Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Gear and Note 10.1: Unpacked Recap

today at IFA Samsung held an unpacked event where they revealed 3 all new tools the galaxy note 3 the galaxy equipment smartwatch as well as likewise a 2014 versions of the galaxy note 10.1 tablet just mosting likely to go in advance and wrap up the events speak about the different tools and also the specifications of them likewise some brand-new attributes that occur with these devices which’s simply regarding it so let’s go on as well as obtain into it so to start with I did want to speak about the note 3 one of the important things I have actually been eagerly anticipating at this occasion and I wish to go ahead as well as speak about the layout actual quick in concerns to Ivan note 2 right here a difference is that the screens a little larger it’s a 5.7 inch display however they also did not include any type of size to the gadget of the display basically simply got a little larger so the bezel is mosting likely to be a little smaller sized than the note 2 it’s additionally simply a little thinner as well as a bit lighter as well so some nice renovations there with the style of it it looks very comparable to the note 2 on the front having the center switch down the base and back in menu

switches however the back the the camera lens looks a little various now the 5.7 inch screen is currently a 1080p display the note tues was a 720p so it has actually been risen the display resolution when it pertains to processor depending on the marketplace you remain in an LTE variant of the tool kind of a 2 point 3 gigahertz quad-core Snapdragon 800 cpu and the 3g a lot more worldwide versions gon na have a 1.9 ghz octa-core Exynos cpu so we did discover with the s4 that the cpu whether it be an octa processor or a quad-core really did not necessarily imply it was going to be far better or faster it was simply whatever processor functioned better with the LTE network that’s why the quad Court is more so in the LTE variant which is essentially the US variation of the note 3 now there’s going to be two storage space variations 32 gigabyte n 64 gigabyte nonetheless there is going to be a mini SD card slot so thankful Samsung is sticking with that that is something that I delight in having in my devices they’ve likewise updated the amount of RAM from 2 gigabytes in it

now has 3 gigabytes of RAM to ensure that’s a fair bit for a mobile phone that’s type of crazy they have actually additionally enhanced the size of the battery to 3,200 milliamp hours from 31 million components just 100 million part difference nonetheless they have actually kept in mind that battery life is a lot better than the previous variation so I’m anticipating it considering I still really feel like the note 2 still is the phone now that has the very best battery life out of any one of the phones that I have actually made use of so I’m anticipating using the note 3 as well as seeing how a lot better this battery life is the note 3 has a 13 megapixel back electronic camera that has the capacity to shoot video in 4k which is rather crazy considering it is a mobile phone nonetheless you’re mosting likely to need a display that can result in 4k to watch that content so not exactly certain how that’s going to work my assumption is 2014 you’re mosting likely to begin seeing more of a push in the direction of 4k Televisions then you’re mosting likely to also see an increase in 4k material you’re going to obtain 3 color choices black white and pink so pretty typical colors there and additionally on the back you’ll notice it’s got an artificial natural leather area from what I hear it’s quite really feels type of like genuine leather so

that’s sort of interesting that they went that course I believe it’s sort of cool it offers it more of a costs really feel to the gadget additionally contributes to some grip also so I’m eagerly anticipating seeing exactly how the leather on the back fields currently in regards to software the note 3 is mosting likely to ship with Android 4.
3 which is actually the most up to date operating system at the moment KitKat 4.4 coming soon not specifically sure when that’s going to be released yet it behaves that it will be shipped with the latest Android os it’s additionally mosting likely to have a collection of upgraded touch with attributes with the samsung’s overlay being touch with so not exactly sure how well individuals are going to like them ideally it really feels smooth and also still feels like a stocking even more of a supply Android experience I simulate a great deal of the attributes that TouchWiz does add nonetheless it can feel a bit puffed up at times and slow things down so we’ll see how they integrate all these features with the operating system there’s a new one called Air Command they utilized with the s-pen certainly i’ll be showing pictures alongside me so you’ll see it yet there’s uh it’s simply kind of looks a great deal like pie navigating if you have a rooted android phone as well as have ran a custom-made rom that has pi navigating manages really there’s another means to get them i believe i have a video on it i’ll connect to it in the summary if you’re interested in

those pie controls i don’t believe you require to be rooted anyways as a side note but it looks extremely similar to that so they have a memorandum option a scrapbook display appropriate search which i believe they call s search or something like that and then a pen home window also so five various alternatives on that particular fast little circle you can open up on any type of screen so if you’re in a snooze at the home screen it matters not you can simply open that up as well as swiftly most likely to those various functions to ensure that’s just about all the brand-new functions that they did speak about at the occasion again I make sure it’s mosting likely to have a lot of amazing features that the s4 has so do not believe that they’re leaving those out there simply really did not include as many cutting edge features as the s4 all the brand-new features the s4 head however anyways in relation to a launch dates it’s mosting likely to be have an international release day beginning on September 25th and afterwards for the u.s. And Japan at some point in October so for the LTE variant of the gadget you do need to wait a little much longer in the US and also Japan unfortunately my assumption is that the 3g version the octa-core is mosting likely to be launched first know September 25th so that’s type of interesting now the following device that samsung revealed was the galaxy equipment smartwatch which is the first of its kind from Samsung you truly have not seen any kind of clever watches from Samsung that’s going to couple with your phones as well as offer you even more of a seamless experience in between both design-wise I do kind of like it I’ll of training course be showing photos alongside me you’ll see that it it looks rather smooth honestly it is available in 6 different colors I’ll reveal them done in succession beside me too and after that on the strap you will see it does have a camera as well now some specifications it has a 1.6 3 inch Super AMOLED display screen I do have a buddy that has a ipod nano watch and also it is 1.
6 inches and also he said it looks fine it’s not too bulky I haven’t truly seen it in individual so I’m going to take his word for it and also that’s an excellent dimension for the display it is a 320 x 320 display so a flawlessly square display screen currently also the cpu it features a solitary core 800 megahertz processor so extremely fascinating that they assumed they would at the very least go the dual core cpu maybe it does not require it maybe I’m incorrect as well as additionally 512

megabytes of RAM as well as which once more I thought they were mosting likely to choose the dual core as well as one job of ram I was incorrect 800 megahertz 512 megs of ram and also it additionally has four gigabytes of on-board storage space for your images I do not know if you can play songs from it or otherwise it does have an audio speaker in addition to a microphone so you can respond to as well as make calls as well so you it’s an even more of a speaker telephone call so you made it look like you might address it by putting the watch up to your up to your ear I don’t understand if you can simply have it where only you can hear what the individual saying or it needs to be a speaker phone experience I’m not too favorable with that said yet kind of interesting that you can make use of some motions to address calls as well as talk via your watch once again if you’re alone or if you’re having a discussion where no matter of other individuals hear you with any luck not in a public place i’m not a big fan of people utilizing

speakerphone in public areas currently it only pairs with samsung phones and also made it appear like the galaxy s3 s4 the no. 2 and also no. 3 are the just one and some tablet computers are the only ones that it does couple with presently you also will need to obtain a software program update for this to work that is what they stated at the occasion so once again you do require to have a galaxy phone for this to function which makes sense Apple makes a SmartWatch so they’re going to just have a set most likely have a couple with your apple iphone HTC makes one you’re only going to have a pair with your HTC phone that’s simply exactly how companies are going to to function it again there are going to be companies that will make universal smartwatches that work over Bluetooth nonetheless possibly not as seamless as the ones that are integrated just for specific phones and afterwards as I stated you have a cam simply 1.9 megapixel so not that fantastic top quality picture in photo top quality you’re going to get however once more you could he made it seem like you can simply promptly swipe down and after that take a photo with it i don’t understand just how unpleasant it’s mosting likely to be trying due to the fact that it is on this side of your forearm i was curious if they were going to have it be on leading so perhaps you can do a google hangout or something on your wrist resembles they’re mosting likely to do it on your forum so you can take photos of points once again i do not understand if

it’s going to be super awkward or how it’s mosting likely to function it appears like it’s a cool means to take very fast images and after that you can likewise share them by means of social networks all from your watch so you do not even need to take out your your note 2 or whatever your note 3 or whatever is smart mobile phone you do have likewise there’s another little cool function if you have actually allowed’s say an email open as well as after that you pull out your smart device the e-mail will currently be opened up on your phone to ensure that’s a type of a cool point they have going I don’t understand how well it’s going to work these are fantastic ideas however if they don’t operate correctly you can create a great deal of troubles the watch is additionally going to have its own collection of dedicated apps for it which is interesting due to the fact that as I claimed it has an 800 megahertz processor as well as 512 megs of ram so I do not know just how fundamental these applications are mosting likely to be ideally they can run them efficiently I actually do not want to have feel a slow-moving SmartWatch the one I used I believe it was a pebble smartwatch at CES as well as Jake back in January was very slow as well as slow

I was not a large follower of it so once again it does require to be hopefully quick hopefully the apps aren’t too extensive so the processor and the RAM can keep up with them you can try to find the galaxy gear smartwatch on September 25th in addition to the release of the I think 3g variants of the galaxy note 3 and afterwards the last gadget that Samsung available was the galaxy note 10.1 tablet computer I don’t wish to get excessive right into it i’m in fact mosting likely to just since this video is obtaining a little lengthy i’ll actually post all the specs as well as some information in an article if you wish to have a look at that tablet computer i’ll link to it it does have an extremely wonderful display i’m anticipating seeing that on a 10.1 inch tablet computer so proceed and also click on the web link in the description if you wish to take a look at that note 10.1 apart from that though ideally this video has actually recapped that samsung unpacked occasion all right for you once again a lot more information i can publish a web link in the description of the video clip with any luck you liked this video clip please provide it a thumbs up if you did you can additionally register for me as well I actually appreciate that you can follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ all links will certainly be in the description of the below and also as always thanks for be certain to obtain this video clip it thumbs up you

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