Android 4.1.2 MC3/MD4 on Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 [REVIEW]

hi there everybody tim schofield here from Cuba King 77. com doing it video doing it full evaluation of the MC 3 leaked improve the sprint samsung galaxy s3 go in advance and assess some stuff ultimately the costs collection is below so to start with it will certainly show you proceed and go into setups scroll down most likely to regarding gadget you’ll see this android version 4.2 as well as your build number at the end need to say mc3 i do have a video clip showing you just how to install this leaked develop i will certainly connect to it in the summary of the video below again no concept this is going to be main or not i’ve listened to people claiming it’s not i’ve listened to individuals claiming it is so we’re not as well sure yet again we will see what the future comes nevertheless every little thing functions simply great so i wouldn’t stress over running into bugs so this is certainly a dripped build that you can run and also not have to fret about your phone being all screwy it ought to function all it should work simply fine alright so anyways right now aesthetically I have actually listened to that some people state that the colors look a bit far better as well as I would need to agree it does seem

like the shades do have a bit much better seek to them are for whatever factor once more that’s simply a personal viewpoint may be a little bit various for you additionally it’s additionally pointed out that it does feel a lot smoother as well as snappier as well as I need to concur with that too opening up as well as closing applications it does really feel really smooth I wouldn’t say a lot smoother however most definitely just a little bit smoother to make sure that’s that’s a plus as well currently being that it’s still on jellybean you’re still going to get amazing features such as Google currently I’m not connected to any kind of data network actually so this isn’t also going to load up appropriately you’ll see network error there however one of the highlights of this upgrade is the costs suite upgrade as well as you will currently have multi window so this update does now consist of multi window you can press and also hold the back arrowhead to turn on the multi window i’m mosting likely to hit do not show once more and strike ok i’m going to strike do not show again and also strike ok so finally the Sprint s3 has multi window which is what the note 2 has go to a while you can move this bar around press and hang on this little symbol you’ll see this symbol you can swipe in as well as out and also it disappears it does remain there you can actually press as well as hang on it and also move this bar around to the ideal side or to the

bottom anywhere you would like it to be at so if I desired it to be down at the base I can I can swipe down as well as you’ll see it is still down there while it’s shut you can press as well as hang on it and also relocate left and also right so you’ll see I can relocate it all the way over there once again while it’s open i can move it over to the side of the screen too as well as there you have it so once more up down relocate it 2 various sides of the screen to make sure that’s that’s type of neat opening it back up you’ll see you do have a restricted amount of applications that you can have open in multi window so to start things off I’m going to go ahead as well as open YouTube so click as well as drag it over as well as it will certainly open things up I’m going to go ahead and also link to a Wi-Fi network as well as I’ll be right back alright so I have YouTube filled up allow’s claim I wish to view a video clip actual fast as well as I can search for me I you see I kind in QB as well as there’s Cuba King 77 and afterwards we can simply go in advance and also click on a fast video clip while YouTube’s filling I can go ahead and also open this multi window once again as well as let’s state for whatever reason I desired to go on and open up Chrome and also do a fast Google search so I open up Chrome I simply bring it as much as the top of the display click and also drag it and also it opens it on up you will certainly see there’s a bar in the center you can alter

the dimension of each display and also you also see there’s a pair buttons right below there’s a swap page button so you’ll see you can swap them so equally as a quick flip flop and afterwards while you’ll additionally see an arrowhead in the center pointing down if I have that as well as I press the various other button it’s mosting likely to simply expand that application once again if I intend to bring you to support could place put it down the base or the top whatever I like and also you’ll see there we go so it lots that up once more I can simply proceed as well as click a video you’ll see exactly how to root 2 that’s 3 actually so if you do wish to get a custom recuperation on this build you can just see this video really that i’m watching right currently i’m mosting likely to shut off the sound yet you’ll see it’s filling it up now at what i can do is return two up 2 chrome and allow’s say while I’m enjoying that video clip i desired to proceed as well as go to my web site so wildest videos loading once again i switch off the sound you would generally have sound that you see while the video is going i am additionally surfing the abdominal so my spouse has actually been incredibly slowly I do not also recognize why alright so below we go tons it up you’ll see my in fact brand-new revamped website simply appeared if you have not checked it out yet please do so I do appreciate any person going as well as seeing my internet site so

You’ll see I can go ahead as well as look with the different short articles that I’ve created and also uploaded while seeing the particular video clip I can change the display dimension of each one if I want to bring one up greater than the various other one placed it back to the middle so there you go and also I can go back as well as forth in between the 2 I can scroll I can stop briefly the video I can leave out of it so once again multi window is a truly fantastic function so figured I ‘d show that off some of the remarkable functions of multi home window now once again I do want to make a note that the applications are limited to basically the google applications and perhaps some samsung applications as well so keep that in mind now i do desire to make a note that if you are rooted you there will eventually be a means that you can add all the applications with any luck of time to do a video in the close to future once that comes to be offered you might have to be on a d a text-based rom or you could even simply have to flash custom-made rom i’ll obtain to that in a future video so certainly remain tuned for that if you’re looking for the all applications mod in the multi window so that is the main update to this leaked construct is that multi window mod you additionally see up at the top multi home window has a an alternative right there that you can push deselect as well as choose once more or you can just press as well as hold the back arrow and it brings it out as well as places it away as well so just figured I would certainly show you men that

you have a new application called paper artist that has actually appeared what you can do is you can really take an image and afterwards it’s just going to include a trendy effect to it so you’ll see when looking with here’s my hand you’ll see it as an amazing impact to it based on you just go with all your photos as well as it’ll display cool results so you’ll need to play around with that application it’s a little neat touch due to the fact that it’s rather amazing in fact there’s additionally a new gallery so if we go as well as proceed and go right into the gallery application and I took a couple of images actual fast you’ll see it’s really similar the note 2’s electronic camera in fact return you have a couple options you have this this option and after that you likewise have this spiral option to browse your pictures again visually pleasing but not extremely not extremely usable I imply it’s all right but I like using simply this box right here and after that go ahead and go and also you go to your details galleries as well as after that enter into your pictures so figured I would certainly reveal you men that upgraded gallery too press as well as hold the house button as well as you will certainly see the icon to remove all applications has actually been altered from a trash can to this not specifically certain why they did that yet once more no huge offer you can still swipe away applications you can press that button to do away with all of them that’s regarding it so simply regarding whatever I did intend to reveal you individuals particularly that multi window mod figured I ‘d reveal that off extensively hopefully you men like the video clip if you did please subscribe to me I ‘d actually value it you can follow me on Facebook Twitter and Google And also too all web links will be in the summary listed below as always many thanks be certain to provide this a thumbs up

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