Review Lenovo Z6 Pro Camera – Quantity or Quality?

I recently did an unboxing for the Lenovo z6 pro as well as the majority of you individuals commented querying the cam I need to claim I’m actually impressed with the camera top quality that I have seen thus far as well as currently I have actually experimented with the phone I haven’t actually had the ability to do excessive with it yet I had the ability to go around Beijing yesterday and also do some severe tests when it come to the cam I even handled to run around to test out that hyper video clip which I’m really excited to share with you people people this is the Lenovo z6 professional camera review and also I’m actually amped to get this going I’m tecnique and without more trouble let’s go we start I simply wish to speak about the various sensors that we have indeed so the main position is the 48 megapixels Samsung gm1 sensor with an aperture of f-18 this is the primary sense it is not the sony i mix 586 cents to ensure that the xiaomi me9 has which is a terrific sensor but it need to still do the method after that we have a 16 megapixel ultra vast or macro sensing unit with an aperture of f to point to this can take those seriously wide shots as well as likewise those extremely close-up shots then finally we have an 8 megapixel telephoto or deepness sensing unit lens with an aperture of if 2.4 for those zoomed in shots which is 2 times optical zoom and also the deepness sensor which help in portrait impacts after that last but not least we have a 2 megapixel committed camera this is hyper video as lenovo call it and also it is additionally paid as a 3d Toph lens for even much better portrait settings this has an aperture of f-18 in the front we have a 32 megapixels selfie webcam with an aperture of f28 which has a few little restrictions in the video clip Department but take some really high quality photos prior to we start yep I simply desire to reveal you individuals a little of the video camera UI so we do have expectations a full-screen 16 by 9 and 4 by 3 as well in the setups food selection we have place

cameras and also watermark reference 48 megapixel very setting and also extremely sharp setting which I have made it possible for as default here for every one of the breaks we clearly have timers flash HDR various filters and so forth and so forth as well as you strike this little box at the bottom you get Pro Mode you have mic setting which doesn’t actually require time to take ya picture mode you also have panoramic view you have ultra vast sight which is really trendy of course and after that you have super macro mode which obtain lit allows you to obtain super near to your subject also undoubtedly when we pertain to zooming in below we have optical zoom of two times and a maximum of 8 times on electronic zoom turning over to the front we have a 32 megapixel selfie webcam and also there aren’t a lot of choices that you can take those wonderful picture modes also in the back video quality that we have over below is restricted to 4k video as well as 1080p video both at 30 structures per secondly we do not have hyper video which is truly cool as well as we likewise have this wonderful point called ultra wide recording which can be videotaped at 4k the active video can regrettably only be taped at 720p though it is ridiculously steady I’m truly thrilled to show you guys that a person or else we have macro video

setting I’m unsure why you would want to use that but it exists if you wish to use it as well as you can do it at 4k and afterwards we likewise have light mode which you can also videotape in 4k which is terrific also after that we additionally have slow-motion mode however however you can not take it at 4k though you can do time-lapse at 4k which is pretty great when you flick over to 1080p that you then have the options for slo-mo but the max that you get is 120 fps and also also when you go down to the 720p it’s still limited to 120 fps as well when you leave over to the front cam you’re restricted to 1080p and 720p recording at 30fps but as this video camera UI is actually cool and lanova have come an away from their precursors and I’m really excited to show you men the outcomes so right here is just a couple of the main pictures making use of the primary gm1 because over below as well as they appear truly great in color in really good lights conditions sometimes they can’t really handle light also well but it does do rather an excellent job particularly with scenery I see that occasionally when utilizing the ultra broad sensor because it knocks to that 16 megapixel setting it sort of sheds quite a bit of information and it loses a great deal of shade however it still does a respectable job when you don’t have the Sun straight hitting you such as when I took a photo below at the bell tower in

Beijing taking an image of a temple over right here you can see just how well the ultra broad scenes that in fact takes an image as well as also at these flowers over here does an amazing work when zooming up though you can see the color loss over there then with the main sensor when you do super macro setting when you obtain as well close you do not get it but look how amazing that flower looks with the incredibly macro setting enabled with ultra large stance that you can see there then one-time zoom over here guys and afterwards entering into telephoto lens with that 8 megapixel optical zoom that’s a fantastic job but as soon as we hit it over to five times as well as 8 times digital zoom you can see that high quality just gets thrown straight out the back door and also when in extreme lights problems such as this the 2 times optical zoom doesn’t truly do a great job since of the sunlight rays and also but the electronic zoom does do a rather decent job as quickly as you strike that 8 times digital zoom the max is not the farthest as well as is absolutely not the best however that 2 times optical zoom really does keep points looking fresh currently when it pertains to portrait modes it does flick over to make use of that depth sensor which belongs to the telephoto lens and also it does an outstanding work of utilizing the top senses along with obscuring the history and truly maintaining the subject there well as you can see over right here with my better half at the sphere tower it does an actually wonderful task at maintaining her existing but it does still maintain some other things in the background

highlighted you can see some outdoor scenery too below and I got some truly outstanding shots with this remarkable dip sensor that this cam has visiting indoor taking some images of food nothing is focused right here simply the primary stance as well as you can really see the detail currently the other point that I wish to speak to you men around is interior mic setting works remarkably with indoor scenarios people you can see over below that not just does it lighten up shots up a whole lot it records a lot of information though often it comes out a little sloppy it virtually attempts to get a bit way too much information but in circumstances similar to this in this dining establishments it truly balances the light out actually well as well as you can see so a lot a lot more in the shots and also you can really appreciate what you’re in fact welcoming in those 3 key shots that you get in this array dining establishments that we do get over right here in Beijing so conforming to like a shot similar to this we’re beginning to get a little bit darker you can see just how much more information and just how much extra light that you actually enter this image currently this is inside a little store and you can see a little Chinese

guard over right here and using that ultra broad feeling inside your home likewise does a quite excellent task as quickly as you obtain truly reduced lights inside your home with that ultra wide sensing unit it still seems to stand up well getting also near to the topic can be a little bit of a problem for the primary lanes however using that macro sensor does a terrific task and as quickly as you go address the depth sensing unit you can see that it does a fantastic job also but check out here with these glasses you can see that the tops have been taken away and also you’ll also see with this bear over here that the shades simply obtain rinsed when there is Sunlight coming with a window with this more than below the shot looks excellent in picture mode as well as also over below it’s simply that lights behind-the-scenes has a tendency to hit it a little bit if you take a look at the slowboat beer mug over below you can see that the top of the glass gets rubbed right into the background but however it takes a pretty excellent portrait shot going over to night mode I type of got prior to dark over here as well as was truly awesome we walked around on the mobility scooter and also whatever looked rather great you can see that with night setting it catches so much a lot more detail occasionally it doesn’t even just brighten up the shots yet it really records details and maintains the shot the same brightness I would rather have the detail over the full illumination yet sometimes you

can’t truly regulate it as you can see with this building over below there’s a lot light that you obtain additional from that night setting being switched on yet night setting unfortunately does not kill the light sound that you do see in these pictures I was truly hoping because numerous phones do kill that light sound but with the Lenovo z6 pro it just seems to proceed to stay there though if you check out the blocks such as this image you’ll see a lot a lot more detail in the bricks with night mode on though there’s still quite a little bit of light noise when you’re checking out an actually dark scene like these fallen leaves over below it catches so a lot a lot more light however after that it just washes out all the shades but it’s still a lot brighter individuals entering into ultra white at evening does not do an awful work either it in fact keeps a great deal of the lights but often it impacts the shot up terribly practically as if I was taking a picture shots so it didn’t actually thrill me excessive I wouldn’t risk you to take ultra broad delicate shots outside in the evening maybe it’s a bit much better inside I really did not have the luck of doing that carrying on to the video recording over below this is a 1080p at 30fps we’re restricted to 30 fps across the board right here guys this is high end to 4k it is a little bit edgy but most phones are it doesn’t look the bass but it is kind of smooth it’s not also sharp and also I in fact think it does a pretty good task with 4k at 30fps this is certainly made so given that this is a 4k video clip

and it looks respectable but the jitteriness is a lot more there you can see with 4k ultra large it actually often tends to maintain the video clip extra currently there is no optical or electronic image stabilization within these videos yet when it pertains to 720p there is yet just with the kind of you pack the active video clip with 720p this is a regular one and also you’ll see the jitteriness will certainly be totally gone off that I’ll show you this is me running right now 720p 30fps you can see the jitteriness now we’re going to go over to that hyper video clip setting I’m actually running the exact very same method below individuals I can not inform you exactly how wonderful I was when I saw this currently I’m proceeding to my mobility scooter right over here heading to where we were going tape-recording a 1080p at 30fps high end to 4k once more you can see the jitteriness exists but I mean there’s a lot of wind and also at 4k you can see it too yet it seems to be a bit more maintained once more my wife is tape-recording at the behind err and really have way too much control in this this in fact reveals you a proper viewpoint of what it actually is now making use of active video I know it’s 720p individuals I really wish the quality was better yet take a look at just how stable this is you would certainly never state that we’re on the back of a mobility scooter with that said video footage that you simply saw relocating on to the streets over right here we took care of to find a truly jampacked street where we find that dining establishment earlier and it type of

tells a story of this guys I’m actually appreciating this footage that we took here and also though you can plainly see that 4k is a lot more skittish the quality is still out there and it’s truly satisfying to re-watch this back here but you can see that often it gets dark in lights and dark and also lights as well as proceeding to slow-mo regrettably we are limited to 120 FPS at 1080p any 1080p or 720p restrictions at 120 fps so it’s not also slow yet the quality is respectable since it is full HD you people as well as most phones have 120 or 240 so it’s excusable for a phone at this cost array having a look at these fish over here they’re truly cute that’s actually amazing as well as 4k time gap is a truly awesome function to contend 16 times fast ahead we’re striking in around 480 fps vice versa as well as it did a superb job then tape-recording with night mode inside you can see that as quickly as we switch it over right here to evening setting on you can really see a lot more detail on the red bars on the left over there in addition to the lighting on the wall surface it seems to be a little bit focused which is really fantastic when it involves night tape-recording it does an alright work men with there is an evening mode for recording which most funds don’t have and also with mac mode off it is very rough it often tends to take a.

bit of those granules away when you put an evening mode on such as this 1080p 30fps with evening mode on over here yet it does it does relax those lights a little bit as you can see you with 4k 30fps with night setting or if you can just see the lights are just bleeding out everywhere you see men as well as it’s not too poor it is rather dark right here it is like 8:30 at night when I took this recording so it does a respectable work however as you can see with evening setting on in 4k just completely strikes the shot away as well as it does not necessarily know what it’s doing but entering into hyper video it gets a little fascinating though it’s grainy it’s still does such an excellent job of maintaining this video clip stable however take a look at that light sound it is ridiculous this is a really stunning dome that we captured over below with that said government building in the background now videotaping incredibly dark with evening setting off at 4k 30fps you can see with evening setting on it makes the world of distinction you can actually see the environment-friendly leaves instead of just black blur they’re now relocating on to the selfie cam individuals we have a thirty two megapixel selfie web cam and also portrait mode functions equally as well as it makes with the back webcam although it doesn’t have a 2nd cam to couple with it you can see that the topic is properly before you and the back is blurred now these are some selfie photos taken during the night without any black background blur just to provide you men an idea of what the correct top quality resembles taking photos during the night and afterwards we have picture mode on over here to provide you men a suggestion of what it is like taking portrait settings during the night there you can see it obscured behind-the-scenes this will be one more conventional shot as well as right hereafter you will certainly see it will blur in the history once again as well as it does not do a negative.

job however it seems to try as well as obscure the history without you even having portrait mode on now in 32 megapixel selfie web cam setting we’re limited to 1080p at 30fps and it’s excusable when you’re videotaping in the evening I should claim it’s really a whole lot better than several of the leading phones that I see out you guys so this is a front-facing webcam and also mic examination for the Lenovo z6 pro I’m presently at the Drummond bowell towers in Beijing and I really hope that you people are delighting in the noise of this mic the high quality looks pretty excellent just a little cherry ahead yeah I wished to compare this with the sony iron makes 586 that we have on the program me as was the ultra broad shot so you can see that the colors are a bit much better on the chamois but they really type of a little extra saturated actually looks a little more all-natural and also realistic on the Lenovo though it does seem to catch a little bit more information on the chamois I should say that the chamois doesn’t obtain rather as much detail when it comes to picture mode as you do obtain with the Lenovo men this has actually been an outstanding phone in our radio hope that you such as this full camera review and also linger for even more than videos simply like this it’s all next time people this is a technic.

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