My New 2021 Gaming PC Build: Intel i9 12900k and RTX 3090!

hello everybody tim schofield right here it’s that time of year again to build one more computer i’m truly excited for this on my left holds true we’ll be making use of a lian lee instance and then on the right are a lot of the parts will certainly be consisting of some very remarkable ones to start with a brand-new colder from corsair which has an lcd display on it additionally from corsair we have some ddr5 ram so some brand brand-new ram from corsair we’ll show that off in just a second additionally we require a brand-new motherboard we have actually obtained a brand-new chipset and also new ddr5 ram so this is the asus rog strix z690e motherboard and what this develop is focused around the new intel 12th gen cpu we will be using the first-rate i9 12 900 k cpu which intel cases is the very best pc gaming cpu around now we’ll have to place that to the examination intel also sent over a package with some actually cool aesthetics and also additional things to check out so we’ll open this box and also naturally placed this whole construct with each other i’m truly excited need to be a top of the line construct opting for more of a black and white aesthetic currently undoubtedly having this flagship intel i9 cpu we require a flagship gpu so an rtx 3090 will be accompanying this cpu so allow’s get going on

this build so initial things initially the box that intel sent over opening it on up up in the direction of the leading it states developed for the future generation of gaming i’m delighted to do some gaming on this cpu taking every little thing out appear like we have a photo of alder lake right there which is the nickname for the cpus as well as the cpus themselves the i9 as well as the i5 cpus a fast close-up of the i-912 900k and i-512 600k following up we have our situation which is a leanne lee dynamic case i actually set up liam lee fans into this instance already so those are all ready to go those are really rgb as well as once again i’m going with that black as well as white style which makes sense with the color of the case onto the new motherboard the z690 asus rog strix video gaming wifi motherboard produced home windows 11 all set to go wi-fi 6e capacities ddr5 pci share 5.0 and simply a whole lot extra you’ll see those icons down near the bottom a fast close-up of it our pci express ports are m. 2 drive ports ram uh cpu as well as adapters generally now allow’s go on and also install our intel i9 cpu establishing it down aligning the arrows certainly in the bottom left hand edge just making sure it’s safe overall as well as then safely snapping down i constantly obtain anxious during this component however this time it was very successful every little thing was secure in area and also there it is our new i9 processor mounted and worth stating this motherboard consists of an m. 2 nvme ssd development card slot which is pci reveal so if you require extra ports for m. 2 drives they have actually obtained you covered and talking there’s three on the motherboard as well as i’m gon na use the samsung 980 pro ssd obtain that mounted as well as one nice aspect of

this motherboard it has clips so you don’t need screws to actually ensure the ssd is secured i’m additionally going to be making use of the western digital black sn 750 m. 2 nvme drive so i might update these in the future uh but also for currently these are the ones i’m mosting likely to be utilizing this develop i’m truly excited concerning this this is brand-new ddr5 ram from corsair the corsair vengeance ram once again you need a newer motherboard to mount ddr5 ram so ensure it’s suitable i’ve obtained two 32 gigabyte sticks so 64 gigs of ram overall so i’m gon na be able to do so much multitasking with all this ram continuing with corsair their new cpu cooler the h150i elite lcd what makes it new is that lcd panel on the front screen so below’s the fans mounted on the radiator overall and once again you have an lcd display that you can customize we’ll speak about that in simply a second and also flipping it over we have our thermal paste pre-installed next up allow’s set up that motherboard obtain it screwed onto the case itself looking excellent once again that black and also white style it uh it looks quite tidy total and currently i set up the radiator and the followers up towards the top with that said corsair cooler as well as allow’s go ahead as well as just push down with the cooler line up the screws and make certain whatever’s associated that intel cpu as well as once more

corsair includes that thermal paste so i really did not have to place any on as well as you really did not have to see any type of strange paint or layout with the thermal paste they have it all ready to go corsair has an adapter on the back to connect all the followers so you can manage it with software program certainly we have to power this pc and also i have a lots of power here the rog thor 1200 watt platinum psu so this power supply is sufficient to really handle this however it’s excellent to have excessive than inadequate onto that massive graphics card that evga rtx 3090 gpu rather very easy to set up just snap it on right into that pci share port see to it to screw it on in as well as these do have uh some rgb i have an unboxing video on this gpu i can link to that down in the description everything will actually be connected down listed below if you’re interested have a look at the back i love the number of ports there are a lots of usb type a a pair usb kind c and also more type c on the front of the case sound as well as wi-fi 6e with an antenna included now i obtained whatever linked into the motherboard linked into the power supply as well as starting it up prepared to go i love the animation that corsair lcd screen has right there we will tailor it in just a 2nd check out those lights whatever going on a little of rgb with the followers constantly pleasing it’ll let you listen to that as well as right here’s the front too all right we prepare to go allow’s check out this computer system so in addition to the lanley instance those liam lee followers i also have a lean lee cable television to link to the motherboard

you’ll see it flashing white once again maintaining that aesthetic really similar nonetheless the rgb accents around the outside type of provide it a great touch in my opinion yet once more maintain in mind you can customize this to your liking total i could simply maintain every little thing black and also white even on the gpu itself i just have a white shade but those have rgb also so just regarding everything is rgb i ‘d think about transforming the cord linked to my gpu when it comes down to it truly happy with the aesthetic of this construct i enjoy this case how you can truly see inside on the side and also the front it’s not covered by fans whatsoever uh interested to see exactly how the thermals are going to be yet currently let’s go on and examine out several of the software program that you can personalize all of this hardware going handheld for this component however this is corsair’s intelligence software program where you can handle your various hardware you’ll see temperature levels on the ddr5 revenge ram going over the h150i elite lcd you can personalize the ring on it the various lights again the fans have actually rgb constructed in up towards the leading so you can transform there’s a great deal of presets you have full series of shade to select from it’s really rather crazy how several setups you can change with the coloring yet the large one is the screen arrangement certainly it being that lcd display they have presets for different

temperatures as well as it does not simply have to be cpu temp there’s a lot of others if you wish to keep an eye on the gpu the coolant temperature level and also simply a great deal more that you can in fact check and scrolling with here’s just a look at some of the different options that you have simply various styles different computer animations as well as naturally all the shade alternatives you can alter on the fly one of the favorite functions is you can make use of a personalized image or gif gif however you intend to state it yet in either case a custom image and if for instance you desired to just take one this is just something i was tampering but it in fact ended up rather funny if you desired a photo of my face inside your computer system you can definitely do that i don’t recognize i could just have to leave this set although it is a little scary overall that’s everything i wish to reveal off with our 12th gen intel core i9 12 900k develop really appreciated making this i really feel like i obtain far better and much better at developing these computer systems every year uh so again if you have any type of recommendations things to make this construct much better do not hesitate to drop a comment i will certainly link to every one of the items down listed below all the new ones our brand-new corsair ddr5 ram the new corsair cooler obviously our new intel cpus as well as a great deal extra i hope you delighted in the video clip be sure to offer it a thumbs up make certain to subscribe also a lot more material coming quickly as constantly thanks

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