Honor View 20 – Hole-Punching it’s way to Success

yo what’s up guys you’re back with your man technic you got you got four videos on the latest tic now today it is once again about the latest tic I have with me the qua way honor v20 war u-20 as it will be when it gets launched globally so stay tuned for the global launch but as right now it is just released in China a couple days back and this is the Chinese variants I have with me the version that’s black in color eight gigs of RAM 128 gigs of storage I lost you guys which punch hole designed not phone you prefer the most between the Huawei number for the samsung galaxy a8 s and the honor B 20 and all of you guys went for this one and I completely understand why Kiran 980 chips is in the equal way at number four you only have accur 970 and in the samsung galaxy a8 s you have a mid-ranged snapdragon 17 chip in it so there’s on a v20 with us guys without further ado let’s go y’all gonna start unboxing this guy and see what is included in the box I am extremely excited to see what is happening under the hood okay so let’s see what is in the box that aside we have a neat little thing

over here and we have a case yeah so yeah the case it is just a silicon case right over there I really hate these stupid cases I’m gonna have to get a new one but at least at least they include something the type-c charging port over there there we go now the signature on a move like they started with the magic 2 is the purple inside you can see over there again the point side the type A and the type C over there and then we have the 22.5 what Huawei supercharged now this is not the 40 watt supercharged fast-tracking you see in the mate 20 Pro or that you see in the automatic to that I recently did a review on this is exactly the same as the charger use for the huawei mate 20 not the pro just the mate 20 so slow fast charging and it will be fast charging a 4000 milliampere battery that is enormous so we’ve got all those goodies and Jazz’s aside let’s get to the phone itself guys let’s start with the back over here that color variant there’s also the blue color variant but I don’t like the blue versions of the otter phones because of blue wraps around the sides and you actually see them in the front it kind of takes away from the the bezel this design when you have a different color throwing into the front deck seamless in the phone this is a first for any smartphone that is true signature for the V designer they are allowed to call their phone at the 20 there’s the fingerprint cutout at the top so it’s not under the screen like the others but these are still the best performance at the moment then we have a flash over here and the world’s first 48

megapixel camera on a smartphone the bump of this one is a bit bigger to its friend over here you can see over there but this is a top 3d lens over here next to it this is supposed to take dip to fix to another level I’ll bring you guys that in the full review but 48 megapixels my goodness as AI vision as well so this is a 48 megapixel a our vision smart camera so that’s it for the backyard guys now I look at the side this is actually an iminium this is really solid so at the bottom here we have a single firing speaker and we have a USB type-c port then on the left side it’s clean we just have the sim crate over here and at the top over here we have a headphone jack it kept it in here and they have also brought in the IR blaster on the right hand side we then have the power button and we have the volume rockers and that’s about it this thing is a bit of a fingerprint magnet at the back yet so you guys have a but that me just makes up for it so that’s really sick at the top here I’m not sure if you guys can see that but there is a 25 megapixel selfie cam which is embedded in the screen there is no not there is no pop-up there is no slider this is an all display LCD display sorry guys it is all seedy but the only reason it is LCD is because they could not draw through an AMOLED panel so they could drill through that LCD on this 18 laser screen here so only the bottom two layers have been grilled here so this is amazing to say the least that they have actually pulled this off the galaxy a8 s and

the Koala number four have done it as well but this is the smallest four point five millimeters in diameter see there is the chin over there guys it’s pretty much the same as all the other Tunes that have briefs with the base of this phone does that seem odd to you there’ll be a nano SD card that you can throw in here from qua way but there is no micro SD so whether you get the 64 gig or 100 and 128 gig that is what your limits a – look at that screen no guys this is not an AMOLED panel but look at those colors this is incredible to say the least these colors are just crazy punchy I mean for an LCD screen I guess this IPS panel is just doing things that many of them don’t and it’s probably because of all the layers under the main display here for that little camera at the top in this thing is really starting to warm my heart up here guys I think that I’m gonna get used to this pretty quick this is running on magic 2.0 which is the same as emui 9.0 which is the same running on the qua way may 20 May 20 promo 20 X and the automatic two that I have reviewed recently for you guys I think that this is a bit implementation of an all screen design that little camera dot there doesn’t really bug me too much though I guess in the full review I’ll have to get on that win when it comes to entertainment watching movies and playing games if that actually bothers me or not so moving on from that let’s go to the settings and let’s quickly see how the facial recognition work all this sorted let’s test this out three two one oh my god straighten straighten guys I don’t know if this is

quicker than a one plus sixties special recognition but I mean I’ve got it right here for you guys let’s test it up one two three okay I actually don’t know I think that I think that the honors foster guys the honor is Foster than the one plus and they are known for facial recognition speeds this is ridiculously fast here’s note in displacing a prince insecure to keep the costs down there is one at the back of their so let’s quickly test out the speed of that so damn fast you know what sometimes I honestly miss a back fingerprint reader and I’m currently still using the Galaxy Note nine and I have been using the other phones within display fingerprint readers but I still think that this is the fastest most efficient and based way of unlocking your phone take a moment forty eight megapixels forty-eight yeah not here what was that so another thing that this phone has is a i-40 predictive focus show the points of focus on moving objects in real time this is similar to laser autofocus technology did a couple years ago it even kind of looks like the laser autofocus from algae so if I go ahead and hit Lily take a snap she was moving let’s see how the focus works this is just AI focus guys it’s

actually doing a really good job and the brightness is not even up here but there we go I think that that looks pretty epic they have some AI effects it’s raining now you can see how sad my dog is so there you guys have it the on a V 20 or the honor view 20 as it will be globally announced next month this is one of Honor’s top dogs every year they have you series of phones and there is no exception this year with a four thousand milliampere battery the world’s first 48 megapixel camera over here with a 3d top depth sensing lens a punch hole display design over here with a twenty five megapixel selfie cam fast charging with 22.5 charging block and there is still a damn Hitler Jack over there it is seriously catching my eye and I’m sure it’s catching your eyes well oneplus has a serious rival here this phone is jam-packed with speaks little oh the damn hero 980 chirping yet this is one of the best IPS this place I have ever seen on a smartphone before this is four hundred and thirty dollars for the 60 gram 64 gig and $500 for the eight gig of ram 128 gig periods I’m gonna put this in my pocket and give this a proper run for his money specially with this camera I want to see what this camera can do smash that subscribe button down below if you have yet to do so give me a thumbs up and it’s all next time guys this is technic

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