Nexus 6 Revisited After 8 Months

currently like I claimed this phone does need some enhancements on possibly the camera app with any luck battery life can obtain enhanced a bit maybe included animation refined animations not extensive heavy computer animations April on sim Schofield here from Cuba King 77 comment it’s been eight months since the release of the Google Nexus 6 and I wish to go on and revisit it and also provide you people some ideas on it especially with the upcoming launch of a new Nexus gadget possibly someplace very early November if I needed to guess and also if you remember my review video I had actually discussed some problems with the device when it initially brought out the electronic camera battery life points that I claimed could be able to be fixed with the software update as well as allow’s go in advance and take an appearance and see if several of these were taken care of as well as how excellent the Nexus 6 in fact is right currently good so here’s a check out the huge Nexus 6 again and also you’ll see

some cosmetic distinctions one of them being the silver on the outside of the Nexus really a little Bart part of the end began to peel off so my OCD started I just peeled off every one of them off you’ll see the silver on the EM is still there really and I don’t mind it in any way that’s really not that huge of a bargain for me as well as general it’s in excellent form still and also I recognize it dropped it a pair times and still absolutely no damages scrapes anything like that the back does get a great deal of oil and finger prints on it but that’s not as well large of an offer for me one point I enjoy about it is really the button positioning on the appropriate side with the quantity and power switch it’s honestly in practically the perfect area for my thumb and likewise if we take a close appearance you’ll see that the power button has a various appearance than the volume rockers do so it’s simple to tell if your thumb is actually on the power switch or the volume rockers I do not understand if it’s simply me but it’s kind of looks like the vibration motor it’s gotten a little even worse gradually and just

very solid so to demonstrate that I set myself a sms message listen ideally the video camera a minimum of got a little bit of that however it’s so strong it truthfully it’s means over powered and also when you obtain a text or a notification with that vibration electric motor on every person around you is generally gon na recognize hey that individual just got a text message currently when it comes to these front-facing audio speakers you obtain a little bit of dust however not virtually as much as I assumed you would get in there it’s kind of you really can’t see it on the camera yet total they have actually been extremely excellent I’m listening to music I thought one of them was going bad and you could get an occasional snap below and also there but generally I realized that after prolonged usage it’s not truly going bad in all as well as it still sounds an excellent somebody pertaining to those audio speakers in fact is simply an insect within

Android at the very least I have actually supply Android when you’re paying attention to songs or any kind of sound as well as you revolve the device it just kind of has a little space in the audio so allow’s see if I can show that it resembles I’m trying to make a remix or something with the tune yet you see you type of obtain what I mean exactly how it simply does that fast time out and also it’s really aggravating and they haven’t also resolved this and fixed it yet on the whole the device is still a bit also huge for my my preference 6 inch display screens are just a little bit excessive for me particularly when you don’t have a one-handed setting or perhaps a multi window mode to use this large screen yet generally the display is actually graves the 1440p display however with that comes some disadvantages with battery life possibly processing power due to the fact that the cpu requires to project that picture in the display resolution so overall I want it had a 1080p display I believe I claimed that in my initial review however overall I still desire it did have a 1080p screen comparable to it searches 1440p I would certainly take the added battery life and also the a bit much better handling power since I say processing power often when you’re multitasking or just doing

basic things of scrolling it does get stuttering particularly if you have a suitable design notices in your pulldown bar I indicate yes it’s been it’s running penalty now but I do not have a great deal of points running and I do not have a great deal of notices obviously I have none yet just overall you may obtain an occasional stutter however it did obtain a whole lot much better in Android 5.0 and also that’s for sure so a software application update certainly helped the fluidity of this tool currently when it comes to battery life it has a very large battery it’s a 3200 20 milliamp hour battery and also with it you would expect high-grade battery life and you don’t obtain it regrettably really I can’t really reveal it to you right now however since it died and also I had to recharge it however it doesn’t get me with the complete day and screen promptly has actually been so inconsistent this says three hours 44 mins however I charged it to ensure that’s really absolutely nothing truthfully once I obtained 4 hours display promptly throughout the day as well as another time I only obtained three hrs so it’s been really extremely inconsistent and also honestly it’s rather bothersome because you run supply Android you don’t have any type of extra processes with TouchWiz or any kind of overlays and just battery life is simply not that great so I believed I software application update could repair it yet it hasn’t that something else I desire they would include is a number of to the Google key-board yes you can include other

key-boards that have a number old yet I really enjoy the correction and simply how the Google keyboard works so I desire they would just bump up a number all right there as well as just make it work better now allow’s go and also discuss the electronic camera I’m not a significant fan of the software on it and honestly when it boils down to it you simply don’t need want to make use of automobile setting so there’s a picture with auto setting on you desire to utilize the HDR plus mode to obtain some software program image processing going which takes a little more time to in fact take the image and procedure it as you saw right there however it’s not an insane amount even more time and also it just does a lot better since you’ll see handling so you reached wait for it yet when you have auto setting on often it obtains overexposed in those intense lights as well as then in some cases in dark situations it’s not as excellent either so general you obtained ta use that HDR plus mode yet overall I like the video camera much better now I indicate after using it for a very long time it’s still a really excellent cam it’s not the very best on the marketplace today don’t get me incorrect obviously as I have actually said prior to the galaxy s6 is my favored electronic camera but still it takes excellent

shots you’ll see it still preserves a great deal of quality when zooming in so total I would certainly say it’s still a great camera and I imply I’m pretty pleased with it simply day-to-day usage general I still assume this is an actually wonderful multimedia device with the larger display as well as the front-facing speakers honestly it’s even more liquid than it was out of the box just keeping that software program upgrade assisting at the manufacturing facility when one update as well as squashing that memory pest leakages so points have actually obtained better through the software program nonetheless there are some things I mean that there are still little stutters occasionally however it’s not completely poor you’ll see pulling up just the current applications it functions really fluid it’s a great deal quicker in fact when I push it and also it in fact comes up there used to be a pause and in some cases there’s a time out but like I claimed it’s really seldom it does not occur nearly as much as it utilized to great so just intend to provide some final ideas after making use of the nexus 6 as my day-to-day chauffeur for a good amount of time honestly one of the most effective

things regarding it is indeed it’s gon na get the software program updates initially so Android M is mosting likely to come to the Nexus 6 I could do a reviewed then just see if a great deal of these points even obtain fixed however general battery life is simply way too inconsistent for me as well as the software program is plainly not maximized for the equipment it has three dot over 3 thousand milliamp hr battery as well as I’m struggling to obtain four hrs display promptly which’s is not acceptable and truthfully the screen dimension is simply a little bit also big for me it’s a little bulky in my pocket simply sort of using it it’s just a little too big so overall I wish they would certainly have made it a little smaller sized however I understand there’s a market for it so I sort of comprehend why they made it so I’m eagerly anticipating the next Nexus gadget or devices depending upon we’ll see what Google has in store for us so I would truthfully hold off if

you’re seeking to acquire a Nexus device I would certainly hold back and wait minority more months for the following one to be released as well as evaluation to see if it’s really gon na be far better with any luck they retain those front-facing speakers on the next one and ideally Android M optimizes their software application and also equipment something that Apple does quite possibly with their iPhones they maximize the software as well as hardware google has yet to obtain that opting for Android to ensure that’s just my last ideas I might be that final really you probably do taken another look at when Android M begins the Nexus 6 with any luck you enjoyed this video clip might do various other ones with various other devices if you want that click the thumbs up if you liked it register for me as well thank you quite and you follow me at Facebook Twitter Google+ Instagram snapchat and also periscope if you would love to all of the links in the description B below and also many thanks extremely much have a good day everyone

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