How to Manually Update the Google Nexus 7 to Android 4.2.2

every person Tim right here from Cuba came 77 come below to do a video showing you just how to manually update your Google Nexus 7 to Android 4.2.2 if you’re not obtaining the update over-the-air and you wish to do it immediately first of all you’re gon na require to go right into setups and go to regarding tablet computer double check here on 4.2.1 right now construct number J op4 DD likewise go ahead as well as quickly tap on construct number a number of times till it states you are now a programmer I think it’s seven times and also after that you also need to enter into designer alternatives right below select that turn programmer choices on continue and after that examine USB debugging right there and hit OK so we require to have USB debugging check to obtain this upgraded you also are mosting likely to require to have the ADB mounted on your PC or the SDK tools so proceed and click on the web link in the description of the video clip I have a video revealing you just how to set those up on your PC you require to do so just since you need to enter adb commands to your tool so go

in advance and establish that up now as well as when you have the SDK devices all configuration every little thing prepared to go on your computer you can go in advance and click the following link in the summary of the video clip and also they’ll probably take you to my website QB king 77 com I’ll hold the download link to the update documents it’s an it’s a zip file that is needed to upgrade your gadget simply proceed and also download and install that documents it’s really gon na resemble this this a lot of letters as well as numbers starting with 60 C e that would be the nexus 7 update file above it’s the nexus 10 upgrade documents which I’ll get to a video clip in a 2nd if you have a nexus 10 in a little while possibly later today however anyways it’ll be 6 ec e i’ll just advise go in advance as well as right click and hit copy for now you can delete it out of your downloads folder when you complete this update but proceed as well as simply duplicate it as well as then most likely to your C Drive as well as you’ll see you have the Android SDK folder right there double click it as well as then proceed and also enter into your platform tools folder and I’ll advise simply pasting it inside this system devices folders to simply go on as well as strike paste and you’ll see you have that zip data in there to ensure that’s simply mosting likely to be the easiest means to do this and afterwards go in advance and also hold change on your key-board right click and strike open command window below hang around let me go ahead and also reveal you guys what that looks like hold

change right-click open command home window right here and when you have done that we prepare to go so you’ll see this command window does open up on up currently we are ready to go go ahead as well as actually plug in your nexus 7 right into your computer so plug it on in whoa almost dropped it there that would certainly have misbehaved so plug it in once more make certain you have USB debugging on great and as soon as we are here and ready to go I extremely suggest inputting in adb devices as well as making sure that this appears a number of letters and numbers simply that just lets you know that your computer does identify your gadget in adb just type of letting you understand that it recognizes it if for any type of factor it doesn’t recognize it or it offers you an error anything like that I extremely recommend unplugging your tool as well as then installing PDA web on your computer I will connect to where you can obtain PD because in the summary June textiles internet site or something I think it’s called so mount that which will certainly include the vehicle drivers for your gadget which should enable it to work and afterwards you must do away with any kind of errors that do come up so make certain you get it to state listing of gadgets attached and have letters and numbers as well as claim tool and now once we have actually done that just go on and also type ADB reboot healing what that’s gon na do is reboot us right into our supply recovery this is for supply only if you are rooted and also have a personalized

healing it’s most likely not gon na function I do not understand if it’s gon na work if you’re just rooted with supply recovery I’m not positive however just proceed as well as strike get in and afterwards what its gon na do is reboot I have my bootloader unlocked however that does not matter just respect that I’m not rooted and also I also have supply healing so that’s what need to fill up right here you’ll see no command comes up right there simply go on as well as push your volume secrets and power button at the very same time I think in some type of sequence like that I just kind of press all 3 of them and afterwards you need to have the ability to get right into your Android system healing like so when in our Android system healing we’re not prepared to go simply yet what I advise doing is returning to that system tools folder and also after that go ahead and also highlight the file name below and strike ctrl C or duplicate it so duplicate this whole documents name there as soon as you have it copied onto your clipboard currently we can go ahead as well as enter one more command as long as we are in recover Rhian our tool I do desire to make a quick note that if you do have a personalized recuperation you could simply be able to set up zip from sdcard and choose the update if you are rooted as well as have a custom healing if you’re running a custom-made ROM it’s not going to function however if your stock rooted running a custom healing you need to have the ability to just hit install zip from sdcard and mount the

upgrade however otherwise as soon as you’re in your custom-made to your stock healing right here proceed and is volume down as well as drop to use update from ADB press the power button to select it and after that it should bring this up it claims now send the plan you desire to relate to device with ADB side lots file name so in our command prompt below what you intend to key in is adb area side load room and after that what you’re gon na desire to do is up on top here right click and also strike edit and also strike paste what that’s going to do is paste because data name that we copy it and also ensure you include that zip at the end if for any factor that zip is currently added don’t add 2 dot zooms just make certain there’s one dot zip at the end as well as we must be good to go then so allow me go in advance as well as hold this up so you can see what it is doing struck get in and you’ll see it’s gon na send the documents over to your device it’ll take a little bit of time to send out the entire data over and afterwards once the data sent out over after that it’s gon na proceed and also apply the update on your tool itself alright so it stated verifying upgrade package now in your stock recuperation as well as then you’ll see a progress bar right there a blue development bar it’s gon na verify the present system and after that go on and install the total update plan so this will as I claimed take a little bit of

time so simply be individual with the install process I will certainly be back as soon as it is done setting up all best it is now done it states install from adb complete as well as that ought to be almost it now just press the power switch once it highlights reboot system now as well as our Nexus 7 should currently completely reboot and also that is it so when it installs the initial boot might take a little bit longer than typical even if it did have an upgrade I’m gon na allow it boot as well as I will certainly be right back alright so simply boot it on up you can unplug your device you did not require a plugged in any longer as well as allow’s proceed and simply dual check and also see to it the upgrade did full effectively no data is gon na be wiped whatsoever you do not have to bother with that go on and also go into set scroll all the way down around tablet and you will certainly see it is now a on Android version 4.2.2 construct jdq 39 that would certainly be the latest currently 4.2.2 I will certainly be doing a video talking about the most recent modifications from 4.2.2 so most definitely check that out I’ll link to it in the description of the video once I make it I’ll make that probably later on today as well so swiftly tap an Android variation you’ll see Android 4.2.2 jelly bean which is simply sort of letting you recognize that that is what you’re on so I figured I ‘d show you people that and also that’s it to ensure that resembles manually update your Nexus 7 to Android 4.2.2 the current OS variation on Android if you have any inquiries whatsoever do not hesitate to ask leave a comment please register for me and also click that subscribe switch I ‘d really value it you can follow me on Facebook Twitter and also Google+ also all links will remain in the summary of below as always many thanks make certain to give this a thumbs up

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