Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Unboxing!

hey everyone tim schofield here and samsung just sent over their new galaxy tab a7 which is essentially their budget tablet in their tablet lineup starting at 230 dollars at that price point you get a 10.4 inch display along with 32 gigs of internal storage which you might say is a little bit on the low side you can bump up internal storage to 64 gigabytes if you like however it also does come with a micro sd card slot to expand that storage but we’re gonna go ahead and open it up take a quick look what comes in the box and see what you get for that 230 dollar price point let’s get started the model samsung sent over for us to check out is the dark gray 32 gigabyte model and let’s see what we get opening it on up looks like we’ve got our tab a7 and a cloth we’re gonna keep it there keep that build up that suspense and check out what else comes in the box standard booklets and a micro sd card ejection tool and finally in the box your samsung fast charging travel adapter which is usb type a with the charging cable usb type a to usb type c finally onto the tablet the tab a7 let’s take the cloth off pull the device on out and here we go there’s that dark gray color with a camera on the back i’m gonna go ahead and boot the tablet on up and take a close look at this tablet down at the bottom you have a 3.5 millimeter

headphone jack i’m sure that’s a welcome addition for tablet users not one but two speakers and these are two of four speakers actually usb type c slot for charging microphone moving along up towards the top is another microphone you’ve got your volume rockers and power button and then along the left side are yes the other two speakers so quad speakers on this device should be really solid for multimedia down at the bottom is where you’ll find that micro sd card slot which can expand up to one terabytes of storage and then flipping it over on the back is an eight megapixel rear camera you got the samsung logo let’s go i’m gonna run through the setup process and only talk about anything noteworthy there’s no fingerprint scanner built into this tablet however you do have face recognition we can set that up all right so not gonna lie when i was readjusting my camera it actually registered my face extremely quickly so we’ll be able to test that out let’s actually do that to start we’re on the home screen now to start let’s go ahead and look at the tablet press it on and you’ll see it already has unlocked let’s try it again press the power button swipe up and it’s already unlocked and yes it is using face unlock you’ll notice that icon up at the top you can double tap to wake and you’ll see it instantly unlocks it so face unlock is really snappy and just a closer look at that 10.4 inch lcd display 2000 by 1200 resolution which is a 5 3 aspect ratio up at the top of the tablet you’ll see a 5 megapixel front-facing camera you also notice some thicker bezels i guess however on tablets i really don’t mind because then you got a spot to place your thumbs and then of course you can use it in

portrait mode you don’t have to use it horizontally it’s a little much taller when you hold it this way so realistically i’m kind of happy that they decided to put the webcam in the middle here because probably use it most of the time horizontally this does run android 10 out of the box it does have samsung’s skin on top of it with some useful additions to the tablet it also has the qualcomm snapdragon 662 processor on the inside which isn’t anything anywhere near their top tier processor however it will get the job done don’t expect to be able to do a crazy amount of multitasking with it this is probably made for maybe one app at a time in terms of if you want to do some gaming if you want to watch some videos this is actually great for that considering it has a 10.2 inch display it has those quad speakers and as a quick example for some video content here is youtube with your suggestions over to the right you can check out comments you can give a video a thumbs up if you’d like to and if we play it put it in full screen you’ll notice with this aspect ratio very minimal black bars at the top and bottom very not really noticeable to be completely honest with that 5 3 aspect ratio and let’s turn the volume up all the way see how cool that actually does look so right away definitely sounds very loud and clear let’s do a quick test with a song and as you guys know i don’t want to mess with any copyright music so we’re gonna play a copyright free song real quick give it a quick

little test this is about at 50 percent let’s skip ahead a little bit where it gets a little louder here we go [Music] so awesome that is really loud and quality sounded good i mean that was obviously just one song but it is great to hear a lot of sound coming out the right and left and considering they’re not on the back is a plus and since this is a samsung device it fits into their ecosystem so you can use their quick share you have smart view they have a lot of other settings you can turn on dolby atmos you have a dark mode toggle up there focus mode and call it text on other devices now unfortunately this does not have any s pen support so you have to get a different samsung tablet if you are looking for something like that also again this has three gigabytes of ram so if you again if you’re looking to do some heavy multitasking coupled with that snapdragon 662 this will probably be fairly average with heavy multitasking so again probably look elsewhere at different samsung tablets the tab s7 plus has been solid if you’re really looking to do that heavy multitasking and that’s everything i want to talk about for now with the galaxy tab a7 when you compare it to the flagship tablets obviously it needs to make some sacrifices but for that price point uh it seems to be a fairly good value to be honest let’s go ahead and test that face unlock one more time with the camera in the way and we’re good to go uh again drop a comment let me know you think about the tab h7 if it’s something you’re considering probably a device you’re gonna watch a lot of content on play some games on and that’s about it so multimedia consumption devices what i can see hopefully you enjoyed the video be sure to give it a thumbs up and as always guys thanks

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