Apple iPhone 14 vs iPhone 14 Pro Unboxing!

hey everybody Tim Schofield right here and earlier today I did unpack the brand-new apple iphone 14 professional Max I can connect to that video down listed below however I did guarantee an unboxing comparing the iPhone 14 professional as well as the brand-new apple iphone 14. this apple iphone 14 pro is in fact the deep purple shade so I’m thrilled to see what it really looks like just how purple it actually is if that makes feeling I additionally did get the blue apple iphone 14. So anyways we’re going to quickly unbox both of these and after that put them side by side and I want to discuss and also contrast the distinctions in between both phones of program there’s a cost difference you have 800 beginning price for the apple iphone 14 the iPhone 14 pro begins at a thousand bucks certainly there’s the max model too which will go up in rate however anyways let’s enter into the

unboxing comparison of the apple iphone 14 and apple iphone 14 pro right here they are alongside exact same dimension boxes makes sense because both display screens are 6.1 inches the typeface is various Color Purple versus the blue same with the logo simply depends upon what details color you do go with now let’s open these both up opening package of the iPhone 14. below it remains in that lighter blue coloring Apple logo on the back twin electronic camera system establishing it to the side certainly USB kind c to lightning cable and inside right here made by Apple in The golden state info concerning triggering an esim due to the fact that there’s no SIM card slot in the 14 or the 14 Pro Models and you get an Apple sticker opening the 14 professional there is that new shade this is my very first time seeing it actually so right here’s some true First Impressions it definitely has a purple tone you can notice it a little bit more in the cam bump at the very least to my eyes but it looks not almost as purple as I anticipated when the light strikes it a lot you can most definitely observe that purple coloring yet it’s a great deal more subtle than I was type of anticipating I was

expecting a little bit much more purple shade yet you know to be honest I do not actually mind it I want it was type of a more much deeper purple with the back in comparison there is the black color which I simulate a fair bit and afterwards alongside with heaven as well as the purple right here they both get on the back a much more glass coloring a lot more reflective on the back of the 14 and the rear of the 14 pro does have more of a matte appearance to it so not as reflective as you could inform also simply by that light you’ll see you can see the cycle and also it gets diffused with the matte coloring peeling the front of that iPhone 14 display allowed’s Boot It Up For the First Time and also take a more detailed look at the hardware of both of these phones as well as simply compare both so you can type of see the differences in dimension Etc one point quickly before we begin the electronic camera bumps most definitely a bit larger on the pro version so you’ll see it will rock simply a little when flat not much yet then you’ll discover the 14 has extremely minimal Rock if any in any way so it rests pretty level it does shake a little bit undoubtedly if you’re pressing the upper left hand edge it’s mosting likely to begin to rock but when you press the left and right

edge it sits rather flat in comparison to a bit extra shake down at the lower microphone lightning link for charging and one of the audio speakers I also intend to explain that the Pro Models they in fact are constructed of stainless steel whereas the normal 14 is light weight aluminum along the right side right here precise same thing simply the power switch and also there’s a check out the side with the cam bump I intend to make note that the finger prints most definitely turn up extra on the sides of the Pro Models as opposed to the 14 but you’re going to probably perhaps notice a bit more fingerprints on the back of the um the glass on the regular 14 model up towards the top just one more appearance at that cam bump plainly larger on the pro and ultimately along the left side is our silence button keeping that orange accent inside 2 quantity rockers which’s almost it for the sides and currently flipping it over a closer take a look at the colors as well as the back just the means it hits it you’ll see when it gets extra light you can truly

begin to see that purple color I also simulate this blue color incidentally as well as then there’s the alongside with the electronic camera modules there is most definitely a distinction in the electronic camera systems first of all you have a 48 megapixel primary sensor on the professional as well as only a 12 megapixel main sensing unit on the 14 you additionally get a 12 megapixel Ultra large angle lens so no telephone no application optical zoom telephoto lens on the 14 you do obtain optical zoom lens on the Pro Designs you’ll likewise observe just in general better video clip taking much better reduced light performance and also the pro cam system and also if you were interested there is all 3 of the schedule that’s out now the 1414 Pro as well as 14 pro Max let me recognize which one you would desire down in the comments notice 1414 Pro comparable sized as well as then the max obviously taking the lead in size anyways I’m going to run through the configuration process and talk about anything that takes place to turn up that’s.

significant quickly there is a face ID configuration I desire to explain that it’s a little bit various on the normal design instead of the pro so allow me set this up very quickly and also I’ll reveal you actual fast due to the fact that of that Dynamic Island certainly being a different part of the Pro Models so if I strike proceed watch where as soon as I struck begin view the leading component of the phone you’ll see just how it type of stimulates out from that Dynamic Island so it’s not truly utilizing that Notch there for particular things I believe they possibly may add an upgrade I do not really recognize for sure that would be my guess I’ll start over with that said however anyways just intended to sort of point that out exactly how there’s mosting likely to be some differences in between that Dynamic Island as well as Notch up in the direction of the top obviously since they do not have SIM card ports you do need to establish up e-sims so you can transfer it.

from a nearby apple iphone there’s a choice for that or you can scan the QR code that your service provider would certainly have for you so you could need to go through your carrier to in fact set up the e-sim procedure additionally explaining coming loss 2022 emergency SOS by means of satellite on both of them so it’s not simply the Pro Models appears like the regular apple iphone will obtain that as well so below we are on our residence screen all set up and ready to go out of package simply various wallpapers obviously they’re various phones they set personalized depending on the shade that you get here are both the 6.
1 inch shows side by side and also of course a close-up comparison of the Notch versus the dynamic Island which additionally works as a notch you’ll see that that Dynamic Island in fact does kind of cut less than the notch.

does from the top so it type of cuts into the actual display material a bit a lot more yet they made up for that by you understand making use of software application to make it nice computer animated and also simply overall useful very first things initially I’m discovering this appropriate away you may not be able to notice it on electronic camera but this screen on the regular iPhone 14 makes use of a 60 hertz panel whereas you have Apple’s Pro movement approximately 120 hertz which is very obvious at the very least to my eye in between 16 120 hertz makes it look much smoother I am a little bummed that they didn’t actually include a greater refresh price maybe also 90 Hertz on the the 14 so a little of a disappointment some people it does not matter some people can not even see but also for me most definitely makes a difference not just that the Pro Designs will certainly obtain dramatically brighter especially when you’re outdoors so simply sort of keep that in mind the display screen is going to get much brighter be a lot less complicated to see when you’re.

outside I likewise wish to enter into display screen and lighten up the flaunt a pair differences well first off true Tone’s on I’m not a huge fan of real tone you can use it like I stated in my previous video clip it just heats the display a little more anyways one point you’ll discover a setting here that’s missing out on due to the fact that constantly on display screen is just on the Pro Designs so not just do they have the dynamic Island yet they have always on screen that’s missing out on in the Pro so to reveal the distinction when I press the power button to secure the phone always on display screen is on you do not need to use it you can obviously turn it off but you’ll notice so always on display suggests what it suggests the display is always on it will certainly drain pipes a little bit a lot more battery naturally yet you additionally obtain more information you can have your widgets on your lock display if you tap the screen if it will certainly bring you to the lock display similar if it was just off so there is simply another difference that you don’t get I directly really like having as well as always on display screen I do not understand if I like this execution I don’t recognize if I require the wallpaper to constantly show I virtually kind of don’t such as that that’s my first take on it I require to use it a lot more I haven’t had it at my bedside table all that things so to me it appears like it’s a little also much taking place and I don’t require it all additionally a pretty huge distinction in between these 2 phones is the chipset that it uses so the apple iphone 14 makes use of the iPhone 13 pros cpu the a15 bionic which had I think a 6 core GPU versus the four core GPU that was made use of in the iPhone 13. With that in mind it may be worth looking right into an apple iphone 13 Pro if you’re considering the apple iphone 14 due to the fact that they have the exact same processors inside as well as I would think the apple iphone I haven’t taken any shots on this but I would assume the iPhone 13 Pros cam is going to be much better than the apple iphone 14s now with that being said the iPhone 14 Pro Models have the brand-new new ace 16 bionic chip that Apple custom makes both of them but with the brand-new chipset it absolutely separates it truly establishes it apart since certainly last year they had extra cores in the GPU but it was still making use of the a15 chipset likewise after holding both of these gadgets I am observing that the professional version is definitely larger than the routine 14 as well as feels various in the hand it really feels a little bit much more superior total I guess it simply depends on if you like the glass back or not which you recognize is just a personal choice let’s rapidly go into the camera application which is where you’ll see most a lot of the huge differences between the two gadgets I definitely expect the professional design to take far better shots than the routine model as well as you’ll see right away you have both your Ultra large angle lenses to go into your normal lenses but after that you have the 2x.

optical zoom on the professional and 3X optical zoom whereas if you do choose to focus on this tool it is all electronic Zoom which isn’t necessarily mosting likely to end up terrible yet it optical zoom usually serves as a better option in terms of high quality Clearness and also I’m thrilled to in fact check out all this optical zoom ability there are also various other simply video camera functions like Pro raw if you have macro digital photography that the professional gets so there’s just a whole lot extra that enters into the video camera system as well as also simply rapidly wished to display the size of the max next to the 2 just to provide you an idea of just how a lot larger that display in fact is it’s a significant distinction you’ll likewise see much better battery life on the bigger one due to the fact that they can consist of a bigger battery as well anyways absolutely a huge difference between these two tools that’s below specifically due to the fact that they utilize totally different chipsets with the a15 versus the a16 the camera is certainly mosting likely to be better that show has a higher refresh price it’s simply a different design overall which obviously will cause that greater price so anyways that is it for me I hope you appreciated my video clip a whole lot even more video clips coming soon on these gadgets the brand-new airpods coming out quickly the watch just be sure to click that subscribe switch so you’re notified when those videos go live make sure to give this video clip a thumbs up and also as always many thanks.

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