Google Wifi Unboxing and Setup!

everyone Tim Schofield right here and I have the all new Google Wi-Fi in my hands this is the one that comes with 3 why five factors shout out to Google for sending me these to attempt out this video clip I’m gon na go ahead and unbox show you what is available in the product packaging as well as then also set it up attach it to my modem as well as also obtain the net running with that being claimed this simply appeared I will link to it down below if you have an interest in some even more information yet allow’s go on and obtain this man unboxed currently to start allow’s speak about a couple of points first off the first Wi-Fi factor is mosting likely to attach your modem I think it works in conjunction with your on up I’ll speak concerning that even more in my full evaluation and after that certainly there is a new Google Wi-Fi application they simply updated the on center app and also you’ll see inside the Wi-Fi factors adapter is Ethernet cable television and a Quick Begin Overview and also now here’s a concept of the amount of you’ll require based upon the dimension of your house apartment depending upon the dimension and also of program I actually

have three levels where I live so this will actually be wonderful that I have three due to the fact that I can have among the major floor one on the second floor as well as one on the third flooring and after that here is some tech specifications so you get AC 1200 routers 2×2 wave 2 Wi-Fi and after that the expandable mesh Wi-Fi which suggests it will immediately change in between the various points relying on where you go to in your residence flawlessly as well opening up the box and you are welcomed with your Wi-Fi points extremely white product packaging as you can see really minimal each Wi-Fi point has a slight G on the top and afterwards you’ll see this will in fact be illuminate once I plug it in I’ll show that off as soon as I do and after that you’ll see on the back below looks like you have actually got a port for your modem and also a neat one Ethernet slot too and also then resembles USB type-c in fact is the adapter I’ll point out that as soon as I actually get to plug it in a button right below also as well as that’s really about it so really simple let’s you know what the setup networks

gon na be called all via the application as well and all three of these must be the specific same as well as they are so all 3 are mosting likely to be the exact very same have that very same connection due to the fact that if you purchase one separately you do need to really plug one into the modem so every one of them will prepare to go setting these three apart I desire to have a look at what is in the remainder of the box so allow’s claim on the much right below I’m guessing simply a number of power adapter as well as cables also so right here we go of course so this looks very similar to the cable television that was included with my pixel see to be sincere and also it is USB USB type-c as well here is a glimpse at the voltage you’ll see 5 volts 3 amps to ensure that would certainly be just among the C adapters as well as then you have another all 3 of them in below also allow’s get going overviews so really straightforward allow’s begin guy primarily connect one right into the electrical outlet one into the modem and afterwards you open up the app so it should not be really challenging to actually establish this up I will certainly discuss the configuration in just a.

2nd yet I do intend to also display that Ethernet cord that does include it so it did feature one Ethernet cable allow’s see there’s a slim strip Ethernet cord it seems rather rather long I can go on as well as show this off as soon as I in fact come down to my modem but that has to do with it allowed’s go on and establish this guy up alright and also right here I am alongside this brand brand-new 4k TV I simply purchased because my modem is in this corner and to give you a concept this Ethernet cable television is in fact relatively lengthy just a little over my arm span I guess to give you a respectable suggestion of just how lengthy it is currently with that said being stated just one of these y5 factors needs to be attached to your modem so allow me attach this in not to begin I’m gon na proceed and also plug this on in and after that you’ll see there’s a little space as well on the back for your cables currently I’m gon na go on and plug the ethernet wire in which enjoys my modem right currently so allow me proceed and also get it as well as you’re gon na intend to plug it right into this little eco-friendly icon right here this.

would be the one you connect into the modem so all of them do have one added Ethernet port might not be perfect for those of you that do like wired connections however this is in fact more so for Wi-Fi clearly a lot more so than Wireless so currently that one of them gets on you’ll see it lights up real well on the side here I make certain it’s all prepared to establish currently make a note that this is the just one that you’re mosting likely to require to connect into the modem all the extras that you do have if you do determine to obtain additionals you do not need to connect into the modem you will certainly simply need to link into the wall surface and also obtain some power to it now next I went all the method as much as the 3rd floor and you’ll see I simply went in advance and connected it because’s all you truly need to do you’ll see the light blinking and afterwards ultimately I’m mosting likely to establish the 3rd one in the second flooring most likely just in my workplace for currently but allow’s go on and also get this prepared up and also fill up the Google Wi-Fi application since we have every little thing all plugged in and also all set to go we’re gon na load.

up the Google Wi-Fi app initially of all I desire to go in advance and delve into Wi-Fi connections and you’ll see there is that established for AD 80 and also you’ll see on the back it says established that precise same one as well as you’ll likewise see that there’s three of them which is excellent to see so it appears like it is exiling a Wi-Fi network so allow’s proceed as well as load up the Google Wi-Fi app currently as well as you’ll see it does have a new icon as well for those of you that utilized it up as well as on hub before a little bit different so you see Google is offline due to the fact that it is seeing my old onhub router so let’s go ahead as well as establish a new connection so established a Wi-Fi point and right here we go so allow’s obtain Google Wi-Fi prepared up don’t get start it appears like the Wi-Fi application means bluetooth for one reason or another currently it states trying to find your gadget I’m presuming it’s gon na link to this closest point and afterwards maybe reach out to the one that’s linked to the modem allow’s go on and take an appearance at what winds up occurring all right it appears like I require to go downstairs as well as grab the one that’s alongside the modem as well as tap the coordinating name.

Allow me go do that real fast so 45d 10 was the one attached to the Rifa Wi-Fi router and now I need to Fe factor the cam the QR code on the base of the Wi-Fi point next it’s asking me where that Wi-Fi factor connected to the modem is as well as I’m gon na go ahead and say family-room hit next currently we need to go ahead as well as select our Wi-Fi name for the benefit of this video I’m going to call it Google wife Wat Wi-Fi sorry about that so Google Wi-Fi hit next as well as allow’s set up a password hi so rest on up some great computer animations developing our Wi-Fi network alright so asked if I have much more Wi-Fi points I have 2 much more so it instantly recognized there were a pair more in the location I’m gon na go out and also after that following activating that mesh network for me so now put next to place right here following Wi-Fi point so preliminary points work best if there’s no room no a lot more than.

2 rooms away ok so let’s proceed and try and place it in an open space right here so I’m gon na hit next plug it on in I have actually currently done that so where is your Wi-Fi point so this is I guess it’s in a space so allow’s go ahead and also include that currently it’s seeking it it’s gon na discover it right below so here we go which Wi-Fi factor is next this one is the a B 80 now I also desire to make note there’s a little a grip some grips right down near the bottom so it does not slide at all so let’s go on and also press a dat struck next alright so including Wi-Fi factor it’s broadening my Wi-Fi network and I’m presuming I’m gon na go in advance and also need to go up beside that other Wi-Fi one on the 3rd floor as well additionally observe that the shade of this Wi-Fi point simply changed it’s a little bit much more blue Oh looks like it’s changing to a little more white now so I’m guessing since it’s actually connected to the one linked to the modem and it has web gain access to the shade is mosting likely to change now it appears like it intends to examine the.

link between this Wi-Fi factor as well as the lower one after that I’m guessing they need to set up the third one as while doing the precise very same thing alright everything looks good every little thing prepares to go activating mesh network once more now it states your last Wi-Fi factor I’m gon na do the precise very same point and also I’ll be back when I am done alright so I have everything established Google Wi-Fi is all prepared currently we can explore some trendy points that it can do currently I’ve been utilizing this app for a little bit currently with my on hub too allow’s go in advance as well as see if it claims it’s offline right now no gadget is attached not exactly sure why there we go so it’s simply type of rejuvenating I do believe let it go ahead and also do its thing in the meanwhile shout out to you people sustaining that Instagram do value that anyways all you actually have to do is swipe over and you’ll see on hub now we can swipe swap over to Google Wi-Fi it is on the internet it prepares to go just.

one gadget linked to it of course this phone lets you recognize there are 3 Wi-Fi factors letting you recognize you’ll see living room bedroom as well as I call the last one attic room as well as well as of course the bed room one is going to be the strongest truly amazing exactly how it sort of tells you how how good of a signal you do have now you can check fit together so let’s go on and examination connection to the Wi-Fi factors alright so everything looks good link is strong as well as following I’m gon na swipe over as well as check the network so I’m going to go in advance and do a net speed check alright so it looks excellent download speed a little bit greater than I need to expect as well as publish speed a little lower than I should anticipate however just fine.

obviously it’s gon na vary based on the device however it resembles I am great to go in regards to being connected the net everything is looking excellent currently let’s discuss a few of the features of the Google Wi-Fi application so for one you can focus on tools so if I wish to go on and also prioritize his phone you can do it from one hour to four simply kind of the Tri Phi website traffic that it takes care of is going to be prioritized now obviously that matters way a lot more if more people around the Wi-Fi network at once now they’re additionally are you’ll see you can reveal the password actual quick where you can copy/paste it send it off network setups now here’s where you can enter into some more advanced settings currently you can not necessarily kick anyone off the network however you can establish up a guest Wi-Fi if you do not desire individuals to really have your password so you see you have some.

port forwarding UPnP as well as well as after that naturally you have your network setting so you have mines in any type of crucial right now and afterwards naturally the bedroom as well as attic are both in bridge setting so there’s additionally house control where you can proceed as well as control lights I have really the Philips hue lights I haven’t set that up right now however look into my workdesk tour I’ll make in a couple days so subscribe for that so you’re informed you can add managers as well you can get email alerts there’s some privacy if you intend to dispatch uses usage data and also there’s additionally Wi-Fi care supports that can swiftly delve into some Wi-Fi care support with Google now also there’s a new function with family Wi-Fi or you can likewise pause the Wi-Fi so if you seem like being a beast you can go on and stop the Wi-Fi so no one can use it for me I do not actually require to stress over that due to the fact that I have no kids and also I actually don’t care if any of my flatmates utilize the Wi-Fi that’s what it’s there for but overall that’s practically whatever that’s the setup process unboxing procedure of the brand-new Google Wi-Fi I’m good to go up a review to find quite soon so make certain you click that subscribe button as well as that’s basically it so thanks for enjoying men I wish you enjoyed the video clip click that thumbs up if you did and also as always have an excellent day.

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