Android Q Beta 3: New Gestures and Dark Theme!

hi everybody Tim Schofield right here as well as yesterday at Google i/o they introduced the 3rd beta to android q and i have it installed on my pixel three XL want to check out all the new attributes including the brand-new motion system a specialized dark mode and also a whole lot more currently it is confirmed it will certainly be called android 10 nevertheless we don’t truly know what q is gon na stand for yet that i believed they would in fact claim something yesterday but they did not so go down a remark allow me understand you believe q is actually gon na represent [Music] allow’s leap right in to what’s new with this latest Android cube build naturally it is confirmed now that it is Android 10 you’ll see a little 10 appropriate there does say Android 10 within settings the first thing I ‘d like to discuss which they did introduce throughout their keynote I did tweet about it as well you will certainly see dark style has a particular toggle right below within setups where you can transform it on you don’t need to transform battery saver on in fact have it most likely to the dedicated dark motif you’ll see I can delve into settings entirely dark that notice shade take a look at all my alerts too those are a totally dark you additionally begin to see when that dark theme is on some apps will certainly start to actually obtain in that dark mode consisting of apps similar to the calculator so you’ll see this is really dark currently if I were to go home as well as transform the dark motif off and also return into that calculator app there you have it you’ll see it is now totally light motif so you will see supply applications along with just the overall system being themed based on if you have it on one thing prior to I speak about the new motion system I want to discuss the notice so you’ll see below I have a team of notifications up in the direction of the leading and if I swipe from right to left it brings up this entirely new food selection where you can change it from interruptive to gentle which it will

actually be silent notices I’ll be on the notice color but it will not play an audio points like that you can swiftly swap but notice that there is no timer anymore there’s no other way to actually timeout alerts or really snooze them so they return in once again I actually wish Android makes a decision to bring that attribute back I really actually like that regarding the OS and then if you want to reject it you really need to swipe delegated right within the notice tray you likewise start seeing contextual responses I do not have them yet however if allow’s say someone sends you an address it will actually have a tab to open Maps or maybe a phone number a tab to open the phone dialer so actually trendy functions so one of the big ones is the new motion system so let’s go on and also enter into motions system navigating now you’ll see you have fully gestural navigation to switch navigation or 3 switch navigating which I wish they maintain all these alternatives since I understand some people aren’t mosting likely to such as the new one some people such as this to switch one various other people like the three button one where it still has the current hats the residence switch as well as the back button however we’re gon na look into the totally gestural navigation where it is simply completely one little bar down in the direction of the base you swipe up and it will certainly take you home currently you

will certainly notice several of my symbols are squares currently I believe that is due to a previous construct I changed it to that but I wish to go into an app as an example possibly do a little focus here down at the base so you can sort of see exactly how there is simply a little area that will certainly hide several of the message I kind of hope that comes to be clear at some point I believe there’s an opportunity that it really might be yet at the minute resembles it is covering it up so just how do these motions actually function you can still swipe up and also reach your app cabinet customarily swipe up to go home currently one point to make note of is when you swipe up as well as pause it will certainly take you to your latest running applications customarily where you can enter into them now what takes place if you enter into an application currently you have a choice to actually proceed and also swipe left and also this is really similar to iOS gestures as well as I’m a big follower of those so I’m in fact type of pleased that they’re including this because if you swipe to the right it will not return to your most just recently use a pit will simply keep going between all of your most lately open applications as well as if you wish to go back you can go on and also do so just swipe over to the left as opposed swiping over to the right currently this next one that is component of the gestures I really feel like going to cause some controversy some individuals could like it some

individuals could not now if you go on and also go right into setups as well as maybe enter into a particular setup as well as you wish to return where is that back switch currently in the past on both button one there was really a back button there’s not currently there is in the upper left hand edge you can go ahead and press that button nonetheless currently you can simply swipe from the appropriate side as well as you see a really light back arrowhead pop-up however you can likewise swipe from the left as well as do the precise same point so you can swipe from the right or delegated go back and if you swipe it two times you will certainly see it will certainly simply liquidate of that application switching on the dark theme I wish to reveal you what that arrowhead actually looks like as well as you’ll observe there’s a great little refined computer animation keeping that arrowhead just type of flipping when you do need to go back you can do it on this side as well you’ll see that arrowhead does sort of flip and afterwards when you allow go it will certainly return a display currently naturally this could really create some troubles let’s state you go right into a particular application with the left hamburger menu in the side bar currently a few of establish purrs really do a great work at making certain you can just swipe from anywhere on the screen and also if you go left it will certainly open up that burger side food selection for instance read it there I believe even Twitter has that alternative or if you swipe from the center you’ll see it will just go

ahead and bring over that sidebar to ensure that’s what designers are gon na need to begin doing unless the Android implements some kind of threshold where you can go in advance and also perhaps just swipe in the bottom edge of a screen or something like that or type of customize if you are a right-handed or left-handed person if you intend to stab in the back the right or left side finally one fast reference if you swipe up and stop it will go ahead as well as stop on that particular most recent app nevertheless if you do a little fast curl it will certainly raise your next application if you wish to proceed as well as quick find out more and perhaps fast swap to it now at the start of their discussion they pointed out line will support 5g phones obviously yet they additionally spoke about foldable phones I think what a great deal of people don’t recognize is that you could have a perfectly great foldable phone simply all screen just foldable yet if the software application does not go well with that collapsible technology it’s mosting likely to be a flop naturally they actually displayed this devoted video clip speaking about collapsible phones stating just how they’re truly dealing with making it a smooth experience if you’re playing a video game when it’s folded up together and also when you open it up that game is simply gon na maintain choosing that screen fold it up and also we’ll see if that’s really going to come true as well as they

pointed out multiple manufacturers will be releasing collapsible phones this year really cool attribute coming is called real-time caption and also I can not show it off due to the fact that I can not seem to get it to work but I can allow it thus where you can transform the language message dimension as well as caption design where you have a lot of various styles and if you’re enjoying a video clip something with audio you’ll see the subtitles will certainly look like this where you can resize them you can relocate it around the display and also what’s the point of this so when you’re viewing a video maybe you don’t desire audio but you want to hear what they’re saying perhaps you remain in a jampacked area or in a meeting you wish to see this video you can in fact turn those inscriptions on or possibly you’re hard of hearing as well as you require to actually have inscriptions for video clips now exactly how is it mosting likely to work so allow’s say you’re watching a video you press your volume keys there will certainly be a symbol that turns up where you can go in advance as well as allow those subtitles as well as it will go on and pay attention to what I’m stating in this video clip I simply shot as well as really in real time transcribe what I’m stating as well as put message up on the display Google is additionally placing an emphasis on privacy and protection and you’ll see there’s a completely various privacy section where you can transform permissions’ what appears on your lock screen you can in fact even have display screen personalities of your passwords if

you would love to or otherwise good little enhancement or you can go to progress a bunch of different things but likewise they have digital well being naturally which they are including a lot more as well as more things to it consisting of a lot more parental controls where you can manage your use time on your phone ensuring you’re using phone your phone in a healthy and balanced way however likewise of course they have the app called family link where maybe you wish to really acquire a Google phone a pixel phone for one of your kids you can go in advance and established digital guideline for them Google is likewise concentrating on protection updates you must have the ability to update your phone through the Play Store as opposed to really needing to reboot your phone so no reboot needed for future updates currently probably not significant software program updates however those smaller security ones just ought to have the ability to use without needing to reboot your phone and also overall that’s everything I wish to speak about with Android sign I will be obviously doing future coverage as they roll out a lot more as well as more updates particularly with the last variation so there can be adjustments to this I will certainly keep you upgraded hope you enjoyed the video clip if you did make sure to click that thumbs up switch down listed below be certain to click that subscribe button as well as always people thanks significantly

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