Realme X50 Pro vs Realme X2 Pro – Worth the Upgrade?

the genuine me x2 Pro was perhaps the most effective phone of 2019 as well as for some still the best of 20/20 though it’s time to shine was reduced rather short by simply four to five months as a result of its follower the real me x50 Pro that’s what we unpacking today which’s what I’ll be reviewing as well as comparing thoroughly versus the x2 Pro at the 8 job of ram 128 gig version in moss-green there are the rates in the leading right hand corner if you would certainly such as to inspect them out it comes coupled with this awful silicon instance basically the specific same one that features the x2 Pro so I would certainly junk that and also obtain a brand-new one if you should have an instance we obtain a USB type-c to type a port over below for the charging capabilities sadly only USB 2.0 rates we have a 65 what super dot charged over below they have actually changed the name from Superbook to super dot and also also though the previous one was only 50 watts they have actually maintained basically the exact same kind variable I believe that the phone looks definitely stunning in the small display I truly like the frosted glass consider the back I assume it looks a great deal far better than the shiny globe coating at the rear of the actual me x2 pro what’s the like that they’ve get to Ange the setting of the logo design and also I such as that it it doesn’t show excessive light of it yet still offers it a little a showman they so elegant tossed those covers and also they look so terrible I really do suggest leaving a cover off or getting hold of a hardshell instance also

though this frozen glass looks magnificent it still picks up finger prints I’m truly glad to see that they have actually transformed the positioning of the branding it looked absolutely dreadful on the x2 Pro we have the indented power buttons on both phones as well as split volume rockers on both phones left hand side the top it behaves as well as tidy on both tools right here as well and near the bottom the one point you’ll see the x2 Pro has that the X 50 Pro does not have is the earphone jack and also that’s a big bargain if you ask me I’ve a downward firing speaker and we have our earpieces there which rock up as a second shooting speaker on both tools we have a twin SIM card slots on both phones however sadly in no area for microSD this moment around as the X 2 Pro really did not have this either the X 50 Pro is somewhat much shorter somewhat narrower and somewhat thicker yet it has a bit of a smaller electronic camera bump contrasted to the X 2 Pro implying that the shaking effect on a table without any cover on is a heck of a whole lot than the shaking result of the x2 Pro that’s always good to see that terrific six factor four four inch AMOLED screen it’s definitely insanely beautiful I need to claim I truly do dig the strike opening at the top over there and also it is not bent it behaves as well as level most of you people do choose that the strike opening is truly massive though that draws shape with both

cameras what obtains cameras later yet I intend to see believe they would certainly have done a better work simply with a single strike hole over there or none in any way as well as possibly also a pop-up anyway both phones look terrific when you are taking a look at the shades and I do have the genuine me x2 Pro on the newest Android 10 genuine me UI skin so that’s truly excellent to see that’s why we have these terrific lab wallpapers they both have Lancie Hertz rejuvenate price panels as well as they both just as liquid keep in mind that the actual DX 2 pro really includes a 6 point five inch display screen instead of the smaller sized six point 4 4 inch on the x50 pro we’re gon na begin here with a billing test prior to anything else because I intend to get the phones up to a hundred to ensure that we can test that battery drainpipe throughout the examination when we’ll go in between benchmarks software application and also video camera samples we can start below from 50% on both phones there are the temperature levels on top along with their milliamps in battery both of them are twin cell batteries implying that there are 2 similar batteries in each phone so 2100 milliamps as well as 2100 milliamps 2 of those cells in X 50 Pro and to two thousand milliamp are cells in the x2 Pro we have 50 watts on the x2 Pro as well as 65 watts on the X 50 Pro yet because we have a somewhat smaller sized battery in the x2 pro not much smaller sized I need to add 100% in just 15 minutes well 14 minutes and also 40 secs that is a really blast for 50 percents and also truthfully most the moment you’re only actually mosting likely to be charging your phone in the last 50% not a lot the first half that’s 3.4% per min on the added pro and also 138 milliamps per

min on the exterior in addition to opposed to the adeptly Pro which completed in 20 minutes practically 6 minutes later on 2.5% per minutes and 105 mini amps per min over there definitely slower charging in the x2 Pro although it has a much faster charging block currently we’re gon na go in advance and allow all the highest feasible performance modes that we can add both of these devices running the specific very same skin over below before we jump on to software program we are both rockin real me a UI over here the most recent Android tints on both phones I’m truly grateful that it is come to the x/2 Pro once more including it up points in my system over here why I assume that you individuals should rather pick up the x2 Pro yet we’ll reach that in a little later we have dark mode over here and also we can utilize them in virtually all system apps the cool point is that we can use it for third-party applications as well on both devices naturally we’re running the exact same software program so there are no problems running dark mode throughout all various other applications below also now Google Chrome looks great in third-party applications but various other applications such as celestial VPN mix that the colors of the message looked a bit strange steed have screen off clocks which they have actually improved a lot given that the previous color gets on the actual me devices they look really excellent and they’re really bright also though there is no other way of changing the illumination yet they do remain on constantly what’s have navigation motions on both phones right here which is excellent to see we can

swipe in from the left and also right of the screen or we can swipe at the lower right hand corner or left-hand edge like you see on the Samsung tools which is something that I do like can likewise effortlessly alter in between applications by putting in from the left as well as right of the screen that is something that we see in me UI additionally have fantastic optical fingerprint sensors on both of them there are pretty much exactly the same senses as well as that is why you don’t see much of a difference over here I believe though that you do see a bit even more of an animation on the genuine me x2 Pro with the fingerprint sensor to make sure that makes the real me X 50 Pro seem a little bit quicker very same thing can be claimed when opening with your face there is a little of an animation rate with the genuine me x2 Pro it is slightly much faster on the X 50 Pro so we have actually dropped 3% on the X 50.5% on the actual me x2 Pro given that we did that charge test we have a snapdragon 865 handling contribute the genuine me X 50 Pro and also an 855 plus chip in the real me x2 Pro for this antutu criteria run there are the temperatures for the battery and right here are the temperatures for the CPU we’re also mosting likely to be examining out battery drainpipe at the end of the test so remain till the end of the examination completion of the send out to to benchmark run before we head over to the pictures Department video Department and also the computation of the video clip today we’re resting on hotter battery temperatures on the X 50 Pro as opposed to the x2 Pro and we’re sitting on cooler CPU temperatures on the X 50 Pro rather than the x2 Pro

Remember that we do have seven nanometer + technology on X 50 Pro and also 7 an ohmmeter modern technology on the x2 Pro indicating that the CPU modern technology somewhat cooler a little much more efficient on the brand-new x50 Pro implying that it needs to be fairly a little bit cooler so in this instance only 2 degrees cooler beginning let’s see what takes place at the end of the examination the naughty notes panels look quite wonderful on both phones we’re gon na speed things up right here and get to the outcomes so when it comes to a battery drainpipe they both drained by five percent definition that the x2 approach you did a much better task considering that it has a smaller battery the x2 Pro included less battery temperature levels in degrees Celsius as opposed to the X 50 Pro however it was hotter and acquired a whole lot more in the CPU levels the area over there including 2 more levels as opposed to the X 50 Pro the X 54 is sixteen point 3 percent much better than the x2 Pro over there so it’s not a huge difference it’s not something that you will notice in video games and also it won’t actually affect that wonderful 9002 panel either we have just two percent behind on the x2 pros opposed to the X 50 Pro when it comes to battery drain so great in the camera Department they both have 64 megapixel gw1 F point one eight main sensors they both have telephoto lenses that the x2 Pro has one even more megapixel there they both

have ultra vast lens as the same eight megapixels and they both have 2 megapixel deepness sensing units we went straight from the ultra broad to the main over right here to the bend image as well as honestly the x50 Pro or you can really see is a small more shade refinement dip or else the information are rather similar on both thorns considering that they’re making use of such comparable video cameras and also going from bin to macro setting you can see that the X 50 Pro has actually really tipped points up when utilizing macro setting stepping outside the things are somewhat various the shades are a whole lot extra accurate on the X 50 Pro and also I do believe that the general appearance of the images on the X 50 Pro is a fair bit much better and extra practical than the x2 Pro as soon as you’re mosting likely to zoom there we have 5 times optical hybrid on X 50 Citizen hybrid on the x2 professional 20 times zoom things most definitely look slightly a lot more clear however often a bit grainy on the X 50 item strange thing is that there’s no 4k 60 structures per 2nd choice on the X 50 Pro so it limited to 30 frameworks per second there where its predecessor the x2 Pro in fact does have a 60 frameworks per 2nd option as well as you see it people it looks a heck of a whole lot better on the XT Pro once more we both have 1080p at 60 frames per second on both phones a whole lot extra maintained now next 50 Pro since we have 60 frameworks per second there ultra large both of them are restricted to 1080p as well as both of them restricted to 30 frames per secondly which type of draws considering that a lot of phones these they can do 4k at 30 structures per second such as the similarity the Samsung Galaxy S.

20 we have Ultra specifying setting on both of them they both off now with me running on the bridge program now I’m gon na go running once more nothing is actually transforming on the x2 Pro yet they have actually actually stepped up the game here with the X 50 professional ultra steady is a game changer selfie webcams we have a 32 megapixels selfie breeze on the X 50 pro at 8 megapixel ultra large when the x2 Pro we simply have a solitary drop in our style selfie snapper of just 16 megapixels let’s take a look if that second one just makes the display look ugly or if it in fact does a good task that 32 megapixel does look far better on the X 50 promise that however as quickly as we switch the ultra vast it looks awful stay with one electronic camera genuine me allow’s go into video frameworks per second video on the real me X 50 Pro let me understand what you guys think of the sound and also video high quality of the existing product what’s up people this is strategy videotaping a 1080p at 30 frames per 2nd video clip on the real me x2 professional allow me understand what you men think about the video and also audio quality of the x2 Pro the intriguing point with X 50 Pro is that you actually obtain ultra stadia on the selfie webcam and it in fact works that’s truly trendy excellent on you genuine me battery drainpipe men after a hr and also 19 minutes the X 50 per drained pipes by 17 percent as opposed to 21 percent on the X 2 Pro the X 50 Pro stopped by 0.2 2% per minutes instead of the X 2 pros indicate 7% per minutes the genuine me X 50 Pro is absolutely the finest most affordable budget-friendly powerhouse phone of 2020 until now it is the most inexpensive 5g front runner phone on the marketplace as well as has a great deal to supply when it concerns specifications but if 5g is not your strength or it’s not readily available in your nation as well as you do not need a 16 percent performance renovations after that conserve your cash as well as opt for the X 2 probe however those are just my ideas guys let me understand what you believe in the remark area down below up until now the X 2 pros still has that spot in my heart men this is technic and I’ll see you in the neck.

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