Asus Zenbook UX51V Unboxing and First Impressions

every person came below from Cuba king sent me claimed right here doing an unboxing video of a sous zenbook you x51 v really thrilled to obtain this Ultrabook open laptop computer whatever you want to call it I just believe 15.6 inches so let’s proceed as well as open this thing up and also see what’s inside alright so right here we go right here is package itself asus zenbook give some specs on the back nothing off the beaten track can proceed and move this open open it on up welcome it as soon as possible with the incredible zenbook right here we can proceed and also draw that out I’m mosting likely to put that sideways for simply a second if you intend to get a fast closer check out the thinness of it it’s very light I believe it is four pounds so exceptionally light again I’m going to put that to the side it’s actually sort of cold which I’m thinking as a result of when it was being in the UPS vehicle he was getting pretty chilly so let’s see what else is in right here my guess is pamphlets in right here software program may be also something simply goes down so it looks like we have a note pad service warranty from a sous battery observe some software inspiring interv development persistent perfection and we also have a cord tie as well so simply a fast cord connection

that’s sort of neat bind your cable televisions ensure they do not get entangled can throw that to the side simply some things in the box proceed and try and also open some various other elements this is a little complicated really yet it is some wonderful packaging below we go power cable right there I’m assuming that’s what’s mosting likely to remain in here too as well as it resembles it does come with a little adapter to head to vga actually I’m not precisely sure what this input is I would certainly need to check on that particular but I obtain again that most likely goes into the laptop then you have a vga available so you can plug in a particular screen that uses vga resembles it comes with a micro USB wire I do not understand that’s not mini USB in fact so once more gon na have to look this up i’m unsure what kind of cable television this is additionally mosting likely to going to all that stuff in my evaluation video and also i have time to look up exactly what it is as well as some even more packaging and within is it resembles the power strip here so you obtained that as well it’s a little hefty not terrible but still does have some weight to it attempt and also obtain all these boxes out of right here

there’s so much product packaging in here empty there and also the last one on the right side right here as i think it is a speaker for the laptop computer a sonic master there you just plug it into a certain port on the laptop itself put it beside your laptop as well as you got some great audio quality so i can go ahead as well as i’ll possibly check that out my testimonial video clip which I’ll obtain to in a sec you guys are mosting likely to provide me some a week or 2 to check out the laptop and give a good run through of it but that’s all that remains in the Box allow’s proceed and get the laptop alright so below we go right here is the laptop computer I’m mosting likely to attempt to open it up I have not done this yet myself so opening it on up this is my very first time using this as well as right here we go so a thank you from exotic computer which is where the laptop computer was purchased from it’s a quick cover there and also right here it is so below’s a fast closer up appearance at the keyboard itself it’s a nice seek to it here’s simply a better angle check out it so this is simply the the key-board the look of it on the keyboard i can attempt and also turn it on below we go I don’t find out about just how much power it’s going to have when it comes normally you’re going to want to plug it in prior to you turn it on however I like living life on the side so just transform it in directly it must boot up rather

quickly it has believe 512 gigabytes of SSD storage space 22 x 256 so once more it should boot up rather promptly i’m presuming it’s mosting likely to the windows 8 start-up display i’m not positive though while it boots up I do not know precisely what it’s doing I can go in advance and also reveal you guys the ports on the side appears like you do have a couple us exist my assumption is 3 factor 0 hdmi out the power as well as an Ethernet slot there and twist it over there you have actually got SD etc appears like you got an earphone jack as well as it resembles you have that input for that subwoofer right there it has its very own particular one so you don’t take up your earphone jack wha if you have actually that connected in and you have that display out port I don’t understand precisely what that’s called I’m mosting likely to have to look that up I simply do not understand drawn a blank below yet you likewise see no optical drive no slot for a CD anything like that and also I don’t recognize specifically what it’s doing right here it looks like it’s mosting likely to attempt and also transform on you’ll see the key-board is rather back clip there I’m mosting likely to consider this and I’ll be right back all best so it says your PC ran into a problem and needs to reboot gathering details as well as we’re starting for you once again I don’t recognize what’s going on with this

hopefully it says vehicle driver power state failing so I’m guessing that it needs a little cost to it and it need to function i am in fact getting the power cable television all set so i simply plugged it back in as well as my assumption is that it must function just great since i have it connected in again as I said I like living life in the side so I may encounter some concerns if I don’t have it plugged accountable and there we go so my hunch is that was the issue not having it billed up it states it faced an issue I’m not mosting likely to send it due to the fact that I understand precisely what the issue is as well as why it took place i’m going to head not send and also to be sincere this is my first experience with windows 8 i have not utilized it prior to this is essentially the first experience I have actually ever had with it alright so it simply stated the camera to offer you guys a better consider it with any luck this is better but here we go simply a glimpse at it home windows 8 absolutely nothing out of the regular again I assume utilized it prior to resemble this is desktop computer so it looks like it goes back into a desktop computer design below and also we can go on the lower left as well as you return to start and it brings us back right here so as I said I have not utilized this before so this is all brand-new to me if I come over right here appears like begin tools mosting likely to setups

possibly tiles at a ceramic tiles Wi-Fi available sound brightness power notification keyboard to make sure that system and also that’s practically it once again I didn’t really desire to get into also much concerning it i’ll enter far more with the review video clip when i can speak about bit even more benefits and drawbacks of it I’m in fact mosting likely to shut this down since I wanted you people to see how swiftly it start up that’s something I figure to be rather cool for my unboxing video so shutting it down I’ll be right back fine I really did not even need to say I’ll be right back just due to the fact that it closed down practically ideal after I stated that so it shut down really promptly and I’m mosting likely to boot it on up just pressed it there and also we will certainly see just how rapidly it transforms back on after a complete shutdown you’ll see packing on up once more it shouldn’t take long in any way there’s nothing on it so once again it’s it’s not going to take long as well as there we go boot it on up allow’s attempt as well as open up the asus a sous i’m sorry Suze calculator and there we have it so one two 3 or it does have a complete number pad I’m using it there keyboard does feel quite nice I do not know just how to leave out of this there’s no departure so perhaps this home windows

button on the keyboard as well as that did work so there you have it again this is my very first experience with windows 8 i’ve had some friends giving me some pointers when i learn it i in fact may do some home windows 8 novices guide video clips I don’t know if I’m gon na enter that or otherwise we will see however that’s it to ensure that would be the unboxing of this asus zenbook yup allow me know you believe make certain to leave a remark also allow me understand if we believe regarding Windows 8 if you have actually utilized it before I’m constantly open up to remarks about that but that’s it so leave a remark be sure to sign up for me also be doing a review video clip soon sufficient so subscribe so you get alerted you can follow me on Facebook Twitter as well as Google Plus all links will certainly be in the description of people low and as always thanks make sure to provide this video a thumbs up

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