Samsung DeX Unboxing and Demo: Galaxy S8 Desktop Dock!

hey everyone Tim Schofield here and it’s time to take a look at the samsung decks station it is a desktop experience dock so what you can do is actually drop in your Galaxy s8 or s8 plus and actually use it as a desktop I’m gonna go ahead and connect it to my monitor also go ahead and show you guys real quick what’s in the box set it all up and get things going and give a quick demonstration as well so to begin you’ll see it runs off of HDMI UHD 4k 100 megabit Ethernet and 2 x USB 2.0 so on the back you’ll see here USB 2.0 2.0 Ethernet HDMI and USB type-c as well so let’s go ahead and open this guy up and real quick see what all comes in this box and right away you do have your docking station which does have some wrapper on it on the back here I’ll talk about this in just a second you have an adaptive fast start similar to one that came with the Galaxy S eight black right here and then I believe this should be a USB type-c cable and it is so used to be type a do USB type-c to charge charger decks docking station finally you have a Quick Start Guide in case you need to know how to do anything and that’s pretty much it that would be everything in the box so let’s go ahead and grab our dock and take a close look at it so on top here you’ll see a

little bit of an arrow so you really just have to push up and it reveals that USB type-c connector right there as well down at the bottom pretty much just FCC information here’s a look at the back so it looks like it has some vents or they may be speakers I’m not exactly sure off to test that out in just a second finishing off you have your two USB type-a slots your Ethernet slot HDMI and your USB type-c for some charging ok so I went ahead and grabbed my Galaxy s8 and also I connected my decks to this monitor right here through HDMI I plugged it in via USB type-c I also inputted my wireless mouse that I have right here and also connected a Bluetooth keyboard to my phone so let’s go ahead and test it out for the first time I’m gonna press the power button on my monitor and then plug this guy in and we’ll take a look at what actually happens to the device because it is initiative power it is charging the phone and it says welcome to Samsung Dex and it says start using Dex or switch to screen mirroring so you have a couple options you’ll see here it says welcome to Samsung decks as well tap start Samsung Dex on your from the start so I’m gonna go ahead and

press start samsung Dex and looks like it powers off the screen right here brings our monitor to a Samsung depth screen and there we go here is our new desktop alright so let’s run through a couple of things as you can see I have a mouse right there moving around obviously connected to this Mouse which you will need the screen completely shuts off right here if you press the power button on your Galaxy S a which I will do right here it will actually lock your desktop and if you press the power button again you’ll see it takes you to whatever lock screen you have so you can just go ahead and type in your preset lock screen to unlock your desktop now see your notifications as a glance at a glance you’ll see in the bottom right they will show up so you see I have a bunch of notifications my Verizon LTE all that stuff expand or collapse the menus we’ll talk about that in a second multitask easily you’ll find all of your open apps neatly lined up on the taskbar and then here’s a notice just a bunch of stuff I don’t really know anything out of your day some decks only supports F HD so 1080p

resolutions so some high resolution content may look a little different and that’s pretty minute much it so let’s go ahead hit start and it says make sure all four corners of our monitor fit looks pretty good to me I’m gonna go ahead and hit OK and there we go so we’re all ready to go looks like you can minimize and maximize information if you tap on the date and time you can bring up a specific calendar I’m not gonna do so at the moment you have a drop up menu to actually go to those quick shortcuts so if you wanted to go ahead and turn on Wi-Fi if you didn’t want to use specific 4G LTE or not let’s you know you are connected to there’s that keyboard I’m connected to out II audio output you can have it be your phone or the display device so I have it as my phone let’s go ahead and test and see if that was X those were actually speakers on the back so to test this out let’s go to our app drawer and I do want to make note that the wheel on my mouse does work and I’m rollin with it let’s go to Chrome and you’ll see loads of Google and here is a window while it while it is docked you can

actually resize this window any way you’d like to vertically or horizontally or you can go fullscreen as well if you’d like to so what with that said let’s try out the keyboard and go to things up our mobile website which we should be able to say hey let’s request desktop website because of course we are docked and would like to use it as a desktop so you see it loads it up just fine seems to scroll quickly as well let me just go to one of my videos just to test out the speakers on the back of it I want to actually double-check and see if those are speakers so let’s click on way moto G 5 alright so I’m gonna go ahead and turn up the media volume and you’ll see it is coming out of some speaker let’s double check and for those of you wondering these are not speakers on the back the sound is using the phone speakers which does have a bit of a curve into it so the sound will emit towards you when you have it in front of you so it’s not a terrible sounding by any means but of course you may want to consider some sort of external speakers probably a Bluetooth speaker because it looks like you won’t be

able to access and the headphone jack while it is plugged into your dock ok now that we’ve gotten that out of the way let’s continue on I’m gonna close out of the Chrome App and we’ll take a look at our notifications down here so you have a gmail notification so you’ll see right here you do have an email I’m going to close out of it and it goes away something else using Samsung decks you can tap here to switch the screen muttering I’m not going to do so at the moment and then letting you know the Cubs of course are beating the Pittsburgh Pirates at the moment let’s try out a couple more things why not let’s go into our recent apps button so you’ll see have a close all button and it brings up really quickly and you still have that home button so if you jump into settings the home button isn’t necessarily as relevant oh looks like you have to double click on any of these specific apps right here my files so let’s see what happens if I press the home button right here it minimizes all of your apps and of course you can easily multitask with the multitasking button or you can open up these apps in that minimized tray right here and changing options looks like you don’t have a lot of things you can change while it is docked a screen timeout lets you know probably when it will actually lock as well now I want to try and open up the camera

and actually see what that does oh it works so you can still use your camera while you’re docked and snap a picture look you’re gonna have to move your dock of course but that’s that’s a little strange I don’t really know why you would necessarily need to use your camera so that means maybe snapchat would work as well let’s go ahead I actually don’t think I’ve snapchat loaded up on this device or at least signed in to say the least next up let’s try and load up a game so here is Altos adventure I’m gonna put that to the side and actually send a text message real quick so let’s go to load up the messages app that I have and let’s compose a quick message so you’ll see I’m typing a text now to myself and I misspelled my own name there we go hey Tim press ENTER and it presses enter I actually have to press the send button looks like and there we go so it loads up hey Tim sends it on off and now what I’m gonna do is actually grab my phone and I

did get that text message actually and I’m gonna text myself back so I want you to go ahead and keep an eye on the screen I’m gonna send a text and there you go in the bottom right it pops up you can hit call mark as read or reply so if you hit reply you don’t even have to leave whatever app you’re in you can go ahead and press reply go and hit enter and it sends it on off ok let’s go ahead and go up to this app now and I don’t know if I’ve actually loaded up Altos adventure seems like this app cannot be resized which I guess kind of is what it is I’m tapping the start and it doesn’t look like it’s doing anything I’m gonna try my keyboard and that doesn’t look like it’s doing anything either so a little unfortunate there’s a chance that some games may or may not work as it said it actually stated that when I loaded that up and it looks like ltos adventure might be one of them I can go ahead and try another one let’s try asphalt 8 that’s well they can’t run so that’s what it says it says that one cannot run at all maybe let’s try trust the old peanut if you want to play Pinochle single-decker double-deck looks like that game works so some games are going to work and other ones probably are not so let’s go ahead and just go ahead and press a card and you’ll see you can play just fine and last time I go ahead and make a phone call I will

be doing a full review so drop a comment and let me know what you’d like to see in a future video also you can right-click on apps and pin them to the taskbar so if there’s specific apps you want down at the bottom always you can go ahead and pin those all right so I’m gonna go ahead and call my own phone and hit the call button and you see it loads on up and I am now getting a phone call as you can see from this specific phone and it automatically puts it on speaker hello yeah there’s gonna be a feedback loop there but anyways you’ll see it worked just fine got everything going you can make calls and automatically jumps into speakerphone so you don’t necessarily have to pick it up out of the specific dock finally there’s a quick screen shot button as well so you can go ahead and take a quick screenshot and edit it if you’d like to let’s go ahead and take one more and then press the draw button and there you go you can actually draw on whatever screen shot you took so anyways that’s really about it that would be the Samsung decks application lots more to come and I definitely utilize this day-to-day give you guys some more impressions on it as well so click that subscribe button you follow me on various social media as always guys thank you very

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