Apple MacBook Air M2 Unboxing!

hey everyone Tim Schofield here been doing a lot of videos on Samsung’s latest releases but let’s shift for just a second over to Apple with the new Macbook Air in that new midnight color I didn’t get it at launch because I wanted uh an upgrade I’ve got the 16 gig one terabyte SSD MacBook Air anyways we are going to unbox the M2 MacBook Air see what comes inside including that new charger check out that new color and design of the MacBook Air let’s get started here is the new M2 MacBook Air from Apple very simple look at the box and there’s our information sorry I’m just blocking out some of the left information but 16 gigs one terabyte SSD 13.6 inch MacBook Air now let’s take off the shrink wrap very quickly and see what we get in the Box first thing in the box is our midnight color MacBook

Air very light definitely lighter than my MacBook Pro that I have setting this to the side for just a second designed by Apple in California standard booklets like getting started guide information and you get two Apple stickers same color as whatever MacBook you get you also get a new charging brick now this is a 35 watt dual USB type c port and you’ll notice it’s it’s actually very small at 35 Watts it does hide the prongs very flat where you actually put it into the wall but it’s it’s nice to have two USB type-c ports now if only iPhones actually had USB type-c port that’s another conversation but onto our magsafe charging cable really really neat styling matching the color of the actual laptop now for me I don’t necessarily need magsafe I would have totally been fine it’s a nice little feature but USBC to USBC is great because then I can connect it to other devices that I have whereas this one is only specifically for the laptop so I prefer to just carry a brick with a USBC to see charging cable because you can also charge the laptop via the USBC ports and I know I’m probably in the minority to that mag safe take drop a comment let me know what you think it’s again it’s really nice to charge with it but I just kind of leave it at home when I’m traveling quite a bit I just don’t even bring the magsafe cable with me because it’s not going to charge other devices I like to just

have one Cable ONE brick if I can possibly do so just to try to carry just less items while I’m traveling but anyways on to our midnight color MacBook Air really Sleek I do like it a lot it’s very unique it’s I mean it’s just a new color that I do like I’m noticing it will get fingerprints on its uh probably fairly easily but let’s take a closer look at the hardware of the MacBook Air on the left side we have our mag safe charging port 2 USB type-c ports man it’s kind of crazy how thin this laptop actually is moving along there’s the slot to open the lid and then along the right side is only a headphone jack I kind of wish they had another USB type-c port maybe two that would be nice but again they’re trying to keep it very thin and a close-up of the back of the MacBook Air now down towards the bottom you do have these grips on all four corners uh to so it doesn’t slide around you’ve got some text here designed by Apple in California but that’s just about it for the bottom and don’t forget your Apple logo right in the center very reflective all right like I do in all of my laptop videos let’s do the one-handed opening test and as expected this actually opened up right away very easily with one hand had that old school boot up sound we are booting up now wow it does so let’s take a look that’s a very large track pad on a laptop this size uh Apple’s track pads are pretty unmatched I I do really like the way it feels when you

press on it anyways let’s check out that keyboard it does have shortcuts up towards the top of that row obviously no number pedal bit too small for that I also want to make note that power button has a fingerprint scanner embedded in it so we will get that all set up but our MacBook Air is ready to go let’s run through the setup process I’ll talk about anything that’s noteworthy during the setup process you can change the appearance light or dark mode I do like dark mode quite a bit but there are some times I think light mode is better so sometimes I turn it on auto or just kind of customize it on my own I’m going to turn it on auto for Now setting up that fingerprint scanner very simple I’ve had no issues with any of the previous built-in fingerprint scanners into this power button this setup process is also very quick Touch ID is all ready to go and it brings us to our home screen here we are it does have that Notch up towards the top which was introduced in previous models I would have liked to have seen them kind of slim down the bezels just a little bit since it’s a newer model hopefully in future models that’s the case hopefully they just eventually eliminate this Notch altogether and here’s a quick comparison next to my 14 inch M1 Max MacBook Pro

actually now that I look at it I was wondering these bezels seem kind of big because they’re a little bit bigger than the MacBook Pros at least from this 14 inch model MacBook Pro so this screen looks a little bit sleeker this one has a little bit thicker of bezels but this MacBook Air is noticeably smaller while sitting on the desk you’ll notice the pro raised up a decent amount more than the MacBook Air and a side-by-side comparison of the size obviously with the MacBook Pro you get an SD card slot you get an HDMI port an extra USB type-c port as well but it does add a little bit extra thin extra thickness I should say plus you get the cooling with a fan from the MacBook Pro so there are upside downsides to having a larger laptop this obviously being the M2 Chip next up I wanted to do a quick typing test I really like that animation opening the lid how it just slowly lights up seems just very premium here we go very satisfying to type on I do like the travel uh the feedback that you get nothing crazy but that trackpad is definitely something that I really really do like using let’s put this to sleep and do a quick test with that fingerprint scanner with the MacBook Air asleep and

we are on that lock screen let’s set our finger down right away unlocks it I’ve had no like I said I’ve had no issues with this fingerprint scanner it has worked very well overall though that’s everything I want to talk about for now with the new M2 MacBook Air drop a comment and let me know what you think about this updated laptop I I really like this color um it’s it’s Sleek I again maybe it will collect a decent amount of fingerprints which might be a downside I’ll I’ll talk more about that later on but very nice to see uh their M2 Chip coming along I’m excited to test that out do some video editing on this laptop but anyways drop a comment let me know what you think obviously you’ve got our new dual USB type c charging cable with that mag safe on the side it is really convenient I will admit it’s very convenient having that magnet just lock onto where that charging is it doesn’t really take as much effort but just again to me I don’t necessarily need to bring an extra cable with me but here we go that would be our uh MacBook Air I hope you enjoyed the video drop a comment let me know what you think be sure to give this video a thumbs up and as always you can also see this fingerprint smudges going on right now so again might be a little bit of a downside for you if that’s something you care about anyways thanks

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