Manually Update the Nexus 10 to Android 4.4 KitKat

Antron Tim Schofield right here from Cuba King 77 com doing a video revealing you how to manually upgrade your Nexus 10 to Android 4.4 KitKat there’s finally an upgrade zip documents available so we can proceed and also by hand upgrade it initially of all I want to go ahead as well as jump right into setups scroll down most likely to about tablet computer you’ll see I get on 4.3 construct number JWR 66 why so you do require to be on that particular build to by hand update your Nexus 10 to KitKat there are 2 requirements initially of all you require to have the Android SDK devices and also ADB configuration on your computer I’ll connect to a guide video clip in the summary if you have refrained so yet and after that additionally you require to download the updates application documents which I’ll connect to in the summary too so those are both requirements when you have the documents downloaded on your computer system you can really just power off your Nexus 10 due to the fact that we require to proceed as well as get it into the bootloader alright when your gadget is completely powered off what you require to do is proceed as well as press and hold all 3 buttons at the very same time volume up/down and power button

press as well as hold all three of them and it should take us into the bootloader thus so below is the bootloader menu on the Nexus 10 go on and also focus actual quick what we you need to do is utilize the volume rockers to browse and also the power button to choose so go ahead and also press the volume down or up until you see it’s a healing setting so when it says recovery mode you can go ahead and press the power switch doing so ought to take us into our healing as I claimed you must have the ability to do it on supply healing or a customized recuperation because there is an ADB side lots alternative in TWRP and so on so allow it go in advance and also reboot into our supply healing in my situation you’ll see it claims no command to leave the screen my attempt is to press and also hold the power button for a little bit and afterwards touch the volume up switch or quantity down together so just kind of press and hold the power switch and then simply sort of faucet a quantity up and also down it’s a little difficult to enter into the food selection right here yet as you can see I did it by following what I simply stated but we can go ahead as well as focus on this recovery here extremely simple exact same actions volume up as well as down to browse power switch to select go ahead as well as press quantity down until it states

apply update from ADB and also push the power switch to select it currently as soon as you do so down at the base you’ll see currently send the plan you intend to relate to the tool with adb sideload currently we can proceed and also go to our computer alright and also when you have the documents downloaded as I claimed proceed and right click it either your downloads folder as well as hit reduced so just reduce it out of your downloads folder as well as then navigate to where you have that Android SDK folder that we have established up and afterwards go into the platform tools folder as well as then just paste it within whoops paste it within that folder really so simply go ahead and right-click as well as paste as well as make certain it remains in there once it is go in advance as well as act like your going to relabel it as well as copy that message so replicate the whole file name you can relabel it if you desire as well as duplicate whatever you rename it as I’m simply mosting likely to leave it as is and also just replicate the message as soon as you have that done what you require to do is proceed and also hold the shift secret on your key-board and right-click doing so it will certainly open up an alternative to state open command home window here go on as well as click on that alternative as well as it ought to bring up a command timely stating Android SDK system tools or wherever you just pasted that that file right into

alright anyways as soon as you have this command prompt open go ahead as well as connect your nexus 10 right into your computer system ensure you do plug it straight right into the computer system and also do not utilize a USB hub I will certainly post a web link to drivers on my website actually I’ll connect to them in the summary if for whatever factor your computer does not acknowledge your gadget but anyways let’s go on as well as type a fast command motivate in all you need to do is key in adb room side tons space and afterwards go on as well as right click on top of your command punctual go to modify as well as hit paste it’s going to paste because file name that we simply replicated you’ll see it claims adb side tons area file name make sure at the end of the documents name you add dot zip don’t include dip-dip if there’s already is one dot zip so simply see to it there is one dot zip at the end of that documents name and also press Enter what it’s mosting likely to do is in fact send over that update zip to your device through ADB so you’ll see it’s sending sideload it’ll just give you a quick percentage so I’m mosting likely to proceed and let it run via and also I’ll be right back once it is done all right so you see it claims 100 percent that suggests it’s done sending it over so now I’m mosting likely to go on as well as go to my tablet alright so now you’ll see there is a blue progression bar right here letting us know just how much longer the update has actually left you’ll see it claims installing system

update it’ll give you some progress down here under left in addition to to what’s going on so it’s simply meant it’s now immediately upgrading via that zip documents that we just moved over so it’ll take a little time so be individual with it I’ll be back once it is done or virtually done alright you’ll see it claims install from adb total and also it brings us back to that recovery menu all you need to do is you’ll see it’s highlighting reboot system now you just push that power switch and also that would certainly be it so simply reboot our Nexus 10 you can disconnect it now you do not require it plugged in anymore but we will see by the boot animation the updated as well as new boot animation the brand-new KitKat boot animation that we must be currently on Android 4.4 KitKat let it go in advance as well as go through alright right here we go begin it out pretty slow-moving however there there you have it so it’s functioning simply great first boot might take a bit of time subsequent start up will certainly be much quicker alright so my device has booted on up and also I’m currently running kick head-injury 4.4 you’ll see up at the leading there is a new symbols different colored symbols are now white some brand-new settings symbols we can enter into the settings food selection setups food selection looks clearly a lot different and also honestly they need to repair this this is a massive problem actually really did not mean open Google currently sorry concerning that yet the setups food selection definitely requires to be changed you can most likely to about tablet and it brings up a whole brand-new

display instead of the split screen so not exactly sure what Google was assuming when updating the Nexus 10 this is not a 7-inch tablet computer this is a 10 inch tablet computer so it requires to be a little bit various because sense with any luck a future update will come out that will certainly repair that but anyways revealing it off I’m now in android version 4.4 right there construct number KRT one 6 Oh so there you have it now on KitKat we can actually real fast go back there and also rapidly touch an Android version and also you got that quick easter egg of training course that I such as to reveal that just type of programs your neck that your Nexus 10 gets on Set Kats there’s actually another screen sorry about that simply figured I ‘d reveal you guys just kind of programs off all the numerous builds simply a little very easy press and also hang on that little screen and it shows up so you’ll see I obtained cupcake donut jelly bean Ice Cream Sandwich all those icons appearing on the display likewise this flaunts that these icons down here do get decreased you’ll see it brings up a clear notification bar when you take down from the leading as well as it additionally raise the residence back current running applications buttons too so just go home there you additionally discover it didn’t consist of the Google experience

launcher I don’t comprehend that either Google they really did not include it on the Nexus 7 it appears like only the Nexus 5 at the moment is obtaining that launcher that makes really no sense to me it looks like it’s simply too much fragmentation for Nexus devices possibly I’ll make a video clip speaking about that in the future but anyways if you intend to check out the Google Experience launched on your Nexus 10 it may look a little wacky because it’s not produced it however I’ll link to where you can try it out in the summary of the video however besides that now you reached jump on your Nexus 10 main develop hopefully this video clip aided you out if you could register for me I ‘d actually appreciate it you can also follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ all the links will remain in the description of the video below and as always many thanks for be certain to offer this a thumbs up

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