ColorOS 13丨Android 13 Review – EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!

what’s up people technic right here as well as today we’re going to be discussing software because oppo have actually lastly launched their latest software program skin that being shade os 13 skinned over android 13. Prior to we obtain right into all the functions that it has to use let’s rewind a little bit back to coloros 11 which was its greatest change-up in terms of software with android 11. in 2015 we had android 12 which was colorist’s 12 skin and also that was more of an iterative upgrade they added a couple brand-new attributes yet kept the very same great formula currently we have colorways 13 as well as while it still sticks to the exact same quality formula without way too many huge modifications it truly does add some heavy hitting changes heavy hitting features i presume you can claim that really do make a difference so this time around around they have taken the currently great software as well as changed the style up a bit with the inclusion of the new aquamorphic shifts and also included many new attributes that we’ve currently seen from various other software skins to provide oppo individuals a preference of some of the ideal software application features around colorways 13 is just one of the first oem operating systems improved a steady version of android 13 and also it’s all about incorporating its software program skin with supply android which results in an array of brand-new functions for smart multi-device connections to enhance performance and also make sure smooth intelligent experiences for as lots of as 160 million oppo customers all over the world this is technology nick and also without additional ado allow’s study some of the most effective attributes that tint os 13 needs to provide [Songs] shifting that wonderful paperweight aside and also bringing in another oppo device which is presently running android 12 that being shade os 12. You can see that on the right-hand man side shade s13 has this aquamorphic shift that just makes it seem a whole lot even more liquid and also a whole lot more smooth the residence screen likewise looks really various as well as that is mostly as a result of the new folders we do have large folders which you can diminish to little folders if you prefer that but the whole purpose of huge folders is that you do not need to open the folder to click the app symbol you can just touch straight right into it which is absolutely fantastic as well as this is an outstanding thing to see but the weird thing is that when you attempt switch over web pages it detects the folder though the good idea is that they’ve included a whole lot much more spacing near the bottom to ensure that it is simpler to shift between web pages so the large folders are truly great as well as it’s truly remarkable to be able to tap on an app symbol without needing to open a folder however this is nothing that we haven’t.

already seen prior to from other mobile phone brands as well as their software application skins however the great thing right here is that oppo have actually placed a lot time energy and also resources into their study and also advancement team that they have really determined consumers as well as seen what their preferences are when it concerns software program so i’m presuming that there are numerous people around there that truly do like the new huge folder strategy and also i are among them so it’s good to see that they included it below now the software as a whole appearances pretty comparable if you take the large folders aside we have google uncover on the left hand side and all that jazz and it looks reasonably neat however if you enter into the settings of the house design we do have something called rack which you can draw down from the middle of the display on the ideal device that being shade is 13 for cards and the cards within the rack they are quite minimal but they get the job done and they look just as well as we’ve seen other cards look from on various other smartphones software application skins so as soon as again the entire shelf and cards thing is nothing that we have not seen before from other business do yet it’s actually cool to see oppo when again putting their sources into points that in fact matter and includes that individuals really utilize and also it’s truly great to see exactly how they have taken it and made it into an oppo type of design with the taking down from the center of the home.

display and obtaining to the cards and being able to customize it though it is a little minimal it’s truly trendy to see what they have actually done with it and i’m incredibly delighted to see where they go with it in the future successive oppo have actually done away with their old-fashioned notice color in support of the new nerve center where you can switch over up your songs on spotify along with certainly edit your ceramic tiles you can also check your energetic apps as well as adjustment the customers which is quite neat and no this is something that is new for oppo it’s hard for me to maintain stating that it’s not something brand-new to the smartphone world once again they’ve made it their very own they have actually truly nurtured it and also you can see the moment as well as energy that they have actually put into the placement of the brand-new control center and also how they have actually integrated it with the smooth aquamorphic layout that shade os 13 has to use now another big modification over below well not also big but something interesting to note is that they have actually classified within the main setups menu over here they have actually spaced points out to make it a whole lot less complicated for you to see and to touch on points they’ve changed up their icons and also now we have a wallpapers as well as design alternative rather of the old personalization tag that we saw before it does extremely comparable points that we do have a new font which really does make message pop as well as make it simpler to review with some spacing that definitely helps and also we do have brand-new icons which look very similar though they type of bulge a little this only actually exercises for system application symbols they type of provide it like a little bit of a 3d appearance and i truly do like the new look of the default application icons on color os 13. So color is 12 apart focusing simply on color s13 we do have a brand-new wallpaper for coloros 13 which actually does suit the color pattern that we carry color s13 that being the aquamorphic system simply to demonstrate how seamless it is we likewise have a brand-new blossom wallpaper which really alters based on your usage and it grows over time based on that use and one more cool point is within the past hr whichever app that you make use of one of the most that will in fact change shade the bloom wallpaper will certainly alter its shade to suit the color style of the app that you have actually utilized within the past hr which is just so darn clever there are still several other real-time wallpapers as well as shop wallpapers that you can select from which is awesome and also obtaining to the constantly on display we now have spotify noticeable on the always on display and once more this is absolutely nothing brand-new to the smart device world of software application yet it is brand-new to oppo and it’s truly trendy to see their collaboration with spotify on this.

having it on you’re always on display indicates that it’s gon na be a lot easier to change between various albums as well as button in between various tracks and pause your music so on etc so it’s truly good to see the inclusion of spotify on the always on screen right here the always-on screen can likewise currently support delivery information revealing on the always-on screen from specific sustained apps that is and currently we have something called insight which once more we’ve seen before on and also constantly on display screen and also it does a great task in terms of seeing exactly how usually you open your phone as well as exactly how much you use your phone so it’s great to just have a glance to see just how much you have actually utilized your phone on your always on display much like we saw from the blossom wallpaper and continuing with the brand-new personalized constantly on display we likewise have something new called homeland and it kind of shows there’s three different alternatives it shows what pets behavior is like and their living circumstances would certainly be like if there is heavy environment adjustment that being worldwide warming and also this takes place each day so you can see what’s happening with our planet earth on the everyday which is a quite amazing point to have i’m unsure exactly how typically i would certainly use it as my always on display screen but also for anybody available that is seriously worried with the environments it’s really like a cool little cherry ahead for color os 13. Obviously we still have omoji which we can make use of on the always on display screen yet this moment around we have tons and also i indicate tons a lot more modification alternatives as well as customizations that you could do to your personality it’s lastly starting to resemble me which is an advantage to state i assumption as well as there are tons and also tons of different points that you can do with your characters this time around around not to mention that you can actually utilize omoji take photos of your good friends develop emojis of them and set them as their account pictures within your phone which is incredible and also we can likewise use it as an always-on screen alternative though there are still just three alternatives for it in terms of expressions of your admit it still looks quite great and it provides me a smile every now and then when i glance down at my always on display and also now we have actually bitmoji integrated within the always-on display of shade os 13 and also it is doing a fantastic job in terms of partnering up with snapchat and it kind of picks up making use of ai how you are throughout the day so it functions based upon time as well as weather and also it likewise functions based upon the task that you have on your device so if you’re doing even more pc gaming your boot emoji is going to show that you’re playing games and also you’re constantly on screen if you’re checking out a publication extra on your phone it’s going to show that you’re checking out on your bitmoji constantly on display so it’s incredibly cool to see how they’ve incorporated it with the new shade os 13. Carrying on from the constantly on screen we currently have something called kidspace which enables parents to manage their kids as well as just how they engage with their smartphones that includes certain apps eye comfort sitting settings viewing far-off suggestions and also ambient light reminders so that your child is remaining healthy while they’re using your phone as well as simply like in calories 12 we do have a three finger down screenshot yet this time we have something called pixelate you can establish it to vehicle as well as it instantly pixelates the account pictures as well as names of somebody that you’re talking to if you wish to take a screenshot it doesn’t get it perfect yet it’s arriving and it’s still a new improve coloros13 it does a wonderful task too and you can conceal it in the personal cd which is amazing something in terms of personal privacy as well as protection and also if you enter into exclusive secure you’ll see all these stored private products that you have in there that being audio data video clip data pictures that you have actually taken so on as well as so forth which is truly cool to see coloros incorporate due to the fact that undoubtedly we’ve seen exclusive safes on other phones and you can utilize third-party applications for it however it’s actually trendy to see it integrated within the software application itself currently talking of privacy sometimes you desire some personal privacy within your conferences that being within google satisfies microsoft teams or zoom it permits for streamlined alerts so color os knows when you remain in a conference on said apps and it will know to only show very marginal alerts on top of your screen just so that you can keep focused on the meeting and also that you can now multitask within the meeting as well as you can even take out your notes and also doodle a little on your notepad while you’re in that meeting and talking multitasking we can now share our screen or mirror display to any kind of home windows pc in addition to have two various other applications along with your display mirroring open on your phone opened on your computer which is actually incredible to see and also we can now drag.

and also go down documents from our windows maker straight onto our oppo tool and if you do occur to possess an oppo pad air it will certainly likewise obtain updated to color os 13 for incorporated multitasking which is great as well as you can also share your screen from your phone onto your oppo pad air utilizing screen matching as well as you can likewise reveal applications on it you can open apps within it and also you can share things within your clipboard along with share the exact same wi-fi network to make sure that pretty much completes all the attributes of the new color os 13 and also i should claim they have actually maintained points fairly similar to in 2014 yet i’m honestly okay keeping that because shade os 13 is one of my favorite android software skins ever before specifically given that shade s11 brought out all those huge modifications changed up a little bit with color s12 colorways 13 didn’t transform excessive in terms of the total structure but it added in some much required functions includes that we have all really felt have actually been missing out on from color os as well as they finally below currently i truly like how you can pixelize points within screenshots exactly how all the constantly on screen options have actually really come to life as well as that constantly on displays can now i assume i forgot to state it sit at one hertz on ltpo 2.0 oppo gadgets which is fantastic for battery life as well so they’ve really assumed of whatever specifically with the big folders as well as the brand-new control center in addition to the new shelf option there is so much to like regarding shade os 13 and it’s much required upgrade over shade os 12. i hope that you guys taken pleasure in enjoying this video clip as long as i did honestly testing out all the features of the new coloros 13. this is technology neck as well as i’ll catch you in the next one you.

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