the samsung vivo oneplus and xiaomi all have wqhd plus resolution displays which is great as well as very pixel standing out yet the honor and also the apple iphone are not also far off and they have very comparable resolutions which sits someplace between qhd and full hd i have kept all applications within this examination within this battery drainpipe collection that is precisely the very same as all my previous battery drain examination to make sure that you can go on and contrast all the phones in this examination to all the phones i’ve ever before evaluated across all my battery drainpipe examinations on my network i’m very delighted to obtain this one going

and i truly desire to see that’s going to prevail of the ultimate 2022 battery life drainpipe examination this is tech neck and also without further trouble let’s go [Music] prior to we obtain points going we’re simply seeing to it that all phones are currently plugged accountable and also sitting at a hundred percent at the present point in time we’re gon na be making use of an infrared warmth weapon with an emissivity degree of 0.5 which is the most accurate for electronic tools we’re kicking back 20 degrees celsius at area temperature over right here in warm johannesburg southern africa and examining all the temps over below you can’t actually contrast them because they’re all currently plugged in charge so it’s not truly draining temps yet now the oneplus is the hottest as well as the iphone naturally is the coolest due to the fact that it typically is always the coolest but we’ll have to see what happens throughout the drain test if you are a little bit corroded in regards to specs i am listing all the specs of all tools at the end of the display so you guys have something to look your eyes at and at the lower best edge of the screen i have the existing app that we’re running via on top right we have the time interval and also the percent of each tool is directly connected to that time interval so as you can see now half an hour 99 on the xiaomi 12 vs ultra which is getting beat by little sibling the 12 professional with a smaller sized battery 95 on the s22 ultra 99 on the vivo 99 on the honor 100 on the oneplus and 97 on the apple iphone we during that time run

typically the apple iphone is doing a bit much better over below so as you can see once again upgraded at lower right edge time interval linked to the temperature level so much the coolest is the xiaomi 12 s ultra very odd many thanks to that brand-new 4 nanometer run snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 chipset iphone was the most popular and now after the hour mark we have 93 on the xiaomi 12 s ultra 2 behind the xiaomi 12 pro though that’s very unusual the s22 ultra resting on 91 95 on the vivo which is almost leading the pack the one beating it is the one plus 10 pro with 96 percent very remarkable below 93 on the honor magic 4.94 on the iphone 13 professional max virtually in between the remainder of the devices over here after an hour as well as half an hour we have 85 on the xiaomi 12s ultra 89 on the vivo 88 on the honor 88 on the oneplus 8 on the apple iphone all of them are sitting at 88 now and points are getting actually heated we’re moving into facebook live tv right now as well as i truly wish to see what’s going to happen with this test as well as where it goes especially with the new xiaomi 12x ultra due to the fact that indeed it has a smaller battery than last year’s m11 ultra yet it does have a bigger battery than its little brother over below the xiaomi 12 pro and now it’s beating in after facebook live tv over there 79 on the xiaomi 12 ultra instead of 76 on the xiaomi 12 professional now the apple iphone’s sitting at 84 now defeating the one plus at 83 82 on the honor 83 beating that is the vivo 79 on the samsung galaxy s22 ultra matching that of the xiaomi 12 s ultra despite the fact that they they have the specific same battery size currently just

to allow you individuals recognize i would definitely enjoy to have an entire lot of new phones below however i do not so these are all phones that i have actually used in my previous video clips and i’m just gon na blurt something out right now my primary day-to-day vehicle driver is my apple iphone 13 professional max so i’m not anticipating it to do in addition to it has in the past yet it’s truly fascinating to see just how it carries out practically after a year of day-to-day use everyday personal use of myself something fascinating over below with instagram this is a bit of a strange one the apple iphone normally visits around 3 percent after running instagram however this moment it dropped from 81 to 69 that’s 12 of a decline i’m not exactly sure if it’s due to the fact that it had extra video loops on instagram that being three in contrast to the one on the other gadgets however it really did not take place with youtube as you’ll see today so i’m uncertain if perhaps it’s a software concern possibly an instagram software program updates or ios 15.6 can be found in and just wasn’t actually optimized well with instagram possibly this will certainly obtain taken care of which sort of describes the overheating problem where the iphone obtained the hottest at 47.6 degrees in celsius so we simply struck 3 hrs as well as 31 minutes and the xiaomi 12x ultra resting at 66 which is now six percent ahead of its little brother the 12 professional it is a percent one percent in advance of the s22 ultra it is 4 percent behind that of the vivo x80 pro it is one percent behind the honor magic 4 professional with a smaller sized battery 71 percent on the oneplus which is five percent in advance of the xiaomi 12x ultra as well as it is matching the iphone 13 professional max 66 apiece and afterwards last application was resting on 62 on the xiaomi 12x ultra and the apple iphone

13 pro max which is in fact extremely strange like i stated the apple iphone 13 pro max was my day-to-day motorist and it has reached over 9 hours prior to maybe that’s not mosting likely to occur this time around yet let’s just wait and also see so now we’re on selfie video recording and also as you can see bottom right-hand man corner we’re videotaping at 1080p 30fps now several phones can do 4k as well as 60 but a lot of these phones in fact can’t do either of those so we penetrate 1080p and 30fps and also the greatest reason for this the second reason that is is the fact that i like to keep all of my battery drain tests exactly the same to ensure that you can contrast them throughout my channel you can not compare the outcomes of these tools within this battery drainpipe test to various other video clips from various other content creators but you can contrast them to mine because i make use of the very same applications and the very same brightness levels constantly that’s not the situation with various other networks very same point can be claimed with the main video recording 4k 30 fps over right here every one of them can do 4k 60 but as soon as again i want to maintain them the exact same as well as reaching that five hour mark interval after utilizing back videotaping 44 on the xiaomi 12s ultra 12 ahead of its little brother the xiaomi 12 professional clearly it does a better work in terms of video here 42 on the

x22 ultra so the xiaomi is beating it by fairly a little bit currently regarding two percent 47 on the x80 pro 37 on the honor magic 4 professional 51 on the oneplus 10 pro which is leading the pack this is absolutely mental and also 46 on the iphone 13 professional max now i am running a pair criteria right here on every battery drain test that i do i run exactly one hr of criteria i get on three benchmarks i run antutu after that i run 3d pens as well as cardiovascular test and after that i most likely to gfx bench currently the reason i do this is not to drain the phones a great deal quicker to ensure that i don’t need to be right here throughout the day as well as document this really interesting test however since it simulates high doing games and i do not specifically have the quantity of hands to play high performing games on all of these gadgets now an intriguing thing here is that the xiaomi is always constantly get too hot when it concerns benchmark tests but the oneplus is doing something odd it overheats the xiaomi offers you an alerting the oneplus doesn’t give you a cautioning it eliminates the app eliminates all history applications as well as kicks you to the home screen practically like a soft reset super strange over there nonetheless we are moving on to our very first video game right here that being flip diving and after 6 hrs and also eight minutes the xiaomi 12 pro is done he states you know what men i recognize i’m the initial out i do have the tiniest battery well not the smallest iphone of the examination in regards to the androids 6 hrs 8 mins it’s not too bad for the xiaomi it’s in fact far better than its previous arise from previous flagships 12.5 milliamp hours per min of drain it’s still rather steep nonetheless it ended off with 51.6 levels in celsius which is quite hot after 6 hrs as well as thirty minutes we do have 9 percent on the xiaomi

12x ultra so it’s hanging back the remainder a little bit here yet the most affordable below is the honor magic 4 professional with 5 15 on the s22 ultra 13 on the vivo 17 on the oneplus which is currently losing to the iphone of 20 the iphone is coming back as well as redeeming itself over right here train web surfers 6 hrs and also 43 mins the honor magic 4 pro decides to clock out that is still fantastic time guys truthfully five hours is really good battery screen on schedule at 6 hrs and 42 minutes prior to the honor um 6 hrs over 6 hrs is really good over 7 hours is fantastic and also over 8 hours it’s just straight-out insane battery life we just hit 7 hrs currently which implies that the xiaomi 12x ultra galaxy s22 ultra vivo x80 pro oneplus 10 pro and apple iphone 13 professional max all have excellent remarkable battery life yet it is not outrageous allow’s see that can reach that outrageous degree of 8 hours now the samsung always dims after 5 percent battery lift i need to bring it up making use of the lux meter again and also the display switches off every 30 secs which is so frustrating nevertheless it passed away after seven hours and 15 minutes it’s excusable i mean over 7 hours is excellent bear in mind vivo beat it with a smaller battery at four thousand 7 hundred milliamps as opposed to the samsung’s 5 thousand milliamp hour battery it finished off cooler as well and got 2 minutes much longer long lasting with a far better milliamp power per minute drain reading as well as

reaching that seven hr 26 minute mark the xiaomi 12 s extremely knocks out placing third third location is not poor this is an actually actually great step in the best instructions for xiaomi due to the fact that i’m unsure if you’ve noticed yet it’s little brother the xiaomi 12 pro along with predecessor flagship tools from xiaomi do not truly have the very best performance history when it concerns battery drainpipe set so this this is a good idea i’m anticipating a lot from xiaomi in the future and also the new snapdragon chipset appears to be type of cooler yet a whole lot a lot more efficient they state 30 much more reliable most definitely appears by doing this to me 7 hrs and 53 minutes and the oneplus is gone so it plays second to what the iphone once more due to the fact that the last time i did an examination with the apple iphone as well as the oneplus 10 professional the apple iphone defeated the one plus the oneplus can be found in second with 8 hrs and also 10 minutes this moment i obtained 753 mins and also the iphone obtained seven hours 59 mins and also 40 seconds so eight hrs virtually eight hours on the nose which is remarkable battery life however it has overcome 9 hrs of battery life in the past and also it did have the lowest top temperature but it obtained rather hot at the end at 50 levels celsius so something odd is occurring with the iphone yet i use it as my daily vehicle driver every day so that’s absolutely something to note concerning the apple iphone so

one of the most remarkable thing about it is the fact that of course it got 8 hours indeed it’s gotten over 9 hours in the past yet i have actually utilized it for every single day practically a year as my everyday driver and also it’s still one which is simply 7th place over here we have the xiaomi 12 pro 6 hrs as well as 8 mins 4 thousand 6 hundred million power battery over 6 hours is still fantastic battery life and i’m still rather satisfied with this little man right here with its wq hd plus panel 6th area the honor magic four pro very first time i’m checking this individual out any kind of battery drain test i must claim i’m quite thrilled with 6 hours and 42 minutes 4 600 milliamp hr battery as well successive 5th area the samsung galaxy s 22 ultra not the very best i’ve seen from it but seven hrs and 15 minutes is still extraordinary battery life from this guy as well as it’s greatly big screen as well as terrific kind variable 4th area the vivo x80 pro 7 hrs and 17 minutes uncrowning the galaxy s 22 ultra with a smaller 4 700 milliamp hr battery shade me a little bit impressed the xiaomi 12 s ultra comes in 3rd place below 7 hrs and 26 mins xiaomi is absolutely doing something much better with battery i can not wait to see what this implies going forward 2nd location the oneplus 10 professional 7 hours and 53 minutes really did not defeat the xiaomi 12s ultra bar also much but it did can be found in second just secs to the iphone which has actually happened prior to in the past when the apple iphone comes in first location still the king of battery examinations iphone 13 professional max phone that i’ve made use of personally on a daily basis for the in 2014 eight hrs on the nose phenomenal battery life

that has actually done much better in the past so when it comes to temperature the xiaomi 12 s ultra had the cheapest end temp the 12 pro had the greatest end temp the oneplus 10 pro had the highest possible general temperature and also the apple iphone 13 pro max had the cheapest overall temperature the fascinating thing below is that the xiaomi ended at 37.2 levels in celsius as well as the 12 pro ended in 51.6 but the 12 pro had a lower optimal at 57.9 as opposed to a hotter peak on the 12vs ultra at 60.
4 levels in celsius which is precariously near the hottest optimal below that being the one plus 10 factor 64.2 levels in celsius and the coolest over below being the iphone 13 pro max at 47.8 levels in celsius so i’m not too sure that brand-new snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 chipsets is doing much in terms of temperature level snapdragon 810 chipsets just seemed to be extremely hot even the snapdragon three-way 8 prior to it was incredibly warm yet it does appear to be more efficient because xiaomi did put a great deal much better this time around that being third area with 7 hrs and 26 mins which is more than a hr in advance of the xiaomi 12 professional as well as if you have a look on top left of the screen it in fact beats its predecessor the xiaomi mi 11 ultra by virtually a hr which had a bigger battery at 5 000 milliamps so i’m extremely impressed with the xiaomi 12 s ultra as well as the oneplus last break came in second area only

second to the iphone exact same thing happened here but this time the iphone got 8 hours last time was 9 hours as well as 47 mins just shy of 10 hrs which is absolutely mind-blowing yet i did film that examination concerning 5 6 months ago and also i’ve utilized the iphone 13 professional max as my everyday motorist since and also it’s still one despite the fact that i have actually used it every day so it’s battery has diminished and charge cycles have entered full swing and it’s still one against the most effective smartphones worldwide in 2022 which is absolutely ridiculous so if you look right at the end of the screen simply over the placements at the bottom of each device’s structure you can see there if they were to all have the same size 5 thousand milliamp hr cell positionings would certainly be quite similar iphone would certainly remain in first but raise to 9 hours as well as 12 minutes this is based upon their milliamp hr long-term analysis that being the iphone with 9.067 milliamp hrs per minute drainpipe which is definitely great if you take a look at the other’s highest possible being the xiaomi 12 pro with 12.5 milliamp hrs per min train so xiaomi 12 pro obviously is resting in seventh so i just thought i ‘d offer you the 2 cents over there with if they all had the very same dimension battery and also i would love to see a larger battery on the new iphone schedule turning up so stay tuned for that video clip and also one even more point before i let you individuals go please let me recognize what you guys assume of the brand-new video clip style for my battery drainpipe test video clips i’ve transformed it up a little allow me recognize what you think of my face remaining in so much this is tech neck as well as i’ll capture you in the following

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