Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs. Note 8: A Note-able Upgrade!

everyone Tim Schofield here in New York City really active really loud today below to compare the brand-new Galaxy Note 9 and the note 8 discuss all the distinctions and the primary upgrades as well to the note 9 drop a comment let me know if you think it deserves upgrading or if one which one you’re going to select that apart more note 9 protection coming extremely quickly click that subscribe button I’m also doing a very unique experience video with the note 9 I’m really looking ahead to it truly thrilled so actually hyping it up to ensure that’s coming soon click that subscribe switch so apart from that let’s go in advance and also delve into it as well as compare the note 9 and the no dates [Songs] to start with start with layout and simply considering the gadget you may not see any type of difference however there are some design adjustments with the note 9 right overall firstly the display got a little larger it is in fact 0.1 inches bigger so 6.4 inches on the note 9 versus 6.3 inches on the note 8 very same display screen resolution same innovation Super AMOLED technology but however when we proceed as well as line up the bottoms you

will certainly observe that chin uses up less space on the note 9 on the right there likewise observe that the note 8 is proper really dropped it on some concrete’s in 2015 however so been dealing with that for some time yet moving along completely up as well as you’ll see that the note 9 screens just a little taller which is where that factor one inches comes in nonetheless with all-time lows lined up you’ll notice height sensible they’re almost the same really the footprint of the general device is just concerning the precise very same you’ll see perhaps just somewhat bigger total however height smart nearly the exact same when you line it up and afterwards when it involves thickness I believe the note note 9 is just barely thicker and after that obviously likewise worth keeping in mind is that the note 9 is just a little much heavier nevertheless holding it in the hand you truly can not discriminate one more subtle modification for the better in my point of view is that he elevated up the buttons a little bit so I’m pleasantly holding the note 9 and also you will certainly notice that the power button is basically appropriate over my thumb so I simply have to rise a little bit to really lock the display now when I proceed and also hold the note 8 you’ll see my thumb entirely rests on that power switch now additionally my center finger rests on that huge speed switch that gets on the side here so you do have your volume buttons as well as your big rate button as well as I locate that I will most likely inadvertently push the Bigsby however unless on the note 9 since when you have the note 9 in your hand and also I’m holding it frequently my center finger does not be available in contact with that large rate switch like it on the no date

below’s a fast close comparison to see nearly exactly how much they elevated those switches with the quantity rocker bixby switch and the power button as well a welcome addition in my point of view hopefully going to press the large rate button a mishap much less the back of the phone got a little bit of a transformation the note 9 you’ll see it has a various seek to the cam plan also the finger print scanner got bumped listed below the electronic camera module which is one more welcome enhancement due to the fact that it was a little difficult to reach when it got on the appropriate side I located myself mistakenly pressing on the electronic camera occasionally yet with this this is in a great spot it’s in fact very comfy to get to as well as unlock your phone certainly there were brand-new shades presented however likewise you’ll see it has a much more metal look to the sides as opposed to that glossy appearance that the note 8 had also I’m discovering that the s-pen on the note 9 protrudes out just a little bit greater than it did on the note 8 so I find when I push in for the S Pen on the note 8 I push on the phone sides a little a lot more than I do on the note 9 just a very small difference I have actually noticed yet it really is a welcome change that it protrudes out simply a little bit more as well as despite all these design changes making the note 9 a little bit extra slim low a lot more sleek they included a lot more battery so it truly you’ll see they added a larger battery didn’t actually make it any type of bulkier whatsoever a 4000 milliamp hour battery rather than a 3300 milliamp hr battery which must improve battery life a fair bit fired up to evaluate it out more video clips coming

soon be certain to click that subscribe switch the note 9 has a newer cpu the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 rather than the 835 which is practically 30% power effectiveness and also 30% even more rate so you ought to most definitely see some rate renovations also battery life enhancements with the more recent processor whether you’re doing some high-end video gaming playing that brand-new fortnight video game or simply doing some heavy multitasking efficiency must be amazing the note 9 provides even more storage also at a base of 128 gigabytes likewise a the SD card can support up to 512 gigabytes so you can really broaden your storage a little greater than you can on the note 8 there’s additionally a 512 job design of the note 9 which also has 8 gigabytes of RAM the note 8 has 6 gigabytes of RAM as does the 128 gig variation of the note 9 nevertheless the 512 gig barian has 8 gigabytes of RAM as well as at this moment I do not assume you always require the 8 gigabyte of RAM but in the future I foresee you possibly requiring it for more higher extensive video gaming especially with mobile gaming taking off I believe a whole lot even more programmers are going to have even more RAM intensive video games so I think it’s great for currently to have 6 gigs however I believe it will certainly help future-proof your phone if you get the 8 job version the note 9 also has a far better face unlock because it makes use of the intelligent check which they did announce with the s 9 as well as s 9 plus basically it combines the Android face unlock and the iris scanner that is up in the direction of the top of both of these tools so it must have be more

accurate operate in even more lighting circumstances in various conditions you’ll see this does have face and iris scanning nonetheless it doesn’t have the smart check option which utilizes both with each other as well as naturally can not forget the S Pen in both an all new shade with the note 9 with heaven variant that needs to see the blue end wonderful gold trim and afterwards a yellow pen general design I noticed the switch on the note 9 S pen’s a bit smaller sized as you can tell which trim doesn’t prolong as far on the note 9 pen either but aside from that really feels very comparable in the hand I in fact do like the size and weight of it it’s shaped a little different a little bit more square feeling which I like I believe it’s a wonderful upgrade but in general the most significant change is that it utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy so you can manage your phone with it so you can start taking images by pressing the button you can proceed as well as maybe manage a slideshow or play time out videos songs so there’s a whole lot of regulating currently you can do and also it’s an open SDK so programmers can actually develop for it and also implement points into their apps as well as trendy methods to utilize the s-pen the cam on the note 9 also obtained a bump they both do have telephoto lens so you can zoom as much as 2 times without losing any kind of photo quality nonetheless what the wide-angle lens on the note 9 it has an F 1.5 aperture in contrast to the F 1.7 aperture on the note 8 but also the

note 9 has double aperture capacities so it can open the lens to allow more light in as well as lower light circumstances and also close it if there’s a great deal of light which was in fact launched on the s9 so the note nine low-light shots should be better likewise the note 9 has the slo-mo abilities the no. 9 also has something called a scene optimizer which instantly change the color setups of your pictures to match the subject and also I saw around New york city it identified structures as well as various other items too right here’s all the various scenes food picture flowers interior animals sky mountains beaches you see there’s really a great deal of scenes including message backlit birds so you’ll see it will certainly go in advance and also enhance it really delighted to examine this out a bit more of course we’ll mention this in a future upgrade but the note 8 does not have this feature there is likewise a defect detection so you can get notified when someone blinks or if it gets blurred if there’s spots on the video camera lens a bit brand-new there will in fact stand out up as a bubble that’s practically it everything I intend to chat concerning comparing the galaxy note 9 versus the Galaxy Note 8 certainly dropped comment let me understand what you believe if you think it’s worth the upgrade with any luck delight in the video if you did click that thumbs up switch and as constantly individuals thanks extremely a lot

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