Make Your iPhone 8 Modular With This Case!

hey everyone Tim Schofield here as well as I’m really excited to show off this product to you because I’m a substantial follower of modularity and modern technology and this case for your apple iphone does just that so I’m gon na go ahead and also reveal you how to make your apple iphone H iPhone 8 plus iphone 10 modular with the Rhinocerous shield modular instance now scream out to rhino guard for sending out all these items I’ll reveal off tons of different instances alternatives lenses so thanks to them as well as likewise thanks to them for sponsoring this video clip so below is my apple iphone 8 as well as you’ll notice in the back it has actually a lens attached to it as well as it’s in fact connected to this white bumper instance that I have on out offer you a close-up in simply a second yet right now I intend to reveal you how fast and also very easy it is to actually switch out these lenses since that’s one of things that I believe is truly trendy so I just took off that lens as well as here is another one and you might simply go ahead and also align the screws and also slide it in this lens each lens is different based upon which utilize case you intend to make use of all right yeah incredibly simple to switch so currently have the situation I’ll establish on my apple iphone 8 and the add-on item as well I want to establish that sideways for simply a.

2nd just to type of flaunt the instances they even use some shatterproof screen protectors if you like so below’s my apple iphone 8 plus definitely no case on it whatsoever as well as here’s a pair options you have so the case itself is component modular in terms of the quantity of protection you ‘d such as on it so this is simply the bumper case there you can go in advance as well as stand out on they will certainly do a drop test with just the bumper instance as well as a display guard on it in just a second stay tuned for that and also I will connect to every one of these things down below currently anyways this is a bumper situation as well nevertheless I have a back plate mounted now you do you need a back plate if you wish to have the lens accessory a lot more on that particular in a second as well as also take an appearance at the sides here currently the switches do obtain hidden yet you can personalize these switches so these buttons are modular you can just pop them out as well as change them with different ones as well as you’ll see for example my iPhone 8 right below has blue switches so combined it up a little with the white situation as well as blue buttons and you’ll see just the selected black as well as white for my apple iphone II plus to contribute to that modularity you have lens accessories for the case you have 4 various ones to pick from each one does feature a good little bring bag very soft feeling to even clean up the lens with if you would certainly like and also if you intend to protect even additionally they all have lens caps that feature it.

the very first lens is that rhinocerous guard HD wide-angle lens as well as this is their largest lens and likewise their most premium one as well as this has a 110 level sight angle on it next up you have an incredibly broad angle lens if you desire much more of a viewing angle you’ll see right here we go HD very large lens and also this is really 165 levels of a view angle next one is one of the most intriguing in my viewpoint since it has a macro lens on it but it also combines as a wide-angle lens so it’s a 2 in one I’ll give you examples of all these lenses quite quickly but this set really goes from below’s the wide-angle lens as well as if you go in advance and also screw the round off right here is the macro lens as well as lastly rather self-explanatory yet you have a 180 level view angle fisheye lens so currently to really set up these lenses to connect your instance it’s very easy so the bumper case has the framework as well as this rim right here that you actually just secure if you don’t desire to use it as simply a bumper case I require a backplate and to use that accessory you do require a backplate which they have different ones so you’ll see you have a clear option right here you have a carbon fiber looking one and I do have a marbled one on my iPhone 8 so they do provide a broad choice on their web site below’s the lens piece you put right into your instance as well as you want it to extend out the back so you can really screw in your different lenses really easy you line it up with your 2 lenses and also obviously with the twin lens you can in fact use both that’s one great thing.

they actually thought about that so it didn’t leave the telephoto lens out so currently you just go on and also break it on in as well as certainly it is very tight and protected we can actually take a closer appearance and also also both of them they are extremely tight and also actually look excellent really as well as you’ll see there’s the attachment on the back of that one and also the attachment on the back of the apple iphone 8 so currently all you truly need to do is get your apple iphone and also I guess in the case of the eight plus choose which lens you wish to utilize I think the within wishes to inform photo ones the outdoors one is the routine one don’t hold me to that but virtually all you require to do is just line it up and screw it on in extremely straightforward that’s exactly how it was so simple to really swap these out tighten it don’t over tighten it just make sure it’s secure and you are great to go and you’ll see right here I currently have the video camera app loaded up and also it’s using that lens now to actually snap those photos and now to give you an example of what it resembles without this even more of a wide-angle lens so we’re gon na pop this lens off to offer you a concept you see check out how a lot closer that in fact is and also if I intend to go in advance and you see I can stand out on various other lenses to offer you just a quick sneak peek when it’s screwed on the high quality gets.

better but you’ll see that quick sneak peek of exactly how much a lot more you can in fact match that image which is wonderful when you’re looking at structures or other things that you desire even more of a wide-angle want to it so you see exactly how vast this is that’s the largest alternative they have yet in regards to and after that obviously you do have the fisheye lens as well as once more I’ll go on and pack some some alternatives up yet right here’s the fisheye one quite common fisheye lens as well as obviously one of the most fundamental feature is as an instance as well as we wished to shield our tools so let’s go outdoors as well as do a drop test so currently I wish to proceed as well as do a drop examination with also this is gon na be on concrete and also you’ll see below entirely working phone and also there’s a display protector on it along a rhinocerous guard screen protector together with that Rhinocerous guard bumper situation and no support whatsoever and also you’ll see down on the ground here we have actually got some concrete so allow’s go on and also do this I’m gon na do it all in one take so you don’t think I’m editing or anything like that so below we copulate ahead as well as I have to do with 6 foot 2 like I claimed all in one take as well as ideally absolutely nothing bad occurred to this phone I do not think it will certainly they were pretty positive and you’ll see here check it out the bumper a little scratched a little damaged as anticipated that took took a tumble and also allow’s have a look at the back of it and the phone looks totally fine the display is in total.

working can addition and also the situation did an excellent work at protecting your apple iphone as well as lastly I wan na offer you an example of some shots I took utilizing my apple iphone 8 with the Rhino shield lens add-on so allow’s delve into photos there’s simply a truly basic photo I took simply to offer you a concept of the depth that you can include to it so here we go first of all this is taken with the normal camera absolutely nothing too insane now successive here’s the very broad angle lens as well as you’ll see just how much more align leading as well as down reduced and also a few of the sofa even both home windows an audio speaker right there and then next up we have the HD wide-angle lens as well as that is that so you’ll see not as much window over right here now this much couch and after that successive is the macro and also wide-angle add-on lens the two-in-one lens as well as after that ultimately is that fisheye lens so if you wish to go ahead as well as take a fisheye picture undoubtedly because it’s connected to the lens in an equipment since it will work in snapchat Instagram Twitter as well as even taking video so this is simply the regular lens up really did not imply to really play this one since backwards here is the wide-angle lens you see it includes extra offers you more of that vlog feel the wide angle lens including far more right into your shot and also after that exact same progression of the specific same lenses as I previously stated you see they all function just great and afterwards right here is the last wide-angle 1 as well as the fisheye lens when taking a video clip which fisheye is most definitely a skill that I do not.

necessarily have however they do create some great pictures and also videos as well as right here’s simply some example shots of that fisheye lens you’ll see even obtained a little a lens flare going from the Sunlight gone and also simply a close-up of that plant currently this is taken with the regular lens relocating along you do have the extra extremely broad angle lens you see just how much more is consisted of in the shot and also once more very same development with these shots as well as they end up really terrific and fisheye finally there’s likewise that macro lens II get some truly awesome shots if you’re actually close and this is of the inside of a blossom simply a real close-up of hey geeks candy box right here’s a consider the Google pixel back video camera so some really neat close-ups so in general that’s it for the Rhinocerous guard modular case and some add-ons also most definitely be certain to inspect it out I’ll connect to it down below I simply enjoy just how you can not only tailor the situation module early however also add-on lenses to boost the camera on your iPhone and also try different lenses too so hope you enjoyed this video clip if you did click that thumbs up and also actually value it subscribe for a lot even more and as always guys thank you extremely much.

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