Huawei MateBook 13 Unboxing!

everyone Tim Schofield here and I know it’s only January but one of the best laptops of 2019 might already be coming out and that is the meet book 13 from Huawei now I was a huge fan of the make book except they came out with last year still use it to this day but with the mate book 13 you have an exceptional price point that they’re hitting the base model is $9.99 and the step-up model is $1300 so I’d like to go ahead and open this box up take a look at everything that comes with it and check out the make book 13 before we do that if you look down below right near that subscribe button we are almost at 500,000 subscribers I’m really excited hopefully we can hit that soon so if you are not subscribed feel free to click that button not necessary hopefully you enjoy the video anyways and feel free to share this video or share the channel I would really appreciate it anyways I have here the $1,300 models so the i7 one we’ll talk about the differences in just a second but let’s go and open up the mate book 13 just a very simple box right here but we are going to do is open it up and see what is inside so right away looks like there’s the laptop and on the side here should be the extras let’s go ahead and take out the laptop it says start here take out all of the padding and there it is before we get to the laptop let’s take a look at the extras that are coming with the laptop right now so what didn’t actually mean to do that looks like we have our charger and our charging cable

which is USB C input on both sides and this cable does look fairly long as well let’s move on to the laptop and I’d like to make note that this might not even be official packaging I’ve heard that you might also get a dongle included with the laptop more to come on then of course follow me on some social I will do a review on this so be sure to subscribe to you’re notified of that but let’s go ahead and open up this packaging right here and right away up at the top there is the Huawei logo and flipping it over on the back side you’ll see not for sale this is just the review unit they sent me you do have dual speakers and then of course down at the bottom it have a dedicated graphics card because this is the higher-end model like I do in all my laptop unboxings let’s try the one-handed test and you will see that bottom part does lift off the ground but I can still get that screen open even with one hand so that is good I would say not the best obviously because it lifts up but it still was able to open to the one hand now there is a package right here so you’ll see here it is saying to plug it in on the left side but here is the keyboard and trackpad of the mate book 13 let’s go ahead and power on the laptop for the first time not 100% sure if there’s any charge or not looks like there’s not sort of what to charge it up but in the meantime let’s check out some of the hardware of this mate book 13 on the left side here

you do have a headphone jack USB type-c slot moving along on the year this is a very light laptop of course on the right side you do have a USB C slot as also two USB C slots and then of course here is a look at that full keyboard worth noting the track that does seem fairly wide as well so excited to try that out you will see this is the i7 model now flipping it over you do have on each corner you have some rests and then like I mentioned down at the bottom you have both of your speakers and just a fan for some ventilation interesting enough let’s take a close look at the Huawei logo up at the top because it does have some texture to it I’m not sure if you can actually tell that there’s a little bit of texture to it but see if I scratch it it actually will make that higher pitch noise so there is just a little texture to that Huawei logo while I have the mate book 13 charging behind me I want to talk to you about the two different models so the base model I 5 256 gig SSD both models have 8 gigabytes of RAM now the base model has an integrated graphics within the processor the final upgrade you get is a dedicated graphics card and it includes the nvidia MX 150 and I actually just got done reading there’s two models of the MX 150 a 10 watt model in a 25 watt model and the 25 watt model is apparently a good amount better and that is what I read is included in the mate book 13 we can actually

check that when I turn it on now to make sure that it is actually the 25 watt model but nice extra storage faster processor dedicated graphics you should be able to do some gaming and all the latest games of course in my latest review I will go ahead and talk about all of that I have all the latest games I’ve actually been doing a lot of PC gaming feel free to follow me on Twitch and check out the live streams link down below after giving it a little bit of charge let’s go ahead and power it on for the first time now one thing I’m noticing right away is that they actually moved the webcam up towards the top of the laptop it was actually a key before on the mate book X Pro which I actually didn’t like as much for in terms of the angle I think it’s safe to say everyone prefers the webcam angle to be from a higher up point obviously it does run Windows 10 I’m gonna run through the setup real quick and I’ll be right back really great design choice while we uses in their laptops in the power button they actually embed a fingerprint scanner which works with Windows hello and also if you ever press the power button it will scan your fingerprint as you press it so you only need to press it once you don’t need to set your finger on it so let’s go ahead and set this

up and let’s go ahead and just touch our fingerprint sensor lift our finger up set it back down just keep doing that I’m doing it in different spots as well there we go now set up a pin for backup purposes it’s a close look at that keyboard on the maple 13 which actually has a decent amount of travel at one point two millimeters and of course it is a full keyboard and one more close look at that trackpad all around the laptop make note of those chamfered edges which gives it a very sleek look as I’m sure you could have guessed the mate book 13 has a 13 inch display now this is a three to two aspect ratio which I find is a good bounce especially for a 13-inch laptop when it comes to the display of the mate book 13 has a 2160 by 1440 resolution in terms of brightness it gets up to 300 nits and of course check out how minimal those bezels are yes this is a widescreen video so other than that but on the sides here even in the top and bottom of course actually 88% screen to body ratio which in comparison to MacBook Air has only an 82% screen body ratio well there’s also edit eight screen to this display which of course really sets it apart from any laptop that Apple actually has come out with and as you can see just touching the display works just fine very responsive and I did promise we would check and see if this is the faster or slower MX 150 now the numbers we’re looking for is one d twelve or one to ten one D twelve is the slower model one to ten is the faster one and if you look right here under device ID one D ten right there

so it does have the faster MX 150 I wish Huawei would actually promote that more and because I know you’re gonna want to look at the difference here is the latest MacBook Air in relation to the mate book 13 may pup 13 weighs two point eight two pounds which is actually a little bit heavier in the MacBook Air but when it comes down to it both are very light laptops the mate book 13 is actually thinner though at fourteen point nine millimeters versus fifteen point six millimeters for the air and it’s also six percent smaller I put the mate book 13 to sleep and I’d like to actually test out I put the make book 13 to sleep I’d like to show off and test out the fingerprint scanner also pressing it in conjunction with the power blood so I will press at the same time let go very quickly as you just saw and it signs me right in because it actually read my fingerprint as I press the button we can try one more test so if I want to go ahead and open up the lid it will go and load up the lock screen and let’s go ahead and set our finger on and there it is all loaded up ready to go overall that’s everything I want to talk about for now on beam mate book 13 hope you enjoyed the unboxing video if you did be sure to click that thumbs up be sure to subscribe as well so you are notified when that review goes live also we’ll compare it with the MacBook Air so those videos coming very soon drop a comment let me know what you think about the mate book 13 and as always guys thank you very much

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