Initial Review Lenovo Z6 Pro Unboxing – Xiaomi Mi 9 Killer?

yo what’s up individuals are back with your man Technique your best guy for video clips on the newest technology now today it has to do with the most current tech once more below on my channel today we have the lenovo z6 Pro which is Lenovo’s newest flagship phone rockin all the top specifications out there the phone just launched yesterday and also I procured my hands on one as quickly as I potentially could cooperate China yet this phone is a monster guys and prior to we obtain going with the unboxing let me simply inform you why we have a snapdragon 855 chip sitted we have eight gigs of ram 128 jobs of storage space which goes all the method up to 512 jobs of storage space and also 12 jobs of ram by the method we have a sensational black and red shade which is like a red stripe on which I have more than right here included in my 88 128 gig versions and after that we have this like blueish one too so with this phone we also have 27 what faust why are charging and reverse why billing I’ll have to test that up yet it needs to be a whole lot quicker than the present cordless power share that Huawei and Samsung

Eternity doing yet you’ll need to maintain a cable on you however that ought to be quicker and paying with a 4000 milliampere battery it is lenovo’s largest today on their front runner series phone people this phone looks definitely amazing with five electronic cameras on the back we’ll get to that in the unboxing if and without further ado men allow’s go yet this product packaging is actually neat and also it’s truly cool guys so we’re gon na proceed and open right here well so there is the phone we’re gon na stand out that right up and simply put it to the side in the meantime and we’ll get to that in a little bit do we have this little silicon jelly situation which is truly great to see that they have actually consisted of a situation since they never included an instance with the z5 pro they have actually also consisted of a display protector which they did certainly including the z5 professional product packaging that the z6 pro has actually gone an action even more and also included a silicon instance too I do choose hard cases yet this is actually awesome and it behaves as well as safety for the first day usage of your phone so we’ll pop that on the phone a little bit later on to make sure that you men can see what that instance is all about the USB type-c cord now this USB type-c cable bear in mind that the phone ernie sustains USB 2.0 rate so when you’re doing documents moving it’s not mosting likely to be the fastest but nevertheless this will without a doubt be coupled with a great wired charging block yet we have the large billing block itself now lanova is previous one was only 18 watts but this ought to have enhanced a bit so we must indeed have 27 watts of cable billing here and we do have 15 watts and also we have 27 watts as well to make sure that is a first full Innova also that is really great to see and also the block behaves and small and also it looks respectable also if you ask me so going on to the next little bit over below to make sure that there’s something else right here and it resembles it’s simply a little o TG port over right here yet what is intriguing here is it actually goes from type C into USB as well as that implies that over right here we have a kind C or let me go on and open this all cuz now I’m actually thrilled we have type C to

kind C for reverse while charging that is truly actually remarkable perhaps I’ll consider that a go on this video clip also simply to see how it works individuals so here is the little dongle in instance you want to use routine wire billing when linking it to the wall surface adapter that is really epic people as well as there is the phone itself take a look at that back people so this is known simply as the black variation but it has this red pinstripe over right here and it in fact appears like there’s a great deal of red accents in the black dock surface itself which is truly great any representations you see there is in fact coming off my PC that is not the phone people and there it is people that is a sensational looking phone much better-looking than their precursor so putting the cover on it hugs it really nice it behaves and also slim and also I imply it’s a cover individuals yet it looks respectable and it shows the phone off quite well as well include the cover sideways as well as allow’s see what this phone is in fact everything about alright so allow’s proceed and boot it on and also while it start up I’m going to show you people around the phone genuine quick so at the back below there are indeed 5 video cameras so we have a 16 megapixel ultra broad video camera which in fact has 125 level shooting angle which is actually five even more than the p30 pro and 2 degrees greater than the STM plus which is really graces that’s the 16 megapixel ultra wide lens then we have a 48 megapixel primary sensing unit individuals now with this 48 megapixel major sensor it is not the IMX 586 sensing unit from Sony that you have actually seen so several

phones incorporate such as the me 9 yet it really has a Samsung gm1 sensing unit now what that Saints that actually is is it virtually shoots a 12 megapixel photo and afterwards it uses interpolation to upscale that photo to 48 megapixels permitting you to fire 48 megapixels shots so what you’re in fact seeing right here gets on the spec sheet it claims 48 megapixels however hardware wise this is 12 megapixels however it can shoot 48 megapixels so you will obtain those 48 megapixels shots with the wonderful detail but your normal shots are all mosting likely to be 12 megapixels anyhow and also if you consider the previous 48 megapixel snappers such as on the Xiaomi me 9 which in fact has a fully fledged 48 megapixel sensing unit that phone in fact binds every one of the 48 megapixels right into a higher 12 megapixels fired so we should see a beautiful average looking 12 megapixel shot but I will make sure to taste this out with the IMX 586 ants have a good time on the xiaomi due to the fact that it’ll be actually fascinating just how these two beasts 248 megapixels actually create the pictures and also at the bottom of you here we have a 8 megapixel telephoto lens for the zoomed in shots so we have a broad shot and a zoomed in fired to make sure that’s.

rather trendy as one at the bottom we in fact have a dedicated kind of video clip lens over here and this is virtually just made use of for video clip it is just made use of to boost video clip as well as make video look far better which is truly awesome and also I’ll have to get to that in the full review and test out if that really does much of a difference over here we have the double LED flash and also you can not truly see it but tuck beside the LED flash is a 3d Toph lens which essentially offers you better picture mapping given that it takes the top lens shoots it to the subject shoots back and afterwards shoots it back to see just how far the distance is between the subject as well as the history providing you the finest feasible portrait shot that there is available having a look around the side over below men we have a good little red looking power button we have the volume rocker keys which are not divided at the top we have an earphone jack which is truly awesome to see that the Nova actually maintained there appears like we really have an IR blaster over below I’ll have to reach that in the complete review though at the bottom of the left over below we actually have a SIM tray as well as there in fact is indeed area for an SD card so over there you can see that you can pay two SIM cards or you can place an SD card which occupies some slot also which is really amazing to see considering that this was not on their previous tool.

that Innova brought us there near the bottom we have the USB type-c ports naturally and afterwards we have this fantastic audio speaker which in fact has a little bit of a different looking style it has the middle opening which is really a little bit stretch so I’m kind of digging that I assume it looks rather great and afterwards on top right here we have the dewdrop notch over there and afterwards above that we in fact have a second audio speaker now this is the earpiece however this phone is paid with Dolby Atmos appears so it must basically offer stereo noise coming from the earpiece and also the bottom shooting audio speaker which is wonderful so carrying on to the phone itself we are coupled with zui 11 so showing up from zui 10 seen in the lenovo z5 pro this is in fact skinned in addition to android 9pi where the previous one was simply Android 8.1 so we’re gon na go on and also include our fingerprint oviya guys now this is an optical reader it is lenovo’s second version of the scanner yet it is said to be able to use with water so after we in the phone I’m in fact gon na get a glass of water and test that out right here on my video for you individuals yet right currently allow’s go on and place our finger on the scanner as well as get it ready up settings finished allow’s go straight right into the phone as well as there it is people so this is undoubtedly a 6 point.

3 9 inch AMOLED panel which is indeed from Samsung themselves so this is a truly actually good looking panel individuals I must claim it definitely looks a lot brighter than their predecessor and it actually is looking fantastic right here men so let’s proceed and check out this fingerprint sensor genuine quick and we remain in let’s try once more oh as well as once again it’s in fact really precise men so it is actually terrific however we’re gon na go in advance as well as check it with some water fine so I’ve got my little glass of water here people currently I’m gon na go in advance as well as dip my thumb in it and also see if the scanner still functions good and also damp let’s go in advance no way no way nope okay people so they fidget cases that this will function when your finger is damp is incorrect individuals so if you wished to take a swim as well as use your finger for the finger print scanner it’s not gon na work so much like all other phones this does not work when your finger is damp yet what they do certainly have this time around considering that they do not have that huge pulldown mechanism for the front selfie webcam because it is installed on top day which is 32 megapixels we can undoubtedly proceed and establish up the face recognition system okay so I’m gon na proceed and examination on my face allow’s go enlist full men let’s see how fast it goes 3c a glass of wine as well as we remain in factor a glass of wine and we remain in so it has like a little lock animation over there but it’s still rather snappy it’s most definitely not the fastest available however if you have.

point is you now know you can not utilize the fingerprint sensor so a minimum of we have facial acknowledgment which is a significant plus for me men as well as prior to we wrap this video clip up I wish to go and also check out this reverse Y charging men I believe it’s mosting likely to be truly actually interesting to see just how it works out fine so I have obtained my P 30 Pro below on the right hand side as well as the Lenovo z6 Pro on my left let’s go in advance and jump the P 30 Pro right right into the lenovo as well as see if it works off the get-go let’s see if anything happens all right the qua means is now powering up that’s actually trendy to see you men okay there we go people it is without a doubt billing so simply like that you don’t need to hit anything in order to establish it up you simply require to plug one more phone right into it lug a little cord around and also you’ll certainly get faster billing rates contrasted to the present reverse cordless charging with this opposite while charging it does suck you need to lug about a cord with you yet the great aspect of it is that you as well as your pal can both utilize your phones while you improve his battery so there you individuals have it vielen/ z6 pro now men I know that in my testimonial of the afresh z5 Pro I stated that they have some major concerns currently I will absolutely check out them to see if they have actually been solved if you guys.

have yet to see that complete testimonial make sure to strike that card above right currently following this video but as for the z6 pro as I see it as of right currently Lenovo are moving on in the right direction guys these shades look amazing with 5 video cameras at the back as well as the ability to be able to charge your friends phone making use of wired applauding as opposed to though actually existing wireless power share seen on huawei and also reverse wireless billing seen on the Samsung phones we have a really stylish finger print sensor right here guys I’m truly enjoying it and the facial recognition is likewise really excellent we have a huge 4000 milliampere battery and if it passes anything which is the previous 3 thousand three hundred as well as fifty milliampere battery that was located in the z5 pro performed in my examination with it all the 10 nanometer chipsets which lost it the exact same amount of time as the huawei mate 20x with a 5000 mini ampere battery I can’t wait to see exactly how long this thing loss paid with a seven nanometer Snapdragon 8:55 chipset in an 4000 milliampere battery this point need to last at the very least two days of basic use guys I’m actually delighted to do a complete battery drain test on this and also the other phones that have actually lately gotten on my channel so make sure you stick about for those guys and also this phone is simply I do not know it has a little kick regarding it and the finest aspect of this phone is it’s 4 hundred as well as thirty dollars beginning on six.

sticks of RAM 128 jobs of storage and you can broaden that storage space using a mini SD card which is truly legendary as well as with all that storage space you can toss what do music and also all your videos on because you can after that rest there as well as be submersed utilizing wide earphones with a headphone jack which is a no-vote have kept around reason there’s no cordless billing there’s no IP certification as well so I can not claim that this is the very best food around duration but this is absolutely one of the very best front runner phones available and also I most definitely think that Xiaomi needs to be a little scared because the Nova is coming right up there and also banging heads with SHINee’s me9 because this basically packs everything the me9 has in it as well as it’s more affordable as well as it tosses an SD card in there’s no large camera bump individuals there’s no wider charging yet that has to do with it and it’s an additional cam I’m truly delighted to see what this phone is everything about in my complete testimonial guys to stick about for that I’ll most definitely be sure such on every element of this phone and till after that I’ll be doing cost tests drain pipes tests video camera tests so on and so forth I’m actually delighted to give this phone a run for its cash men I wish that you people have actually enjoyed enjoying this video as long as I have actually done unboxing this phone till next time individuals this is technic.

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