Flash Stock Factory Images on Moto X (2014) Pure Edition

every person remains in Schofield below from Cuba King 77 calmness here to do a video demonstrating how you can blink the manufacturing facility images to bring your Moto X 2014 pure version back to stock this picture data is going to be discovered on Motorola’s website so it will certainly be the official software so your bootloader is additionally mosting likely to need to be opened which I would certainly think you would have done which is why you intend to blink this software if your Buhler is not opened I will show you the quick command in a just a second on how to open anyways what we’re going to require to do is in fact download and install a documents so click on the web link in the summary of the video what that file is mosting likely to do is allow it’s really BB system photo yet you’re going to require to sign in on Motorola’s site so authorize it on Motorola’s website as well as let’s go to the computer system ok so the site is going to look like this after you visit so see to it you log in and scroll down you need to

accept this lawful arrangement see to it you do review it and currently you require to locate the Moto X 2nd generation pure version image right now it just has the kick head image I’m presuming the lollipop one is mosting likely to come quickly if you get on lollipop you must be able to blink this KitKat picture just great I’m in fact on lollipop now on my Moto X and I will flash this KitKat photo and also I understand it will work ok so simply struck demand download as well as it’s mosting likely to bring you to a Google Doc page placed in your email address all that good stuff and afterwards in about 15 mins a person’s mosting likely to email you with that said documents so you might need to be a little bit client and wait on that data I’m simply suggested doing it by doing this so you recognize it’s the official image and it’s going to help your gadget I likewise desire to make a note that you’re mosting likely to need the set up ADB and also fastboot on your computer I will certainly connect to a guide video that I have in the description if you need to do that so ensure you do that now as well as

download and install that documents as well currently once you have that data downloaded and install most likely to navigate to where it was downloaded and additionally as soon as you have the SDK devices fastboot established on your computer we’re great to go so the files going to look like this timo a bunch of numbers it may be upgraded in the future but make certain you discover that data you downloaded double click it I’m not making use of application called seven-zip to open it if for whatever factor your computer does not open it so and after that double-click on this following one and also inside you’ll see a pair folders now out of both folders I want you to click and drag that Teemo folder to your desktop computer so click as well as drag that one on to your desktop computer currently when that gets on your desktop computer what I want you to do is go on as well as go inside that folder so double click it you’ll see a lot of documents you’ll see some folders as well what I desire you to do is pick all of the data that aren’t in a folder as well as strike right click and also hit cut or copy either one cut or duplicate them I’m mosting likely to reduce them because I don’t require them anymore and also then browse to where you have the Android SDK windows folder and also after that browse to the system devices folder as well as paste every one of those data we simply duplicated into that folder alright and when these data have copied over allow’s return to our phone since we need to place it into fastboot setting alright and also once we’re at our phone what I desire you to do is go ahead as well as simply power it on down so close it down because we require to get the fastboot mode currently to obtain it

in fastboot setting once it fully powers off press and also hold quantity down and also power at the exact same time as well as after that after a couple seconds release the power switch and it ought to take us into fastboot so I’ll show you volume down as well as power stifle for a pair seconds release the power switch and it will certainly take us into fastboot setting so you’ll see it will appear like this fastboot flash setting and currently all you require to do is get your microUSB cable and connect your phone right into your computer system currently so plug on in while it remains in fastboot once again like I said earlier your gadget requires to be opened if it’s not I will certainly reveal you exactly how you can do that right currently in the command motivate so let’s go let’s in fact now return to our computer ok as well as when we’re back at our computer you will certainly see all those data we pasted in the system tools folder so what I need to do now is hold shift on your key-board right click as well as strike open command window here as well as it’s mosting likely to open this command prompt so it’ll look much like this now with this command prompt open if your gadget is not really the first command I desire you to type it’s quick boot space devices that will let you know that your computer system does acknowledge your gadget if it does not I will connect to where you can download and install the chauffeurs in the summary so you’ll see a lot of letters and also numbers letting us recognize that our computer does identify our phone if your bootloader is secured you need to kind fastboot space OAM room unlock so kind that in and it’s going to

unlock your tool once again following this methods mosting likely to clean every one of your information on your phone so ensure you back every little thing up maintain that in mind currently if your bootloader Zarya opened or when you have actually an opened we need to kind in a bunch of commands now to blink this image once more this is mosting likely to wipe all your data so maintain that in mind okay so the initial command I require you to key in is fastboot space flash area dividers space GPT bi N and also press get in now it will certainly blink simply like that you’ll see it’ll reveal what you’re doing on the phone as well yet here allow me get you a closer consider that so you’ll see it’s revealing what command your your uploading I will upload all of these commands in the summary of the video clips you don’t really need to bother with that if you fail to remember one or miss one anyways let’s proceed on following command fastboot space Flash room moto boot space moto boot img’ and also press enter so it’s going to blink that one following fast boot room reboot – boot loader easily press ENTER it’s going to reboot our phone back right into that bootloader that very same display there we go currently once it wait on it to transform back on and also once it turns back on enter fastboot area flash room logo area logo VI n press enter it’s going to flash that next fastboot

flash boot boot IMG fine and after that you’re going to require to kind in fastboot space flash healing healing dot IMG press enter in a flash or healing now fastboot flash system system dot IMG this will possibly take the longest out of every one of them so wait on this one this one will certainly take a bit of time again your phone is showing you progress alright so that one is done it took over a minute so just endure that one currently after that we need to take fastboot a race modem st-1 all-in-one word modem st-1 and press Get in to ensure that’s done currently fastboot a race modem SD to st to get in alright performed with that currently fastboot flash FSG space FSG NBN enter quick boot room flash modem space and also in all caps and also Oh N – HL o sbin enter it’s going to go in advance and also send that modem over shouldn’t take also lengthy alright I’m done fastboot remove individual information go into getting rid of customer information every little thing now fastboot get rid of cache get in so that’s it that’s all the commands you need to type in I’ll just kind fastboot reboot for the final command I think so press ENTER as well as it’s mosting likely to reboot our phone so get in phone’s rebooted and also that would be it so

again advising bootloader secured if you wish to relock your bootloader I presume I need to have stated this rather than inputting fastboot reboot you could just kind fastboot area OAM area lock so in instance you intend to really reblock your bootloader as well quick food space om space lock in the command prompt while you’re in fastboot mode you can get to it if you unintentionally reboot it like I did right there to make sure that’s it I’m mosting likely to let this boot up and after that show you men that I am back on KitKat now alright foam booted back up you do not require a plugged in any longer if you do not desire to as well as we are back on KitKat I got on lollipop currently I’m back on KitKat but you’ll see all individual data was cleaned as I stated and also we’re done back to the house display right here we go working totally that’s how you blink a manufacturing facility picture on your Moto X ideally this video clip helped if it did please provide it a thumbs up please subscribe to me also follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ I wish to be in the summary listed below and also as constantly individuals thanks be certain to offer this video a thumbs up

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