Asus Chromebook Flip Unboxing and First Impressions

hi there we get on pointer Scofield below from Cuba King 77 comm as well as today I’m going to be unboxing and also offering some impressions on the a sous Chromebook turn the Chromebook that you can turn from a tablet computer setting to laptop mode as well it really comes in 2 variants there’s a two gigabyte of RAM variations and a 4 gigabyte of RAM the 2 gigabyte is 249 to 250 and afterwards the 4 gigabyte variant in fact I discovered that it’s only $10 even more now in so it’s 260 yet I think normally it’s 280 anyways let’s go on as well as open this box up show you what’s inside as well as boot it up as well as I guess show some functionality of the tool okay so right here it is so real quick I intend to open it up as well as show you what’s inside package I in fact got the 4 gigabyte version myself and for some other specs both of them have a 1.8 ghz quad core rock chip processor which has 16 gigs of solid-state storage space so flash storage like I said I mean that’s practically it the only difference in between the 2 gigabytes as well as four gigabytes Ram version is the amount of RAM that’s.

included so here we go we have the all aluminium a sous Chromebook flip and below it is genuine well Chrome right there it’s a little chilly due to course with it having light weight aluminum allow’s go on and also just place this within for simply a second I don’t even know if I’m going to need to bill that or what not I’m quite thrilled to in fact attempt this out Zeus is really one of my objective among my go-to laptop companies so you’ll see user guide warranty details and also then you have your charging cable television right here as well as you’ll see that it doesn’t utilize microUSB it does not even make use of small USB it looks like it’s just a prop i exclusive charging wire simply a little unfortunate you wish to see kind C however that’s mosting likely to bring the cost up so at this rate point is type of tough to have USB type-c I type of dream this would in fact fold up in somehow so to save some room and just have it be that normal Square as well as just fold this in but hello I can to quibble way too much on this so let’s go on and place these sideways so now you see what remains in package actually simply the billing and then the laptop itself so let’s open it up there’s a bit of trouble when opening it up and also it’s actually an excellent thing when I claim difficulty even if it’s not really simple.

to push over particularly when you’re using it in tablet mode so it’s going open this up you see it just a key-board cover right here and here we go alright and here’s a close consider the key-board to see divided by that aluminum body so which suggests there’s not going to be any give when pushing one key you can’t push it in you see the other tricks move in not they’re all different to make sure that’s mosting likely to be very nice to make use of so good suitable wish to provide to them as you can feel so and afterwards right here’s the trackpad too really responsive extremely clicky I presume is words I’m searching for on the outside below you’ll discover there’s in fact a trim and also it looks really good on the light weight aluminum simply kind of provides it an actually nice seek to it people it’s a little compact however it kind of needs to be it’s a 10.1 inch screen male pushing it back similar to this you type of seem like you’re gon na damage it or something however you’re not you’re it’s actually produced this so you’ll see I’m gon na proceed and turn it all the means around 360 levels and currently I can utilize it in this in tablet computer mode so I’ll turn this on and also program.

you people an ideal instance of what that is however I intend to simply finish discussing the layout that’s really a 10.1 inch display it’s an IPS HD show 1280 by 800 screen resolution in case you were wondering about that so we can close this and also take an appearance there’s in fact double audio speakers down near the bottom right here and I’m truly thrilled to attempt these out I’ll examine them in this video clip actually I’ll simply play some fast music on the left side below you have DC n for that power slot your battery a light as well as then you have volume rockers and also a power button which are classified like so turning it on over you have a small HDMI slot which is great due to the fact that I in fact have a small HDMI cable so could check that out and I’ll speak about in my complete evaluation video coming quickly yet 2 years fee slots as well as a mini SD card port that’s kind of nice also so you can expand that 16 job SSD storage space then appears like you have a headphone microphone jack momís my assumption is three point five millimeters on they get note if it’s not it resembles it though so allow’s go on as well as transform it on let me just open it on up it’s in fact a little tough to open as a whole um all right so it’s easier when you have it sitting down yet it’s a little difficult to open up not.

that large of a deal so allow’s go and press the power button I like I stated I may need to bill it I don’t see any kind of lights coming out so I’m going to charge this void and I’ll be right back alright so I plugged it in you’ll see the billing LED indication and after that a sign allowing me understand that I think the display screen gets on that’s that indication it booted up truly swiftly and also you’ll see it took me to this Start display right here I’m gon na let it bill a little bit longer and also after that we can walk through this genuine fast I’ll chat talk about it I do wish to make a note that this is scree light I can’t overcome just how light this a is in fact I consider 2 extra pounds perhaps a little bit much less than 2 pounds something I want to really discuss is that when you flip it over 360 you have a couple settings so I think you have it where you can set this down similar to this and utilize it as sort of like a stand which I was fretted about it in fact touching the key-board but it doesn’t it has a pair rubber little items that shield the key-board from not to my understanding and after that you can type of usage it in tent setting.

where you have it like this also as well as you’ll see the orientation on the display is going to flip with whatever weight you really intend to utilize it and certainly you can use it like a common tablet computer and afterwards a conventional laptop so let me allow this charge and also I’ll be back soon all best so currently I obtained a bit of cost I desire to show you guys something genuine quick so I’m mosting likely to throw this in tablet computer mode as well as in fact just one note the keyboard as well as trackpad is handicapped when you remain in this setting so when I link go to attach to a Wi-Fi network as well as I desire to proceed as well as enter a password you’ll see that the number row on the on-screen key-board gets bumped up really to the leading it’s really a truly wonderful edit function of the on-screen keyboard and also you’ll see it takes up with that number row about half possibly a little much less than a half of the display okay so now I’m on the house screen as well as hangouts was mounted as soon as possible you’ll see it says howdy I’m mosting likely to leave from it in fact in the lower right here you click on it and also you have different setups such as Bluetooth Wi-Fi you have your volume and your quantity rockers on the left side right here are really quite convenient when you’re just kind of using it similar to this so they’re not too difficult to press and also you.

touch the power switch literally nothing happens I assumed the screen would actually turn off but there’s obtained to be one more way you’ll see of workable switches up right here hopefully there is a way you can transform the brightness as well if you’re interested in that all best so allow’s go ahead as well as reveal you a few other points under left are you kind of a launcher which raises this search bar as well as you have your applications too so you have an internet shop naturally this running Chrome OS you experience the Internet Store to go your apps etc however allow’s go on as well as test up those twin audio speakers that are down at the base I’m gon na pack up YouTube you see it it acted like it was a YouTube app but it in fact just lots up YouTube’s web site so I’m simply gon na go ahead and also go to a fast track as well as play it and we are gon na see it load up you’ll see it loads YouTube simply great which I would with any luck it would certainly alright so you’ll see it speakers are really encountering all-time low right here so but it has a little curve to it appearing right below so the quantity ought to get pushed towards you a little as well as you have a bit of a gap of training course because you have.

these round things to elevate up the Chromebook as well so let’s go as well as transform it up now all right so to provide you an idea right here’s my voice in contrast to the audio too in fact obtaining pretty loud I’m pretty shocked so wonderful I’m pretty impressed with those two dual speakers right there so allow’s go in advance as well as open another application let’s open the Google Google so pushing as Google really simply opens up a new tab so let’s try as well as most likely to a website that could have some graphics on it so allow’s most likely to Android and also below we go so loading it on up you’ll see a suzanne phone 2e readily available so a soos obtaining all type of I guess exposure in this video clip so kind of trendy and you’ll see it you can in fact make use of either the trackpad or touch display all at once and let’s go on as well as focus and zooming in is actually really responsive let’s go in advance and tap on this short article I’m really think that’s rather awesome see they launched one more device and right here it is so you’ll see it’s functioning actually well really scrolling via this has a respectable amount of pictures text too on this website so you see if keys to go back as well as revitalize too if you.

press this it resembles a software application upgrade in the lower right it states reboot to update so it resembles it currently mounted an upgrade to ensure that’s type of great I’m going to enter into setups actual quick has a lithium ion battery and clicking down right here it says it has 6 hours and also 53 mins left at 84% so feels like it’s actually mosting likely to have some respectable battery life I’m quite delighted to evaluate out like I said I’ll do a complete testimonial very soon a whole lot of my plugins on Chrome in fact got mounted consisting of press bullets you obtained the chromecast choice you got my hangouts one as well that’s actually down here as well to make sure that’s in fact really cool I’m thankful that it did that for me going to this you can try simply a voice search too Tim Schofield alright so it loads it up as well as then regurgitates the Chrome internet browser as well as does a Google search for it too to make sure that’s in fact type of cool all right so allow’s grab this person as well as actually turn it to this setting right here so you’ll see it’s kind of like a stand and afterwards you would certainly utilize it just like this you’ll see it’s filling up the web website pretty well if I intend to go ahead and also look into my Twitter account let’s do that though quick follow me on Twitter if you haven’t currently as well as here we go it’s a little sluggish I’m.

thinking it’s doing some stuff in the history but it’s actually not that negative in any way when it actually loaded up all that those images as well as articles that I have actually made now likewise you’ll notice in the bottom right below a little square as well as you can touch it and it’s going to raise every one of your open applications truly quickly you’ll see that was really responsive you’ll see I’ve hangouts right here if I touch on that it’s gon na draw out hangouts cuz it’s a very small one however if I intend to just most likely to the browser you can pack that up too all right I additionally wish to make a fast note of what I’ve noticed when I desire to use it in tablet computer mode like this I find myself type of having to continue the key-board just a little when I’m type of scrolling whereby I do not understand if it’s gon na be a problem it shouldn’t be the trick you must be long lasting enough to endure something like that if I actually hold down the secrets or something yet simply type of make notes it’s a little.

uncomfortable to do it like that it’s not a deal-breaker anything it’s simply type of something that I have actually discovered when using it I may locate myself like I stated you can simply have this down or you can do a camping tent setting so you can flip it over as well as you’ll see positionings look very quickly you can have it such as this as well but in general right here’s an idea of just how thin it is it’s truly crazy light and also crazy thin and I actually like the light weight aluminum it provides it an extremely superior feel to it I’m pretty delighted to use this for a while like I claimed I’m mosting likely to be doing a complete review video clip really quickly so remain tuned for that but that’s basically it my first initial thoughts on the Seuss Chromebook flip hopefully you appreciated this video if you did provide it a thumbs up sign up for me as well like I rehashed review coming really really quickly you can follow me on different social media sites including Twitter which is hoping right below and also allow me know you believe you similar to this Chromebook or otherwise I’ll leave links to it in the description if you want to check it out for yourself subscribe to my youtube network to be outstanding and also thanks significantly men have a great day you.

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