Poco F2 Pro Hands On & First Impressions!

everyone Tim Schofield here and a lot of you noticed we did update the profile picture on my YouTube page it had been over five years since I’ve done that so long overdue it’s also been a while that we have used the old logo that I have so it is time to get a new logo I did hire a graphic designer to make a new updated style and theme for me so that is now live I actually have it across my social media pages and on the YouTube channel here it is you’ll see I do have a blue coloring background white coloring background but also a dark mode background so drop a comment let me know which one you guys are liking better I might actually add that banner to all my social medias if you want the dark mode one or maybe a little bit of a lighter theme but as always thank you so much for the continued support you guys all give on my videos and content on social media much appreciated but let’s get into the video so this year there have been a ton of competing phones in the budget to mid-range market and this is no different this is the poco f2 Pro now this isn’t quite going to be an unboxing because this was

sent to me without a box it does have a lot of plastic around the outside but I wanted to give you guys my first impressions of the phone I haven’t even turned it on yet so we’ll boot it up for the first time really get some solid impressions going on this phone now what makes it so special it has around a $500 price point right now and has a lot of flagship features inside it does have the latest snapdragon 865 processor from Qualcomm meaning it does have 5g built into it and a couple other features like an AMOLED display a very large 4,700 milliamp hour battery and a few things up towards the top of the phone that you might find enticing let’s go ahead and get into the video cue the new intro now I’m just kidding there’s no new intro yet but there will be worked on so keep an eye out for that new YouTube intro coming soon with all of the plastic off here’s a look at that poco F 2 Pro you could tell very reflective back with a cool blue coloring to it now let’s go

ahead and power this phone on for the first time and while it boots up I want to go ahead and take a close look at the phone itself so down at the bottom SIM card slot USB type-c slot microphone and one of the speakers moving along on the right side you’ll notice that power button has a different coloring to it kind of neat accent and then the volume rockers are right above it and as I mentioned a few things at the top you might be interested in first of all a headphone jack kinda hard to find nowadays you have a pop-up front-facing camera so of course that means on the display itself there is absolutely no notch no punch hole anything like that and then next to the pop-up camera is an IR blaster so an infrared blaster where you can go ahead and control things like televisions on the back is the quad camera system which does protrude out just a little bit on the back now the four lenses that are being used in the upper left is your 2 megapixel depth sensing lens upper right is the 13 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens the bottom left is the main 64 megapixel sensor and the bottom right is a 5 megapixel macro lens for close-up shots and moving along down it does say poco but you also see Xiaomi down there because poco is owned by Xiaomi our phone is loaded up with me UI 11 which is their skin over

Android 10 at the moment you’ll also notice like I said full screen display with no notch no cut out I’m gonna go ahead and skip through the startup process and only talk about anything that’s noteworthy so it does have an in display a fingerprint scanner we can go ahead and set that up to set our thumb down and lift it up one thing I’m noticing while holding the phone is that the sides aren’t curved I should say the display is not curved so these sides are flat giving it a little bit more space to hold on to it’s a little more comfortable to hold on to continuing through this setup process lifting it on up a couple other noteworthy things about it it does have 6 gigs of DDR 5 RAM and 128 gigs of ufs 3.1 storage out of the box that’s the base model you can go up to eight gigs 256 gigs of internal storage so we do have our fingerprint scanner all set up kind of nice in the setup process you can choose a theme classic limitless gamer pedal so you gotta choose different icons and such like if I want to go with limitless you can scroll through and just see the different styles and the different backgrounds we are all set and ready to go this does have a six point six seven inch 1080p display at 60 Hertz I do kind of wish that it gave you the option to have a higher refresh

rate the display also has HDR 10 plus and I have to say it is kind of nice to look at a screen without a knotch a punch hall anything like that it’s kind of refreshing I’m glad they included the pop-up camera which we’ll try on just a second but speaking of display let’s go into display settings they do have a dark mode that you can turn on however you can also have a different color scheme that you can customize to your liking warmer cooler default or you can have colors a little more saturated standard or go into a complete color gamut settings as usual let’s test out that fingerprint scanner go ahead and set our thumb down that one was quick alright seems very quick and accurate as expected with their me UI skin there are a lot of different settings they do have an always-on display which is nice to see you can change up the style to whatever type of clock or background you would like let’s go ahead and select one of these backgrounds look at all the text color battery status notifications a lot of different things so let’s go ahead and apply turn that on check it out with the screen off that always-on display starts to show up love having that on a phone and like I mentioned it does have a 4,700 milliamp hour battery in the back which is very large I’m

expecting very good battery life out of this coupled with that snapdragon 865 now with that being said it does have 30 watts of quick charging via the cable and the power brick however it does not have wireless charging kind of wish they did include that alright let’s dive into the camera for the first time go ahead and snap a couple quick pictures obviously just to see the shutter speed of it however I want to flip to the front-facing camera let’s check out that pop out ooh has lights around it too let’s take a close look at that so there’s a few different things going on when we activate the front-facing camera so let’s switch to the front obviously a sound but you’ll notice a slight animation on the display when it pops up and goes down and there are lights on the sides of the camera itself so really neat little animation that goes on and then flipping it over there’s just a look at the back also you can go ahead and switch to that ultra wide angle mode

getting a lot more into the shot and you can zoom into X but keep in mind that this is digital zoom here are some of the modes built into that camera notice you have to go into 64m to activate that 64 megapixel sensor portrait mode night mode and of course a promo to really customize different settings within settings there’s also special features where you can change those front camera effects if you do not like the visual effect you can turn it off maybe you want to darken the blue maybe you want to switch it over to some red or green you can do so it will demonstrate it and then there’s also a sound effect that you can customize if you want specific sounds for that front-facing camera animation that is the poco f2 Pro be sure to drop a comment let me know what you think it does have a plastic back so kind of a bummer they didn’t go with that wireless charging but other than that a very promising device with some top-tier specs really like the full display without any cutout anything like that with the front-facing pop-up camera and the headphone jack anyways be sure to click that subscribe button a lot more content coming soon on the poco f2 be sure to follow on various social media all links are in the description below and as always guys thank you very much

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