How to Unlock and Root the HTC One M8

hi everyone Tim Schofield here from Cuba King 77 com doing a video clip revealing you exactly how to unlock your bootloader on your HTC One m8 and likewise root the tool this ought to help any type of variant in fact there’s a toolkit for it so this is ought to be relatively easily all you require is a computer system your HTC One m8 as well as your microUSB cable so what you’re gon na need to do initial is go on and download the toolkit which I will link to in the summary of the video clip so proceed and click that link below as well as go there and also download and install that documents the download link is gon na look something like this just go on and click where it states direct download right below so when you do that it ought to download a data called wings roid Universal toolkit Exe you can simply proceed and also run that toolkit currently so when you run that it’ll bring up the screen and also let’s proceed and also run with the prompts so it’s simply many thanks for selecting win android HTC toolkit a certain phone has actually not been chosen yet would certainly you like to choose one yes I would you wish to pick my One m8 so now let’s go ahead as well as

see what it claims it claims pick your phone right below so when we go to pick your phone you’ll see there’s a number of different alternatives below a number of HTC devices so we’re gon na proceed and choose one m8 that’s what we’re downloading today I suggest now rooting today so you’ll see downloading and install healings let that download and also I’ll be right back currently you’re also mosting likely to require to transform programmer choices on your One m8 so go on as well as enter into the setups application scroll all the way down most likely to about after that go in advance as well as most likely to software info pick even more and afterwards go ahead as well as rapidly touch construct number a number of times I think it’s 7 maintain tapping up until it says you are now a programmer as well as as soon as that occurs you return into your setups and also there ought to be an option for designer options which and once you back out right into the setups you should see a designer alternatives right there proceed as well as choose that hit okay as well as proceed as well as examine where it says USB debugging as well as struck ok so permit USB debugging on your phone now go back to your computer system okay so you’ll see we are right here with a bunch of alternatives to start with we do require to open the bootloader then we’ll require to flash a healing and also then we’ll need to obtain root gain access to so the initial step is to

unlock the bootloader currently what you can do it is in fact get your tool as well as connect it right into your computer simply proceed as well as connect it on in alright so when you connect it in it ought to claim your device code down here and after that when that turns up it’s actually gon na turn up on your screen allow USB debugging go in advance as well as press ok so see to it you do that on the tool as well as when that stands out up if for whatever reason this isn’t turning up go in advance and also reboot your phone uncheck USB debugging and also recheck USB debugging and replug it in and also it ought to with any luck appear otherwise you can try as well as mount each TC sync on your computer system and that ought to have the chauffeurs and it should function simply fine anyways once the win android toolkit does recognize your device we are all set to go if you have a Verizon m8 select this leading one to unlock the blood or otherwise you need to go on as well as obtain your token ID initially and also then you can open the Bluewater the token ID is from HTC themselves okay so I needed to hit the reload switch when or twice as well as had to on the phone see to it to

check constantly allow this computer as well as hit enable USB debugging to ensure that’s just another step up until it states he 31 C status online and after that we can get going so I’m sorry about that it does take a little while for it to acknowledge now I’m gon na go on as well as strike get dope token ID I do have a sprint variation in instance you were asking yourself so this is the initial or 2nd action in unlocking your brutal arrest will certainly get your token ID a text data is gon na open with your ID and after that you need to have to duplicate it would be my assumption so what this is gon na do is go on and also automatically send out every other details to HTC as well as after that getting straight from HDC so it’s mosting likely to be so much nicer you’ll see it did boot your device into the bootloader and it appears like HTC Devi’s please login which is why that’s gon na be a problem all right so we do need to actually produce an account on the HTC dev internet site so it claims please login so make certain you sign up or login it did think of this token message data so conserve that for later usage once that turns up yet actually most likely to this each DC dev web site as well as visit and create an account so I’m gon na sign in now alright so

you’ll see login success so I am visited currently currently it needs to function just fine I may need to go through that process once more in the HTC toolkit I’m gon na go in advance and pick get token ID as soon as even more and I’m gon na hit indeed all right so currently that we’re visited it’s gon na take us to this unlocking bootloader instructions and also open this token dot txt what you need to do is choose all the message and duplicate so whoops I’m sorry regarding that do not pick all the message everything right below identifier token end as well as above select that block of message and also currently return to this unlocking bootloader screen scroll right down and also proceed and also paste that code right into my Tool Identifier token so paste that in there and afterwards go ahead and strike submit now it’s gon na proceed and also submit your token and afterwards you will certainly need to examine your e-mail where it’s gon na have the more instructions to finish the bootloader unlock process so which will be through this toolkit so when we hit unlock bootloader we’re gon na need to utilize the documents that was sent to our email alright so below’s what the email is gon na look like affixed is your unlock bootloader vital documents simply make a note that this may nullify your warranty so do this at your very own danger however it should have attached a documents called unlock code bin download that so click and download and install that file and after that once you have that documents downloaded we

can in fact go on as well as return to that win droid toolkits and when that toolkit we can select unlock boo loader it’s gon na unlock your bootloader completely and also entirely clean your phone big note this is going to clean your inner storage space and also all your information so all your apps are gon na be gone all your images are gon na be gone your music your videos whatever your text messages all your data is gon na be cleaned much like it was out of the box so see to it you’re ready for that to happen back every little thing up and after that we likewise require that unlock code that bin documents that we just downloaded so I’m gon na hit of course due to the fact that we’re prepared to proceed now we need to find that unlock code dot bin data mine went to the Downloads folder and there it is unlock code dot bin dual click on it as well as it’s filling right below as well as you’ll see you want to unlock the bootloader this is where we grab our device you require to use the volume rockers to navigate up as well as down you’ll see that little blue dot goes in between yes and no pick yes to unlock it once again might Mordor guarantee it’s going to erase everything so await that and press the power switch to select it so there we go my gadget is now being formatted however my bootloader is getting unlocked to make sure that’s gon na take a little time to

run via the procedure but anyways once this is done that should be it it says your bootloader has actually been successfully unlocked and also that would be all you needed to do so I’m gon na allow this run via do its point as well as I’ll be back through a couple couple intervals and afterwards we can proceed with the rooting process alright so eventually my phone did boot back up you’ll see it mosted likely to the Begin screen every little thing did obtain manufacturing facility reset so now what I desire you to do is run with this arrangement you can do what you desire with the configuration however after that as soon as you have this good to go up turn USB debugging back on so make certain you go through the arrangement and afterwards turn USB debugging back on on your gadget alright so when you have actually turned USB debugging back on go in advance and plug your phone on in again I went in advance and avoided every little thing at it as well as establish up any accounts or anything so however don’t fret no more data should be wiped so you don’t need to fret about that anymore go ahead as well as press reload on the toolkit simply to type of make sure that it acknowledges it once more you’re gon na require to go on and also I unintentionally revoked

something I’m gon na strike reload again on my phone it must bring up this allow USB debugging check constantly permit and hit fine and afterwards it must go ahead as well as function I’m gon na strike reload once even more and also after that it must really recognize my phone there we go so standing on line we prepare to go so currently the very first step is total uproot our bootloader is unlocked we require to go on and blink a healing ensure you pick the best one whether your GSM or CDMA see the Amaze Rison and sprint GSM all others generally so I’m sprint so I’m mosting likely to pick that and also when that occurs it needs to in fact probably boot my reboot my phone into the bootloader if I had to presume as well as it did and after that it needs to go in advance as well as fastboot flash healing I’m uncertain how much time it’s gon na consider it to do this it claims a mistakes happened log data have actually been placed it’s not an excellent sign however it’s okay since our bootloader is opened however it states twerp has actually flashed so it needs to it could have in fact worked because I understand it stated a mistake happened before however it really did not so it states tor flashed so allow’s go on and also assume that at job it states job was blinked so

hopefully that functioned I’m gon na try this once again it claims has actually not been identified so what I’m gon na do is in fact choose up on top there’s a choice for each boot press the power button there go on and push the quantity down in this little press recuperation as well as press the power switch so we’ll see you’ll see this come up that just means your bootloader has actually been opened however I’m gon na go ahead and see if okay so TWRP was flashed I recognize it said error yet we do have this recuperation and incredibly user isn’t blinked that’s all right we can really do that manually that’s not a big offer at all so I’m mosting likely to stroll you through the procedure currently to do that just struck reboot system and it’s gon na boot us in fact we can install reduce you with TWRP that’s perfect so I just strolled you with it anyways so just go to reboot system and also if you desire to install supersu you can swipe to set up so this ought to be nearly it it’s gon na go on and mount supersu and after that we ought to be completely rooted bootloaders gon na be unlocked we’re gon na have a custom healing and after that we will be completely rooted okay you see one m8 once it’s restarts so I’m mosting likely to let this boot and I’ll be back once it’s done to show you people we are now directed alright and when your phone has actually started back up what I want you to do is enter the application drawer you’ll see an app called

super su installer choose for that and go on as well as choose work so it’s mosting likely to download it and after that reboot you into TWRP healing let’s go on and continue and after that we should be all set to go it needs to blink it via the recuperation let’s see if it does it instantly or if we need to find the the zip file ourselves okay so it’s doing it automatically it’s gon na go on and also install that zip and also once we’re done then we will certainly be fully rooted okay it automatically restarted our HTC One I’m gon na allow it boot and after that reveal you people i am now directed all right so currently when their phones booted back up go in advance and go to the app cabinet and also you will see supersu right there to check and also make sure we can really go right into the incredibly su application itself you can follow him if you would love to as well as there you go so this is an incredibly su application what I’m gon na.

do I set up the nap called origin mosaic basic you can enter the Play Store simply a double check that you are naturally rooted I’m going to proceed and also hit validate origin and after that allow it give it Extremely Customer approvals and also that’s it congratulations this gadget has origin accessibility and that’s it so currently our device is unlocked has custom-made healing to 5 roms and so on and is totally rooted I will additionally produce a video showing how to get ass off for your bootloader in case you would love to do that also so please subscribe to me to obtain informed for that or else I’ll connect to it in the description of the video however as constantly people with any luck this video aided you out please subscribe as I said you can follow me on Facebook Twitter Google Plus all web links will certainly be in the summary listed below and also as constantly guys thanks make sure to give this a thumbs up.

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