Lenovo Z5 Pro Impressions – Your Questions Answered!

hey what’s up guys you’re back with your man technique your go-to guy for videos on the latest take now today it is all about the latest take from my channel recently and that is the Lenovo z5 pro I have got my first hundred thousand views on my youtube channel on this video for the first time so first of all I want to say thank you to all of you guys so many people have been asking tons of questions on the thread with comments and replies and what have you so I’ve decided to make this video just to give you guys some answers before my final review comes out next week so without further ado let’s go it comes from camel didn’t he said waiting for the floor review Nick don’t forget about the audio quality so I already mentioned the review here guys it will be out within the next week or so I have so much tick with me right now that I’m busy doing and I have a lot of you 20 coming in soon in the next couple days so I’ll be doing an unboxing of that before the review of this but I will try to push this review out as soon as possible I know that you guys are really excited for this phone but going back to what you asked about the audio quality and the audio quality is actually quite fantastic now Lenovo is paired with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Atmos is included in this phone although there is no option to turn it on at World War I have done plenty of research and yes there is the Dolby Atmos feature inside here due to its dual speaker system now it has one single fire speaker at the bottom yet and another one hidden under the screen at the top yet

however I find that if you want the base from Dolby Atmos you actually do have to have the screen down it is a bit muffled when you do have it closed up like that it’s not the end of the world and it still sounds great when it is closed up but for the best experience that does need to be slipped down I can certainly hear that second stereo speaker coming through when I do block the bottom one so there is an answer for you now moving on from that comment I got from basil Isle Korea who I’m pronouncing that right love your videos don’t forget camera comparisons and what are your quality once again what are your quality right back to that one but camera comparisons I’m actually pretty impressed with this camera on here I think that it does do slightly better than the poke phone f1 it has very good senses especially with the telephoto sensor that you don’t see on MiniMed range phones or bottom of the range phones such as this for this price it can do two times optical zoom which is great in my opinion and does some pretty great things in low-light conditions as well so I’ll bring you guys a camera comparison with this than any other new phones that I get soon such as the honor u-20 so I’m moving on from that the next comment that I have here where can i buy it though you can actually buy it from Aliexpress if you are in America now for the 64 gig variants you’re looking at around

three hundred and thirty three hundred and forty dollars and you’re looking at three hundred and eighty-five dollars for the hundred between antique period now that is more expensive than I mentioned in my unboxing or three hundred dollars the formula itself from China is going to cost you around three hundred dollars so that’s about that so if you do want to buy it you can get in any of spirits and it does work on some LTE bands found in the states we’ll get to that later so next comic chair how about Google Play services such as the Play Store as I know there is no global version available right now this is from in our natural ball but yeah there is no global version out at the moment and there is no global version coming up unfortunately maybe with the Lenovo z5 pro GT we will see that get a global launch but we’ll get some later for now people services there is no Google services on here it is a Chinese phone most of them are blocked without a VPN in China but if you are around the world and you want to get Google services on here you don’t need a VPN just go on to Google and all the inbuilt browser and download the apk file for the Play Store just make sure you update it regularly and you will be enjoying all the latest Google services which is great if you ask me that runs perfectly fine I have for my Google Apps on here and none of them work clearly at all so we’re moving on to our next

comment over here Imran amid said gave me two comments here heard the nighttime camera performance is poor can you test that also is there a manual mode on the camera so nighttime performance I was actually pretty impressed with it does similar things to the automatic which I reviewed recently for you guys and there is indeed a manual mode it is known as pro mode you can see over there so that’s great but yes there is a Maitai mode so if you have a look at the camera over here if I just got a photo and there it is there is a little nighttime mode icon at the top there it goes into super night mode which is what they call it but it works surprisingly well maybe not the best of the best but for this price definitely does the job pretty well so you asked that comment the next he also said also does the sharmee USB C to headphone jack adapter work with the lenovo in case you lose the lenovo one i have the show me one here I have a koala one I have a couple of these lying around the house I have tested all of them and I can safely say that if you do let me lose the Lenovo one you can easily go to the store pick up any knockoff version and it should work on your Lenovo z5 products / 55 and the sound quality is just as great as it would have been with the original adapter so the next comment we have here from Vincent duh okay that’s the names of the tricky so Vincent you said I will wait a generation until the chin is gone now if you look here guys take a look at the chin it is really not that big and I don’t think companies such as Lenovo gonna be bringing out a smartphone with no chin at all and the reason behind it is that in order to do this you actually have to bend the AMOLED screen back

that is why Apple are currently the only ones that have done this since their phones pricing so damn high that literally adds $300 to the mix being able to bend the screen back into the phone to make use of no chin over there so for me I would rather pay less money and get a tiny bit of a chin here remember this is the high screen to body ratio in a phone at the moment in the world and it is a budget phone so I’m impressed with that guys I’m happy with that little chin at the bottom there I don’t so much look at the bottom of my screen anyway so that’s good for me so there we go a Vincent and the next one we have here okay so you seem to comment on almost all my videos and I’m really appreciative of that I really like the support but the love of god I cannot pronounce her name each do hasser Wesa you asked me what are you can you taste that audio and speakers so that what do you answer because I spoke about dual channel them here which is serious because with all be deafness that is great whole quality is great as well I’ll get to that in a second since you display quality compared to the mix 3 a magic too now if I speak about display quality here there are very few phones that get my thumbs up when it comes to display and I am a sucker for Samsung LED panels and this is not shy of display brightness and quality at all this thing gives seriously rich vivid accurate colors and I can see it perfectly well in the daylight but gaming everything the screen quality is

insane you would never tell the support from a Samsung screen and that is because it is using a Samsung screen so moving on from there the build quality now I got a lot of comments about the ceramic back but I did do some research and I did compared to the Xiaomi and this is indeed ceramic so this is not plastic this has not made all this not gloss at the back yet it is ceramic and the front is glass so a battery life this thing gets me while over there use only when I’m getting ready for bed it is still run about 20 to 34 cents so with that 3350 milliampere battery I’m pretty impressed with it and the charging speed of 1 hour 48 minutes which is the same as the galaxy note 9 even though that has a 650 when you have care battery bigger than this it is not the best but it is still fast charging guys you’re not going to notice much of a difference if you just pop it on charge to 10 minutes it’ll get you easily a couple extra hours of use so a core quality poor quality is great sounds perfectly fine vibration limiter the same guys ok placed all Google services I got to that already HD already yes it is HD are ready it is HD are 10 compliant on this phone that is great they’re announced that as soon as the phone got launched it is HD are really what’s her brightness function where is the sensor so I was wondering the same thing because it was dimming when I did have water brightness and you don’t have to have the screen down to use it the same set is actually found at the bottom of a

here next to the type C port over there I’m not sure if you guys can see that but it is there get to that in the review the same city is down there so if you block that you can see that this the screen does actually done okay so on to the next comment over here sure kay ah does it get a PI update now then another z5 pro GT which is coming out in January next year it’s also shipping with Android 8.1 warrior same as this now we should get an Android PI update but my guess is it will be after Android thing so if you’re looking at burn for headphones for like the best Android experience this is not the one to go for actually through a launch on here’s what I want to get to in a minute you can actually put a third-party launch on yet unlike other cell phone companies from China I’m busy running a launcher here third-party launcher nova launcher and it is doing brilliantly well I haven’t noticed any issues with it at all it looks so much better than the software so moving on from that there is no PI update at the moment no announcement to that either Vaughn Lawrence does this have always-on display it is an AMOLED you say yes this is an AMOLED display panel thank God for that since I am a sucker laughs oh good I’m gonna panel and also thank goodness it is this Samsung as well but unfortunately there is no always-on display some of you have also asked in my charging speed test of this phone when you

leave the phone there is no noise on display there’s also no always on a fingerprint sensor display there but as soon as you lift up the phone from a table it brightens up and you can place your finger for the fingerprint since then it works great but if you do once and always on display I mean I love always on display when they’re there but I don’t rush out to get one I did try one on here but the third a third party always-on display you can get but you might have to pay for a premium one since the free ones give it a little bit of issues with this due to the in display fingerprint see it’s over there so other than that let’s move on to the next comment we have here NYC vape I see them on Aliexpress as we speak everyone is everyone is for sale but there are no global or international versions will this phone work in the US on t-mobile network bands yes it will but only on band 4 & 5 then 4 is a great band it runs 1900 and 2100 MHz and it works fine in the US from just row specs I haven’t actually tested out myself and I don’t know anyone that has but if any of you are out there using this phone in the States please let us know in the comments down below what you think what’s happening is it working is LTE working is it good is it boss let us know in the comments down below please so moving on from net 90 niranjan support wireless charging no there is no wireless charging here I have tested it on my xiaomi wireless charger and my ZTE wireless charger and there is no wireless charging on here though in the settings it says wireless charging sound

enable/disable why is that days that’s just bad Chinese translation I don’t know if maybe there’s wireless charging but it has to come without pips I don’t know but while charging would be epic but no unfortunately there is not X comma tear this is great but hooker phone is still out shining this this is from JJ all day okay JJ all day so the poker phone f1 when you look at specs yes it has the snapdragon 845 chipset yes this one has a snapdragon 17 chip in it but better cameras beautiful ceramic body not plastic faster charging smaller battery unfortunately my biggest thing AMOLED display the pocket phone f1 has an LCD IPS display and though it looks great it is just not AMOLED and once again put a floor and have that huge notch at the top here and this has no not channel well this is basalis and it is the same price so if you need the best of the best when it comes to performance here sure go for the poker phone if one if you have one already great good for you I’m glad you got one it is an incredible but this phone takes things to another level when it is everything regarding except for the processing chip okay so I hope that answers your question that wasn’t

much of a question Subaru care video quality is very good please fix it on your next videos I have heard this before guys and I am trying to improve it let me know what you think now I try to get a backdrop you have more backdrops coming along I did get a new mic and I do have a new camera I’m actually running this on DJI Osmo pocket let me know what you guys think of the quality of this video if there’s anything else I can do to improve this but for now I think this is good enough I’m running this at 4k 60 frames per second which is what I am posting it on now as well and all my videos will be the same as that moving on from that we have wit sabor Ahriman can face unlock work in complete darkness guess what I read your comment I went outside in a hallway of my complex and it is crazy dawg it is black black but I couldn’t even see my hand there I’ll open the phone it works perfectly fine obviously the screen turns on the infrared sensing works as well so it just works it works just as quick so there’s your answer so can you make calls without sliding it can you hear the speaker with no distortion clean clothes this is from vicko 207 unfortunately whenever you receive a call or whenever you want to make a call it gives you a nasty prompt like this slide so you have to slide it whenever you want to answer your phone or

whenever you want to make a call unfortunately that is how it is because there is no speaker girl at the top which in my opinion looks a lot neater though the xiaomi has one at the top the magic doesn’t but you can answer the magic without sliding it down the magic tube that is so they could have done that but obviously it would have just up the price more they wanted to try and keep it as low as possible so thank you for that because then we have AI Tzu on China prices calm it says it has a Snapdragon a 45 no it does not it has a Snapdragon 17 chip but the nervous answer to the poker phone 1 & 2 the 17 ship Anya and stay 45 is that they will launch the Snapdragon 855 the first one in the world in the Lenovo z5 pro GT which launches 22 January next year the first for Lenovo are trying to make a statement they’re trying to give themselves back into the game guys let me know what you think about that I’ll definitely be getting in that and comparing it to this on my channel I’ll make a floor of you on that but that one I’ll just make a full review on the performance of that could be my daily driver for sure when I get a Snapdragon 855 my goodness that thing is going to be a powerhouse I just want to see how it works the software in Lenovo let’s see what

happens but yes 855 is coming guys and $50 more than this wait wait don’t buy this here wait for that okay but everything I speak about on this phone is gonna be the same so still keep an eye out on my videos on this guy oh yeah since it will be the same phone just with an upgraded chip okay cash money saying how did you get a review unit you don’t have mini subs unfortunately I don’t have mini subs I’ve just hit the 3500 mark over here thanks to you guys thanks for all the support guys it really means a lot to me yes I bought all my phones cash in China that is what I do I go to the store or I go to the V malls in China order them online just like I did with the honor of u-20 which I’ve just placed an order for now hopefully it comes tomorrow the next day guys stay tuned for that but yes I bought all my phones off my teaching salary here in China guys so any support out there or any job opportunities please let me know I’m really into take and reviewing and from what I’ve heard you guys are enjoying my videos and I’m into it we really enjoyed in my community and the support so thanks for that guys okay is the review coming soon this is my last comment here guys yes the reviews coming soon like I said in the start of the video it should be out within the next week but I have the honor of you 20 coming in soon so I’ll doing an unboxing for that and then get cracking at the review for this

guy I have done some tasting footage outdoors indoors with this phone so I’ll bring that to you guys as soon as possible guys I hope you enjoyed this video it’s just one more thing that I want to speak about with the sliding mechanism it’s not quite as loud as the mix tree as the mix tree has those magnets in it but I don’t know if you guys can hear it out here I’ll hold it by the mic when I slide it open it sounds fine but if I do it slow there’s an initial click before the final click let me see if I can do you hear that that’s not the slider and it’s every time let me know what you guys think of that so that’s maybe one build floor it could just be my version that I have here let me know if anyone else has the z5 Pro I mean it shouldn’t bother me it doesn’t really bother me but I thought I’d just bring its you guys with the bolt both quality of this phone but so far so good I’ve actually dropped this twice no visible marks the ceramic does do well for that though but the screen can still showing through I can shatter as well so guys I’ll have to review for you out as soon as possible within the next week or so you have not subscribed yet please smash that subscribe button down below give me a thumbs up and until next time guys this is Technic

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