POCO X4 Pro 5G!

hey everyone tim scofield here and poco announced their new x4 pro today and they sent it over for us to check out it has the qualcomm snapdragon 695 processor a 120 hertz amoled display a megapixel camera and a lot more so we’re going to quickly take a look at what comes inside the box then of course get some hands on with this new device from poco let’s get started and here is the poco x4 pro 5g opening it up with that signature yellow color from poco let’s see what comes in this box we’ve got our sim ejection tool a group of standard booklets uh pretty normal overall and then an extra here comes with a more clear case for the phone nice to include to see an extra included and speaking of extras it actually looks like they include a screen protector in the box that you’re gonna have to apply yourself uh let’s we’ll have to take a look and see if there’s actually one pre-installed on the device but here is the device just real quick let you know 120 hertz full hd plus amoled display 108 megapixel camera that snapdragon processor and 67 watts of charging for a 5 000 milliamp hour battery we’re gonna set the phone to the side for just a second and see what else comes in the box and last thing in the box is our charging cable usb type a to usb type c and they include that 67 watt charging brick always great to see that charging bricks included since not a lot of companies are including them anymore and i know what you came to see

the poco x4 pro let’s peel off this plastic revealing a very flat device actually i can tell the the back is flat and the sides while holding it are also very flat so a lot of surface area to actually hold the device but we’re going to power on the phone for the first time and talk about anything that’s noteworthy down at the bottom is our sim card slot but also expandable storage up to one terabytes support for a micro sd card usb type-c port for charging a microphone one of our speakers and then moving along on the right side is our power button which is fairly big actually so you’re not going to miss it whatsoever and volume rockers a little bit more thin than the power button is make note of the camera bump overall it’s very minimal the bump but there is a lot of surface area we’ll get to it in just a second and then up towards the top we’ve got a lot going on an ir blaster microphone looks like another speaker and look at that a headphone jack included in the phone and then on the left side absolutely nothing on the device and then flipping it over let’s take a quick look at the back pretty neat color shift going on kind of gives it a more design says 5g on the back in terms of cameras you have a triple camera system a 108 megapixel main lens there and two more lenses an eight megapixel ultra wide angle lens and then a two megapixel uh macro lens on the back but a full system on the back of the device definitely takes up a lot of space however the bump is very minimal quick

note it does not look like a screen protector is pre-installed at least with the device that poco sent over anyways miui 13 i’m gonna run through the setup process talk about anything that’s noteworthy probably a good reason that power button is so large is because it has an embedded fingerprint scanner in it there’s no texture to the power button but it does actually have that fingerprint built in so let’s set that up just setting our thumb on down i always find that with it embedded in the power button it’s always very easy to unlock our device let’s go ahead and finish this up and add it successfully you can add more later if you’d like to also after setting up that fingerprint scanner and typing i do like the vibration motor built in it’s very tight i believe it’s a z-axis linear motor not only that it also has ip53 splash proof so not quite that ip68 rating that you see on other devices i just finished installing a quick update on the poco x4 pro and here’s a close look at that 6.6 7 inch amoled display it has that punch hole design with the front-facing camera now this is a 120 hertz display and i can already tell it is not enabled out of the box let’s jump into settings scroll down to display and there it is refresh rate so it is at 60 hertz out of the box so if you do want a more smooth experience i highly recommend bumping it up to 120 hertz it’ll use a little bit more battery but it is definitely worth it i also want to

make note that this is a 360 hertz touch sampling rate display as well let’s do a quick test of that fingerprint scanner so locking the device i’m not going to press the power button i’m just going to set my thumb down and it unlocks it right away do that again now i’m going to press the button this time and you’ll see it is almost instant that it unlocks now also a quick little tip i like to use just kind of the edge of my thumb to get to that lock screen if you want to check any sort of notifications i also want to make note with me ui in the upper left side you get to your notifications the upper right will get to the control panel where you can turn on flashlight get to your quick widgets all of that good stuff i also want to make note you can actually swipe back and forth between the two once you are in one of them let’s dive into the camera app i do really like this uh app icon for the camera i think it’s pretty cool just a quick note there so let’s go ahead and whoops didn’t mean to hit turn off let’s go ahead and agree uh and snap just a couple quick pictures get an idea of you know the shutter speed all that good stuff seems to be pretty snappy overall then 0.6 times for that ultra wide angle lens again 8 megapixels for that and then if you do want to zoom in it will go up to 2x here but this is digital zoom there’s no telephoto lens on the x4 pro and for some different camera modes you have the pro mode

you can use that 108 megapixel sensor so you get that high resolution out of your shot going over to video portrait mode and then in more there’s a lot more that you can choose from including a night mode or long exposure now going back into settings here there isn’t always on display for the lock screen which i always love having anytime i use an ios device i always miss having an always on display that you can completely customize to your liking you can have double tap to turn on and off but there is that always on display unlocking the phone again going back there’s a ton of different settings with me ui it’s a skin on top of android including a lot including themes there’s additional settings here for some gesture shortcuts to dive into to launch your assistant camera turn on the torch and double tap the fingerprint sensor which is kind of interesting let’s go to the calculator so if i go like that double tap there it goes it will actually open up a specific shortcut so that’s kind of neat i actually like that it doesn’t seem very common to double tap the fingerprint scanner like that so a little shortcut there there are also special features such as a sidebar that you can have shortcuts as well floating windows and second space for your apps and maybe more private information that you’d like but overall that’s everything i want to talk about for now with the poco x pro a 5g device drop a comment let me know what you think about this device from poco i really do like amoled 120 hertz in a device and then of course we’ll have to do more testing with that 108 megapixel camera be sure to subscribe a lot more content coming soon and as always thanks

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