Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Unboxing!

hi there everyone tim scofield here time for another video currently published a couple this week going to consider the galaxy z flip 3 5g in this one from samsung they sent this over additionally upcoming samsung sent over the galaxy watch 4 and also expect classic so video clips on these coming as well so make certain you subscribe lots of material coming quickly so you’re alerted when those video clips go real-time anyways we’re going to concentrate on the flip 3 the one that folds up together like an old clamshell design phone currently if you’re aiming to buy among the samsung foldables this is the less costly option at one thousand dollars in contrast to the fold 3 at eighteen hundred dollars i’ll connect to the video i just made on that phone down listed below i’m in fact really excited to take a look at the flip since in the previous version the front screen was way as well small in my viewpoint and they have actually made the front display four times larger than the previous flip so i’m really delighted to inspect it out they’ve additionally enhanced the phone in other numerous methods so allow’s go ahead and also unbox take a look at the z flip 3 from samsung so allow’s begin there’s a whole lot of cool color options with the z turn 3 and also this is really the cream shade that samsung sent over very really small box opening the top immediately we’re welcomed with just a regular phone right no it does layer

there’s a check out that cream color with a black accent there is a display right there we are mosting likely to establish this to the side for just a second proceed on via see what we obtain very little getting began overview one usbc to usbc cable television and a sim ejection device so they are maintaining it light with the extras in the product packaging drop a remark allow me know what you believe specifically with the z-fold 3 and also the z-flip 3 being a bit extra on the expensive end decline comment let me know anything concerning no power brick or earphones on to what you came to see the z turn three very slim as well as light total most definitely the smaller of the two foldables that samsung is now providing so allow’s go on as well as remove the plastic and also there we have it our flip let’s proceed and also fold it for the very first time below very nice always really gratifying closing these especially when you’re on a telephone call you want to finish it just go ahead as well as see you later anyways let’s take a closer appearance i’m mosting likely to boot the phone the power switch on the ideal side take a closer take a look at this hardware so down near the bottom microphone usb c slot one of the audio speakers i also want to make note due to the fact that it’s just on the lower component there’s a pair little ridges that are elevated simply a little bit there and also there just to sort of rest that leading fifty percent onto so it doesn’t really knock right into the screen so just notable there along the right side we have our power button which does pair as a fingerprint scanner our quantity rockers up in the direction of the top just one more microphone on the left side is where our sim card slot is mosting likely to be and of program a fast little test of that hinge

device again type of rests on that security down in the direction of all-time low not too much of a gap in between the displays total as well as maybe one even more does say samsung on the back and it shuts really effortlessly and also rests very level and straight oh i’m gon na be sincere i can not actually inform if i like this lotion color or otherwise it is definitely unique and also various though and also it does comparison well with this black up in the direction of the top beside that double electronic camera system now you have a broad angle lens as well as an ultra broad angle lens as well as overall i would certainly say those are the 2 i would favor however i would certainly such as to have actually seen a third lens if whatsoever possible adding a telephoto however you don’t obtain that with the flip and also when it pertains to that inside display it has a pre-installed screen guard which i like to see this is a punch hole style for the front front-facing electronic camera currently i’m mosting likely to run via the startup process speak about anything that is notable so allow’s established that side fingerprint scanner you can establish face unlock as well if you want to just uh setting my thumb on down and also i’ve found that these physical finger print scanners are actually truly quick an in-display finger print scanner doesn’t make sense on a phone like this you should not need to open the phone to open it especially with a front display screen which will certainly show off in simply a 2nd relatively essential because it is a foldable phone simply some added guidelines to take added care of it currently it does have an ipx8 water immune ranking which i love to see since that’s an upgrade from previous models but just lets you know keep an eye out for tricks any kind of fragments like sand anything like that simply maintain sharp things away from the screen essentially so we are prepared and prepared to select the galaxy z turn 3 5g first of all it does have a 120 hertz screen

which i can tell is already enabled out of the box as constantly just desire to reveal you exactly how to reach that enter into screen movement level of smoothness it gets on flexible you can bump it down to 60 hertz which doesn’t look as smooth however will save a little bit of your battery life an additional among my most significant complaints concerning the previous design was the front display screen so now below is a take a look at it just a small display screen 1.9 inch amoled so you’ll see it is it looks truly great it resembles it’s entirely off or simply a black component of the phone you can’t tell that it’s actually a screen currently you can in fact press the power button and unlock it and afterwards swipe with various choices if you obtain notices you can run a fast timer you can most likely to your next alarm system possibly control some music and also you can tailor what certain pages exist so here’s my alerts if i swipe over to the left just ending up you can scroll down experience all of them you can remove them so you can really separately clear them as well i can not do that due to the fact that they’re ongoing alerts at the minute but truly awesome that i can simply check my notices straight from this display screen that was my biggest problem honestly was not having the ability to see exactly what all the notifications were that i had a couple more functions of that front display if you swipe down you can in fact alter from ringer to shake to quiet or transform the brightness of that front screen currently also if you swipe up it opens up samsung pay triggers you to open up the phone and clearly unlock it with your thumb anyways opening up the phone setting my thumb down to open it it’s very easy actually since the power button is

basically where my thumb is mosting likely to relax maybe just over it in any way times so it’s truly not that large of a deal and increasing upon that cover display jumping right into settings there’s actually a details setting for it where you can transform your clock design to your preference you can add pictures various shades or your very own personalized history picture and also widgets so right here is where you tailor those widgets when you swipe over to the appropriate songs weather condition today’s routine an alarm samsung health or timer as well as below’s simply a close take a look at that 6.7 inch amoled display currently it is extremely high so just keep that in mind it’s a 22 9 aspect proportion which is wonderful for upright material not only terrific for vertical content yet when you remain in apps there’s something called flex setting where it will certainly bump the app up towards the leading as a just very quick instance let’s jump into that cam application and allow me simply go on and angle it up and you’ll discover the viewfinder only mosts likely to the top fifty percent of the screen this is what’s called flex mode where you can angle it you can change the various instructions that the cam points towards and only see this top half since clearly if you’re taking a look at it such as this this is all you’re mosting likely to be able to see anyways this is excellent for taking selfies if you desire an electronic camera to be in a particular spot you can truly take pictures to your taste this is just one of the significant rewards of that flex mode is taking those photos now i also wish to aim out another great feature of this phone as well as that front screen so cover display preview gets on and also i like simply type of leaving this on whether i’m taking photos of a person or myself so currently you can make use of these back 2 cameras to take a selfie a picture anything that you actually intend to if you’re taking a photo of a person they can type of see a sneak peek of what they look like especially if you’re obtaining a little near to them and

as i guaranteed right here is the flip as well as fold side-by-side both of them closed you can see quite a bit of a difference between both i love that samsung has both of these choices as well as then opening it on up and also opening right here it is oh that it was triggering samsung pay below it is right beside each other certainly a bit larger screen on the flip when open and after that allow me simply open this foldable and there we go so side-by-side oh it’s truly attempting to open samsung pay on me there we go so simply a little taller with the flip obviously a lot bigger with the fold and certainly a little bit of a weight difference so the flip is much lighter than the fold is of training course you obtained type of a phone tablet or simply a much more small phone so anyways that is everything i desired to reveal off in the meantime with the galaxy z flip 3 5 g i wish you taken pleasure in the video make certain to drop a comment let me recognize what you wish to find out about in future approaching videos whether it relates to simply foldables as a whole or this certain phone i’ll make sure to get to it so go down a comment whole lots much more video clips coming on the flip as well as full be certain to subscribe so you’re informed when those go live as always many thanks

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