Official Android 9 Pie Update!

every one suggestion Scofield below and also it’s finally main google has actually introduced what android 9 is mosting likely to be called along with turning out the official update to the pixel 2 as well as pixel 2 succeeds so if you have one of those devices examine for updates my pixel 2 XL hasn’t received it yet but my pixel 2 has the main Android 9 PI upgrade so indeed the main name is PI seems pretty plain taking into consideration there’s no flavor entailed the main image reveals the Android individual with cherries nonetheless they might have selected pumpkin pie with it being Android P beginning with the letter P Android pumpkin pie would not make feeling but anyways it is pi which sort of makes sense they’ve they’re able to include their attribute appearing called pieces with android 9 and certainly they have actually likewise stated easy as can be with android 9 so there’s some other word play heres that they can utilize now anyways the real question is what Android Q is mosting likely to be called next off because that is the following letter of the alphabet difficult ahead up with some sort of reward but I assume we all understand what Android Q is going to be called anyways I desire to go in advance as well as delve into the official Android 9 PI update talk concerning whatever that’s new

including an entirely spruced up system navigating along with some AI features as well I will certainly also be taking another look at the pixel 2 as well as pixel to master a future video clip a ballot on which one that you would such as to see me revisit currently that the Android Pi update has actually come however anyhow so let’s go ahead and discuss the main Android 9 PI update allow’s get going [Music] there is my pixel 2 as well as I did simply set up the official Android Pi update you will see right here up at the top Android variation nine you can promptly press on that as well as you do reach this Easter Egg screen that did not change from the beta at all so this is what it appears like throughout the video you will certainly see some visual changes also to the upgrade just the entire quick Settings panel obtained a spruce up in addition to other points including these settings menu you’ll see that just a second but overall let’s discuss the system gestures so first off you just have the one pill down at the base so what do you do to obtain to your house to your recent really just swipe up from that pill you get some app ideas on the bottom of the google search bar and then you have your current review of recent apps that you have open currently there’s a fast means to promptly exchange between applications you just proceed and quickly swipe to the right and it will just go in advance and also swiftly swap between your last 2 open very easy to multitask and switch over between the

2 you can press and also hold and also in fact swipe over in between different ones you see I’m holding as well as this bar turns up down near the bottom where I can swipe with all of these apps or of program if you swipe up you can just sort of swipe through with your finger something actually wonderful is within an application you can in fact swipe up as well as swipe up once more to obtain to your application cabinet or you might just do a lengthy swipe to reach your application Droege simply sort of makes it simpler and also much less of a step to need to touch the home switch and after that swipe approximately reach your app cabinet you also see down near the bottom there is a back switch that pops up and also that’s only on certain screens that you can stab in the back or else if you get on your home screen you’ll see that back button goes away now it does take a little bit to obtain used to however I actually liked the swiping gestures I liked them on various other phones also if you do desire to in fact return to a switch to obtain to your recent applications you can simply enter into system motions and instead of swipe up on the home switch just turn that off as well as you will actually reactivate all

three switches down at the bottom so you can obtain those back if you would like to and you touch on it you reach the brand-new review screen but you can still reach it via a button and after that regardless of if you have the swipe up motion or otherwise pushing and also hanging on the residence switch will certainly trigger the Google aide next allow’s chat about a few of those I settings that Google is executing into Android pi firstly adaptive battery and also that’s located within the battery setups and also what it’s going to do is make note of the applications that utilize even more than others and the ones utilized rarely and also it will certainly prioritize the applications you utilize more for battery life so it ought to help adjust in time and make your battery life even much better again I’ll require to test this out and take a look at my taken another look at video clip when that comes out next up would certainly be within display settings I’m really thrilled concerning this set it’s the flexible illumination that obtained a little bit of an upgrade so what’s mosting likely to occur is it’s going to remember your hands-on setups based on the amount of light the conditions that you are in and afterwards simply proceed and also tweak it as time takes place so let’s state I turn this all the way up which it is because I remain in a really brilliant light situation it’s mosting likely to most likely bear in mind that so when I’m in the same problem it’s probably mosting likely to bump it back up so I study time you’re going to require to make note to actually by hand alter it as you’re doing various points as you’re in different lights scenarios however I.

think over time you’ll eventually not require to touch it anymore since it will certainly bear in mind every little thing you’ve changed there’s a couple various other AI settings that have not appeared on my phone one of them being application actions and also that’s mosting likely to discover your usage of your phone and suggest particular activities when you open that application cabinet you’ll see right here following to me it being displayed and also another one called slices and that’s when you go ahead and go right into the Google search bar and kind in lift as the instance is showing it’s going to say here’s how much it’s gon na cost below’s for how long it’ll take to obtain to your specific location so just different points as well as various other alternatives within apps that you can customize as well as it will really discover your habits this next function is a tiny one yet I assume among the far better ones coming to Android 9 and also I’m uncertain why Google isn’t promoting it extra it involves vehicle turn and as a side note that vehicle revolve symbol absolutely resembles a retweet button on twitter do not hesitate to follow me there as well as retweet anything you want to constantly value it but you’ll see I have it off I more than likely will always leave it off I do not desire car rotate on any longer due to the fact that of this excellent attribute so view what happens when I turn my phone is specifically at the base below so I’m mosting likely to revolve it and also inspect.

out that icon that stands out up as well as you’ll see certainly vehicle turn off it didn’t created my display but I just merely touch that switch as well as it will go on and also revolve the display there we go exact same point vertically or horizontally which behaves due to the fact that I locate that a lot of times it will certainly just exit I may be laying on my side or something as well as it will certainly just revolve for me but in this manner if if I’m do not want it to in fact turn it won’t but I can in fact trigger it if I require to so I believe this is mosting likely to be one of the far better functions and once again as I mentioned visually points have transformed the clock is currently in the top left hand corner when I swipe down once again certainly those quick settings are a bit different also simply overall symbols are a bit are a bit different I’m seeing when I press and hold on the house home launcher this bubble will certainly turn up particularly where I really press and also hang on the display screen the home launcher still has the Google currently setups on the far left side as well as naturally as I stated it does have the app cabinet the swipe up and suggested apps up at the top which you can in fact shut off using your home setups you additionally see that the call pictures are shown within the string in your notices which is truly nice makes it look actually tidy also the Google messages app is mosting likely to begin having smart replies so you’ll start to see that turning out within your notification shade within display screen setups you can most likely to sophisticated and you will certainly see tool motif now do not obtain as well.

excited there’s not always a system-wide style if I do pick dark it in fact will simply basically motif the fast settings panel right here so with any luck they will turn out some kind of system-wide dark setting in the future that is not there yet however you will certainly see you can likewise have it be automatic based on wallpaper or just change it to light or dark the ambient screen got a little an update you’ll see it reveals the moment it reveals the day together with the weather condition if you have any notifications and after that down near the bottom you do have the battery percent together with if the track’s playing it does have now playing still on the Google pixel I am discovering there’s a little bit of a vibrate now when you actually take down the notice tray simply a really refined resonance that it has yet you can feel it you can push hold the power switch that power food selection is currently on your appropriate side extremely easy with one-handed use with a screen shot right there additionally pushing the quantity switches turns on media sound controls by default so it doesn’t always utilize your ring volume anymore you can really touch on this icon to just quiet mute your.

particular media by default faucet on this icon to switch in between vibrate silent and also ringer or you can press the Settings switch and enter into every one of your sound setups there’s additionally a quick shortcut to establish it to shake mode press quantity up as well as power switch as well as it will in fact switch to vibrate only Texas election got a really wonderful update I am a huge fan of it so if I proceed as well as continue among these symbols you’ll see a magnifier turn up so you can really see and also specify the kind of message that you would certainly such as to pick overall you release you get all your common choices translate search share choose I’ll click duplicate paste all that excellent things as well as it functions while you are in summary setting so you’ll see here I can go on and pick some text while in my review setting and this is fantastic since it works with wise text selection for those of you not familiar with clever message option it’s really among the far better features of Android when you pick message it in fact acknowledges what you’re selecting there it believes it’s a telephone number I can go on and press call as well as go straight to my dialer if I go on as well as select this you’ll see it’s.

picking every one of the message as well and also brings up an e-mail since it identifies that it’s an email address and afterwards this one may not work oh it does so I put one two 3 oak road as well as it recognizes hey that’s an address do you wish to open it in maps so truly amazing and also it works in that summary display currently something Google is bring out in the loss it’s in fact in beta today I will make a video clip on the beta once I get it on my phone so remain tuned for that it’s called electronic well being and there’s mosting likely to be a dashboard to speak about what apps you utilize the most you’ll have an app timer to type of limit the amount of time that you invest in applications if you so choose Do Not Disturb will include a pair a lot more features including a line down mode when you select it your display blue light filter will activate and after that at some point transition into totally grayscale so anyways that’s almost whatever I desire to show off for the Android 9pi up they ideally took pleasure in the video clip if you did make sure to click that thumbs up button be sure to subscribe also a whole lot even more insurance coverage coming in Android 9 in the future stay tuned for that and also as constantly people thanks quite.

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