LG G6 Water Test and Size Comparison!

every 110 Schofield here if you saw my first look video clip you discover that I did get the LGG 6 a little bit very early to do some coverage on as well as I want to do a video discussing a new attribute at the very least two LG gadgets which would be it has an IP 68 ranking so it is dust as well as water resistant the water resistance is up to 1.5 meters at half an hour so what I wish to do is go on and also throw this in water maybe try to use it under water simply kind of see how it responds also and afterwards certainly additionally shelf an additional new function wireless billing on LG G 6 currently to start I wish to discuss that this is not the final retail version of the g6 as the sneak peek system that LG had actually sent out over now prior to I do dip this in water I intend to speak about a pair size contrasts now the LG G 6 has a 5.7 inch present it looks terrific on the front keeping that very minimal bezels also as well as to offer you an idea of the dimension of it in addition to simply kind of the screen dimension the s7 side has a 5.5 inch present you’ll see the G 6 is a little bit larger however when you placed both bodies as much as each other let’s state you’ll see the s7 edge could be a little taller simply somewhat so very comparable sized bodies however you’ll notice that the LG G 6 is display screen is a little

bigger currently for the iPhone 7 plus 5.5 inch display screens also smaller sized too other than the difference in between the body size is definitely a lot various so have a look at that a bigger screen on the g6 and also it’s definitely a much smaller sized body than that on the apple iphone 7 plus so let’s go and also obtain started so with the G 6 it’s ip68 waterproof I’m going to go on as well as just begin a fast stopwatch I think and drop it in the water while it’s running so let’s proceed as well as do that and you’ll see simply drop it right in the stopwatch is running just fine this should not be much of a problem to be straightforward with water resistance I find that I you like it a great deal when it’s drizzling out as well as I desire to pull my phone out or occasionally I’ve unintentionally splashed a mug of water or something on the device so much more so accidents than on function so C decreasing in appears to be functioning just fine going through I’m gon na get a little bit even more time in the water I’ll be right back alright so you’ll see I’ve really had it in the water for a little bit over five minutes of summer season ticket time I’m mosting likely to go ahead and just type of take it out as well as you’ll see the screen or the screen appears to be working I can swipe through the lower switches do not appear to be working however at the very least they’re not responding

for the time being oh there it goes so allow’s believe I’m going to require to dry it off first but before I do dry it off I’m mosting likely to dip it back in test out this wireless charging Wow the device is actually wet still so let’s go on and also do that not really a real-world scenario yet it did work you’ll see charging 55% down at the base so cordless charging does function while the gadget is what I would not always advise it however it does work just fine and of course what is the LG G 6 does have cordless billing simply as a whole now next I intend to go in advance and also attempt and use this gadget what’s undersea the fingerprint check is truly covered with water so I should most likely dry it off unlock this gadget and also right here we go so let’s go on and open up the camera application the displays truly not receptive so what I wish to go on as well as do is actually explain that you can utilize the quantity rockers to take an image so for whatever factor you want to take a photo underwater you can proceed and do so by putting it under water and simply using that quantity down or volume up switch actually let me attempt quantity up quantity up appears to work as well and also you’ll see that camera roll is filling with just blue pictures as well as try and also take a photo of myself while it’s underwater also may obtain the electronic camera and also me so I went ahead as well as use the quantity

down switch it’s not going to transform up that well obviously the water’s coming expected yet there’s my face from underwater a bit a little different yet certainly you can proceed and also attempt to take some photos undersea if you pack up the cam you just press that document switch then go ahead as well as put it under the water as well as you can catch some video clip underwater also but great to understand that this phone seems to be working simply great allow me go in advance and completely dry it off as well as I’ll be right back okay so I proceeded and dry out the LG G 6 off as well as it appears to be functioning simply fine cam tons up great I can snap some quick photos the display appears to be working also extremely receptive back to regular currently keeping that being stated I wish to test out another point would certainly be the audio speaker and also remember I want to let you people understand that the water will certainly spend some time to completely dry of the tool if you accidently submerge it underwater however I intend to proceed as well as evaluate out the speaker it’s most likely wonderful I’m rather muffled at initial so don’t assume that poor point is just how it’s meant to due to the fact that there’s water in there so let’s mosting likely to transform this on and it really will shoot water out of the speaker because just as a result of the pressure of the

audio so if I go in advance as well as immerse it while it’s playing this track you’ll listen to the water undoubtedly is mosting likely to stifle the music when I most likely to pull it out I want you to make note of the audio speaker and also enjoy just how it just kind of fires the water out of the speaker because it’s just type of being in there so as you can see it appears truly strange as well as it fires water out of it but do not allow that hinder you after a little of time it’s mosting likely to seem back to normal after that water in fact completely dry but anyways that’s it for the water examination it pass seems to work simply great so I’m in fact pretty happy LG did consist of water resistance on the LG g6 it’s simply practical nice comfort little function and naturally cordless charging is there too so you can go ahead and also drop your tool on a wireless battery charger if you would love to you see goes on and starts charging it’s practically it hope you enjoyed this video extra LG g6 protection to find remain tuned click that subscribe button too and also as always guys thanks extremely much

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