Galaxy Note 10 Plus Unboxing: Star Wars Special Edition!

hello everybody Tim Schofield right here and I’m truly excited for this video I obtained some exclusive early accessibility to the Star Wars variation of one of the most effective phones of the year the Samsung Galaxy Note 10% miss over letting me do an unboxing on this phone I also intend to give a large many thanks to you people there has been a heap of assistance recently on the channel a great deal of brand-new customers too so welcome and also thank you for your continued assistance it truly does indicate a lot anyways you don’t simply obtain the phone in package there’s a lot of additional rewards as well so if you’re aiming to check out what comes in this box this is the way let’s go in advance and start let’s start so the front allows you understand this will certainly be darkside themed with kylo Ren on the front of the box star battles Simpson Galaxy Note n plus now with this box this is in fact just a sleeve for package so you can remove that hood and disclose kylo ren’s actual mask naturally with some red fractures in it and allow’s you recognize I’ll reveal you the dark side so allow’s see the presentation opening it up and turning the lid exposes our initial two goodies not fairly the phone yet nevertheless you’ll additionally see it claims Star Wars increase of Skywalker right there which is in movie theaters on December 20th initially off we have a case for our galaxy note n plus and this is leather as well as it is engraved in has some texture to the back

with kylos safety helmet and also claims Star Wars down at the lower ooh great as well as soft on the within too and if you take a look at it right it’s a little faint nonetheless it does have the initial order logo design faintly on the inside below we will certainly naturally placed this case on when we reach our note 10 plus following up we have a steel badge basically a little a collector’s product really great in my viewpoint to Celebrity Wars surge of Skywalker with kylos truly great headgear on it flipping it over nothing on the back equally as Lucasfilm restricted down near the bottom but you’ll likewise see it has a little a 3d effect due to the fact that the safety helmet actually Increases out of that badge most definitely see this as something an enthusiast would certainly desire and also something you could have on your rack pulling this tab I’m guessing this is where our brochures are gon na be you have a sim ejection tool certainly you require that to make use of the phone there were booklets letting you know a screen guard is pre-installed the quick recommendation guide get the many of your phone and terms and also problems allow’s obtain to the excellent stuff pulling this tab reveals our no 10 plus and also galaxy buds in a little a covert compartment

nice discussion if you are interested you can get this bundle I’ll link to it down below so you do not just obtain the phone you also get a pair of galaxy buds the wireless earbuds from Samsung which I have been a follower of for a while currently as well as I believe these are styles so opening it on up it does have that black situation let’s take that out let’s obtain it closed I believe this case is themed states Samsung audio by AKG turning it open discloses that red and also black appearance similar to certainly kylos helmet right there you can do a quick comparison of the 2 you’ll notice the black earbuds have a little a shine outside of them as well as below’s simply a close consider the earbuds themselves you do get a charging cable nonetheless you can wirelessly charge the instance if you ‘d such as to which will actually bill the buds inside the situation and also after that if the buds aren’t suitable your ears well you have various sizes on the suggestions and various replacements for your buds on to the most effective component the Galaxy Note 10.1 s obtained me really thrilled to see the themed phone as well as not only is the outside of it themed however they really have these software application tailored as soon as possible I’m observing red buttons on the side with the black very reflective back and also a red overview around the video camera I’m mosting likely to set that sideways for simply a 2nd let’s look into what else can be found in the box so naturally we have our quick charger this is Samsung’s super rapid billing with the USB C port as well as obviously USB see the USBC cord you obtain a USB

C 2 USB type a converter in case you require to move anything and also after that you have a little a tool this will really aid you with your S Pen to obtain completion nibs and also you have a couple bonus in there you also get some headphones AKG branded headphones as you can inform with a good knotted cable television to it this is a USB C link and also there’s some extra suggestions also if this details size doesn’t fit your ears alright onto the phone let’s go ahead as well as peel off the plastic on the back and once again that initial order logo design getting on the back I’m really liking the trim that the cam does have let’s proceed and also flip it on over as well as press as well as hold that power switch I’m seeing some plastic or under and top and afterwards obviously it does have that screen protector on it so while this boots up let’s take a close take a look at this cool star wars-themed note n+ close take a look at the back you’ll actually observe that red trim around that electronic camera system you do have a wide-angle ultra wide-angle as well as telephoto lens primarily the three you desire in a phone nowadays Samsung in the center that first order symbol and also the Celebrity Wars logo design all on the back on the left side your red volume rockers as well as a power button moving along down in the direction of all-time low of the tool you do have your microphone USB C slot audio speaker girl one of your audio speaker grilles as well as your s-pen much more on that particular in just a second there’s a look up at the leading and after that turning it over on the front exposes the extremely minimal bezels the note 10 plus really has I’m gon na swiftly go through the start-up process and also

just speak about anything notable you can establish face unlock also has an in display finger print scanner which I will establish up all ideal applying style our darkside style that does come with this variant of the note 10 plus actually awesome so certainly a themed wallpaper that stormtrooper there but you’ll likewise notice down at the base you have some themed symbols to work with and I did assurance to put the case on the phone so let’s go in advance as well as do that currently just proceed and stand out the phone on in and also there it is I will certainly state I do like the leather on it go on as well as open the phone and turning it over you still do see those red accents around the video camera so nice that it doesn’t really obstruct those on the best side completely covered on the left side has covers for the buttons as well down as well as up as well as power and after that naturally the intermediaries are simply fine and also don’t worry you can still reach that has actually been with the instance up I hope frequently showing the S Pen for a factor check this out as you could hear it has a lightsaber noise and vibration comments when I take out the s-pen disclosing that red perhaps kylo Ren lightsaber themed s-pen I have actually stated this in previous video clips however I’m a large follower of the s-pen especially with note-taking and just handwriting generally the switch here is themed to black so it does have that black as well as red theme throughout as well as of program makes a noise when you place it back in let’s hear it I always fail to remember

just how fine-looking this note 10 plus is so allow’s go on and also go into a couple of the going into the app door you’ll likewise see calculator calendar your get in touches with symbol is themed also your settings so if we enter into the calculator app it likewise has that theme throughout that red as well as black looking theme you likewise notice the switches have a different sound to them and also if we go into setups you’ll notice a dark theme with red accents throughout delving into our setups it has another style with a grid background it looks truly neat after entering into audios if I enter into ringtone and also go right into present motifs fail it will certainly play a Celebrity Wars song which I do not obtain copyright strikes so I’m not gon na really let you pay attention to it so sorry regarding that as well as naturally alert seems present motifs default as well as lastly below’s just a close-up of me utilizing the s-pen you see all the different points that you can do evaluate appropriate real-time message AR doodle so if I go ahead and also do screen right it’ll take a screenshot for me as well as I can proceed and also create some notes on it transform the color all that good stuff allow’s go in advance and also go home proceed and also swipe on approximately our application cabinet check out several of the icons is just truly awesome how they in fact made a decision to theme the software as well as not simply the equipment of the gadget so very creative to make sure that’s every little thing I intend to cover for currently on the celebrity wars-themed Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 I will certainly connect to whatever down in the summary if you want to have a look at even more info or see even more details concerning this Celebrity Wars bundle thanks for seeing everybody I hope you enjoyed the video make sure to click that thumbs up and also as constantly I have spoken

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