Apple iPhone X vs. Palm Pre!

everyone Tim Schofield right here as well as I have 2 of the leading phones out now the iPhone 10 and also the Palm Pre now not truly yet I have noticed while utilizing the apple iphone 10 it truly does advise me of making use of the old hand pre from a long time ago particularly the motions and a great deal of things in the individual interface so I intend to go on as well as place both of these head-to-head as well as let’s inspect them both out so right here are the two side-by-side the apple iphone 10 sporting a 5.8 inch screen whereas the Palm Pre has a tremendous 3.1 inch screen so if you simulate a more compact phone opt for the Hand Pre without a doubt as well as await it covert slide it on up and also you have a specialized hardware physical keyboard on the Palm Pre which the iPhone 10 does not have so the Hand Pre undoubtedly vanquishes the apple iphone 10 with the physical keyboard in addition to that physical key-board you do have somewhat of a house switch to go back to your cards you have a motion location an alert location and after that right here is your residence dock that you can personalize and the main section where you do have your cards on the side of the iPhone 10 you do have a button to in fact place it in ring setting or quiet setting and afterwards up on top of that Hand Pre there’s a switch right below which does the specific same thing ring setting or quiet setting inspecting out the rear of both both have back electronic cameras a double 12 megapixel video camera on the apple iphone 10 and also a massive 3 megapixels on the Palm Pre however on the back of the Hand Pre once you glide it up there’s a mirror you can go on as well as inspect your hair do your make-up the apple iphone 10 obviously does not have this mirror so

most definitely got the edge to the Hand Pre with the mirror on the back of the phone currently allow’s relocation along to where things get extremely similar especially with the iPhone 10 and the absence of a residence switch as well as the motions that required to actually come out so allow’s say for instance we go into the Settings app and also we wish to go residence we can simply go on as well as swipe approximately go home now you’ll see there’s no application cabinet on the apple iphone 10 to reach all of your apps on the Hand Pre all you need to do is go ahead and press that switch it’ll go in advance and also load them up you could swipe over in between web pages and that is where all your apps are whereas on the residence screen the card rest on your home screen currently these cards look really acquainted as well if you just go ahead and enter into your recent applications on your apple iphone 10 as well as you’ll see right here I went in advance as well as did so you can go in advance as well as scroll through every one of them nevertheless you wish to on the Hand Pre you can really tap just beyond them and also you obtain a longer list of every one of them to actually zoom out and scroll a bit much faster as opposed to each app individually currently I will likewise mention there is a gesture location at the end of the Palm Pre simply above that residence button as well as like the iPhone 10 allow’s just proceed as well as swipe on over Oh check that out it is swapping between every one of those open applications all

back-and-forth as well as now examine what takes place if I do the very same thing at the end of the iPhone 10 it is exchanging between every one of these open apps similar to the Hand Pre used to currently if you swipe up on the Palm Pre examine it out it reaches that card version swipe up it’ll either go residence if you release or you can stop as well as obtain to those cards on the apple iphone 10 now the home switch will in fact also take you to that card sight or enter into that app as a great deal of you recognize I’m not a fan of notifications on iphone 11 but on the Hand Pre they really turned up near the bottom as well as you’ll see a black bar show up as well as you can really just touch because black bar and it’ll sneak peek what it is you can in fact swipe it away if you would certainly like to or touch to go right into that details app and also you’ll see right here I simply attempted to send an arbitrary text as well as after that if we go home as well as we wish to go on and fill up one more application you can simply go ahead and also you’ll see look at the check out that symbol for YouTube consider how out-of-date that is however it will certainly not connect to the YouTube web server

I can not actually go into the YouTube application you’ll see enrollment failed shot later however I can go ahead and also fill up the internet internet browser and then you’ll see it also has a shortcut to myspace if you would certainly like to examine that out now you can still see video clips if you simply go via the internet browser so if you desired to click on one of these videos you simply touch on it and strike watch video clip as well as it should fill it on up in that really high quality just so as you can see it is going via and trying to look at that Wow look at that high quality very outstanding palm looks wonderful so as you can see not the best quality however I will claim there’s a motion location for the back switch on the Hand Pre so if I did desire to go back I can simply do a quick swipe to the left evidently it could not work in websites so it did so you simply do a quick swipe to the left whereas on the iPhone 10 you just swipe from the left over and also go back so comparable motion there with the back gesture now right here’s both the camera app side-by-side you could just go in advance and push the button as well as you’ll see you could be able to take a little bit more photos at one time on the iPhone 10 the high quality could be a little far better however there’s no physical space bar that you can press to in fact take that button and also you’ll see there is a front-facing video camera on the iPhone 10 nevertheless there isn’t one on the Palm Pre so you have to flip it around however fortunately there’s that mirror so you can kind of obtain an idea of what your gon na take a picture of and also take some selfies as well as ultimately when you’re in that card sight you can actually simply

go on and swipe on up and it will certainly close out now in the apple iphone 10 you can not do that you have to take an added action so you’ll see swiping up simply gets you back to your house now what you have to do is in that recent apps card view you have to press and also hold on the app and after that you can go on and swipe approximately close simply like Believe It or otherwise the Hand Pre really similar so as you can tell a whole lot of these gestures actually did advise me of the Palm Pre so now naturally the decision which one is much better that’s a challenging selection both are really good you do get a physical key-board on the Hand Pre together with very similar motions to that of the iPhone 10 so if you’re aiming to acquire the iPhone 10 possibly you’re going to intend to think about the awesome Palm Pre so there you have it individuals figured I make a little bit of a fun video for you simply to kind of check out some old innovation and just sort of see just how it can affect future phones and also how the operating system can be influenced by previous ones this does run internet OS which is totally outdated currently yet I figure there’s a lot of fun to examine it out and display the contrast I wish you appreciated this video clip make certain to click that thumbs up great deals of more video clips to find be sure to subscribe too and as constantly individuals thank you significantly

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