Manually Update Nexus 10 to Android 5.0 Lollipop

hey every person Tim Schofield below from Cuba King 77 com doing a video clip showing you how to upgrade your Nexus 10 tablet computer to Android 5.0 lollipop currently the very first thing you’re going to need to do is download the update zip file in the description of the video this is the main update that will take place to your tablet over-the-air but if you do not want to wait for the over-the-air upgrade then you can do this by hand if you go to regarding tablet system updates as well as it’s not there then you can simply go in advance as well as by hand upgrade if you wish to be restless and also not need to wait you will need to be on develop number KTU 84 P so that’s the official develop you additionally will certainly need supply healing to apply this updates if I do not believe a personalized recuperation will certainly set up the zip data so as soon as you have it downloaded you’re likewise mosting likely to need to establish the android adb on your computer system i do a fast guide video clip revealing you just how to do that if you need to I will certainly link to that in the description as well so configuration ADB on your computer system download that file and also after that we can in fact go on and add we’re not done yet really let’s go in advance and also power off our tablet computer I likewise

recommend having more than 25 percent battery not five percent battery which is what I go to so see to it you do bill your tablet as much as at least 25 percent alright when your tablet is totally powered off we need to proceed and obtain to the bootloader to do so press as well as hold volume down as well as volume up as well as the power switch all at the very same time so press and hold all three of the buttons as well as maintain it held down till it obtains to this screen so when you get on this screen we require to proceed and enter recuperation so use the quantity backwards and forwards keys to browse and the power switch to pick and go ahead as well as see to it it claims recuperation mode then press the power button choose it it’s meditating tickets to a screen that says no command actually after our tablet goes back to the Google

display as well as I’ll inform you just how to get out of that in simply a second alright so there’s no command screen appears currently all you have to do is press volume down and also the power switch at the very same time and it must take you right into this display where it states Android system recuperation we’re gon na need to use the quantity tricks to navigate once more hit volume down as well as go to where it says apply upgrade from adb and press the power switch press the power button and it claims currently send out the bundle you wish to send out so currently we can as soon as we go to this screen we can connect our nexus 10 right into our PC so plug it on in once more you do need the adb established on your computer so we can go on and also go to our computer system now alright once we’re at our computer system what I want you to go in advance and do is browse to where you downloaded that data that upgrade zip file a number of letters and also

numbers you’ll see lrx 21p from KTU 84 p dot zip what I desire you to do is choose the whole message and copy it if it does not say that zip after that don’t fret just duplicate that whole documents name right into your clipboard you’re additionally going to need to go in advance and also cut right-click as well as reduced the documents out of your downloads folder and after that navigate to the Android SDK home windows folder that we simply configuration the adb folder double click on it and the dual click system devices and afterwards what I want you to do is paste that data into that system tools folder so see to it that upgrade zip is in the system devices folder like mine is right now now all you need to do is go in advance as well as hold change on the keyboard right click and also strike open command window below it’s gon na go on and also open this command prompt where we’re gon na require to key in just one command as well as no this is not gon na clean any information you do not need to stress over that it’s gon na be the main lollipop upgrade on your nexus 10 and also it need to function just great so all you have to do is kind adb space sideload room and also after that what we

need to do is paste because file name that we just duplicated so right-click at the top of the command prompt highlight modify and also hit paste currently ensure at the end it states dot zip if it does not claim dot zip add it as well as simply put dot zip but don’t contribute to populate zip ax dot Zipz at the end otherwise it’s not gon na function alright and also as soon as we have this command sites in all you have to do is press Enter it’s gon na end up taking place is it’s gon na take that documents and also press it to your nexus 10 so I believe a progress bar must suit as well as it must reveal up on your Nexus 10 looks like the command prompts going nuts now however you also see a little percent down at the bottom of the command motivate that’s sixteen percent right currently it’s a big data appears like my Nexus 10 isn’t doing anything various so I’m gon na let it send the data and after that right back alright so you’ll see 100% scent and likewise on your tool currently it’s mounting the system update so what happens is it makes use of the command motivate this push the data to your device once it’s on your gadget it’s gon na proceed as well as verify it and also

install it this file was rather huge I presume I indicate it is a complete operating system upgrade so don’t expect it to take also except time provide it some time to mount patch all the required documents I’ll be back and also let you men understand what’s gon na finish up occurring it must immediately reboot your tool as well as you ought to get on lollipop however I’ll be back as quickly as it’s done setting up alright so you’ll see mount from adb full i took a decent amount of time maybe 3 mins I really did not actually maintain count yet yeah let it go through I wasn’t regrettable as well as you’ll see it really did not immediately reboot our tablet immaterial as well as we’re done in fact we should be excellent to go you’ll see a reboot system currently is already highlighted you can simply push the power button and it’s gon na in fact reboot your Nexus 10 as well as we need to be on Android 5.0 lollipop now that need to be almost it the only steps so yet also remember that this boot is gon na take a little longer than typical possibly actually even more than a little bit it’s gon na take longer than normal so be client with this pursuit up don’t get worried if it’s just sort of do you assume it’s just booting up and also booting just be patient give it a long time to see there’s the boot

animation right there but I’m gon na allow it boot up and I will certainly be back once it’s done alright so my tablet computer has started up as you can see clearly as soon as possible it is currently running Android 5.0 lollipop official so yeah you’ll see it did not wipe any type of data anything like that allowed’s proceed and run into settings looks like there’s no certainly split settings food selection any longer so we can go on and also go into setups nice I think view of settings they finally decided to make it much more fullscreen go to about tablet computer as well as there it is Android 5.0 right there you can rapidly if you intend to reach the easter-egg promptly touch on android version 5.0 and it will certainly show up you’ll see a lollipop yeah you push and hang on that and also there’s one more easter egg in fact so keep it held back there we go and it’s gon na open an Android version of flappy bird for one more easter egg so yep you can play about with that if you intend to and that’s it so there you go you currently have a Android 5.0 lollipop in your Nexus 10 tablet I will certainly be doing a complete review of lollipop tomorrow in fact today it might be past midnight I do not know however yes quickly so see to it you register for me you can also follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ all web links to be in the description below and also as always people thanks

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