How to Force Roam on Verizon with Samsung Galaxy S III and Note II

never ever once I’m right here from Cuba King 77 come right here to do a video showing you exactly how to force a Rome your sprint samsung galaxy s3 and your sprint samsung galaxy note 2 on Verizon’s network I do this when I go to my residence the reason being because I get horrible signal in my house I can not also be on a telephone call for over 5 mins without it being dropped you’ll see my note also right here’s where my number is actually you’ll see I have absolutely no bars today which’s precisely how it is when I go to my house which is one am at now so you’ll see I have no signal bars whatsoever as well as I find that training course roaming on Verizon’s network enables phone call to function likewise you you will utilize Verizon’s 3G data I do intend to make a fast note that Sprint does state you have endless roaming but you do not really if you use it too much if you abuse it I recognize you can obtain a warning e-mail from them you recognize they can additionally terminate your agreement so simply a direct there utilize it at your own danger I also intend to make one more quick note that if you do follow this approach if you are on a Verizon prl then 4G LTE will certainly not function so just type of keep that in mind you can

quickly change back as well as forth in between a Verizon PRL on a Sprint PRL the reason being due to the fact that you can just update it and also what I do is when I go to my house I get on a Verizon PRL and also when I’m out I get on a Sprint prl due to the fact that I get 4G LTE at our school and various other various locations where I go so currently what I’m going to do is show you guys just how to flash it to start with it does not matter if you get on supply you need to be on a TouchWiz ROM once more as I stated that functions on the s3 as well as the note 2 so the and also I don’t understand of any type of other phone this does work for but it only the Sprint versions of these two phones so it does not matter if you’re rooted or otherwise I’m actually not rooted on my note 2 right now so it does not matter initially of all I intend to reveal you really quick just how you can inspect what PRL you are on you can go in advance and also go right into setups scroll completely down go to a gadget and afterwards up on top pick condition and after that scroll down and also you’ll see up at the top what your prl version is you’ll see – five five absolutely no zero nine which is possibly what your own gets on that would be the current sprint PR L presently to ensure that is the most recent one otherwise though you will certainly have the ability to examine below to see if your PR l to obtain updated appropriately so

now what we’re gon na intend to do is click the link in the summary of the video clicking the link it’s gon na look very comparable to this you’ll see a large download switch click on that it will certainly download a zip data that zoom documents is gon na look like this so you’ll see I have the zip file called public relations L right there what you’re gon na want to do is double click that PR L zip and also it will certainly open up this as well as inside you’ll see a folder called public relations L what I want you individuals to do is just click as well as drag that folder onto your desktop computer so inside that public relations L folder you will see different PR L submits the leading 4 are all modded Verizon PR l that will certainly require roam on Verizon the bottom one is the most current sprint PR L so I simply kind of keep that in mind so what we can do is we’ll grab that PR L folder and also what I want you to do is click as well as drag it over to your note 2 so you can connect your note 2 into your PC ok so you see I connected in my note 2 right here on the right side what you intend to do is click and drag that folder to the phone the inner storage of the device not on your external storage make sure it is the interior so when you go to your phone you will see the public relations L folder has actually been included now you can just go on and expel your phone ok and also once you have that folder on your note 2 now what we’re gon na wish to do is really go

right into our app drawer and afterwards you’ll enter into the my data application or any type of various other file manager that you such as to make use of go to all files and also after that most likely to sdcard 0 and afterwards you’ll see that public relations L folder there what you’re gon na desire to do is pick it as well as inside you’ll see all the various appeals that I did aim out previously so to blink a PR L what you need to do is really relabel it or go in advance as well as select whichever one you wish to do I included all four of these in the zip so you can every one of them on yourself as well as learn which one functions the most effective I’ve located that this one three 3 7 one functions the finest for me so I’m gon na hold it and I’m gon na replicate it I’m gon na copy that data go back to my SD card and then hit paste here so I’m gon na paste it on the origin of my inner storage space so you’ll see is there and also it’s additionally in the PRL folder but you need it on the root of your internal storage once you put it on the root of your internal storage space press and also hold on it rename it as well as relabel it to test in all caps so T est so you’ll see it’s called examination at PR L that is what is necessary to compose the PR l prior to I show you just how the command that you need to enter yet with

Any Public relations L you require to make certain it states test PR l and it’s on the origin of the internal storage so that’s how you compose a PR l whether you’re using the sprint one or the Verizon one you require to always call it evaluate dot Public relations l simply like this anyways once you have that on your inner storage space of your device what I suggest doing is prior to you flash a PUBLIC RELATIONS L is going to system update as well as actually updating your Piro I found that sometimes it does not stick so maintain that in mind however it usually sticks even more if you upgrade your PR l before you flash it so maintain that in mind once again that it does not stick occasionally so you may do it it doesn’t stick reboot your phone just kind of maintain attempting there it does it can be a little picky and also it does not constantly desire to stay on your device however anyways once you have actually gone in advance and updated your peer I’ll go into the phone application brings up your dialer and also once more this works on the s3 as I noted before as well as the dialer code that you want to kind in is pound extra pound three to 8 two or information so three to eight two which certainly stands for information and after that struck extra pound again to complete it it brings up this information programs display now go in advance and pick a sight and as soon as you struck view you will see a choice that’s called Public relations L right down there I do want to make any note I’m not gon na do it on the s3 since my number isn’t on the s3 at the minute so yet you will see there’s a PUBLIC RELATIONS l right alternative on there

anyways the No – I intend to make a note that if you have upgraded out that elite lk 8 build they’ve actually eliminated the PRL right from the food selection if you do want to get this back and also you intend to stay on lk 8 then what you can do is in fact root your gadget set up a personalized recovery as well as i’ll link to where you can really reenable it by blinking a zip via TWRP recovery or clockwork install or whatever you have so i’ll link to that in the description of the video some guidelines for that but anyways all you have to do is pick public relations l right and also it’s like public relations alright one more time and also what its gon na do is reboot my phone so what currently it’s composing the by hand composing the public relations l to my phone as well as once it boots back up i should get on that verizon PR l as i said it can be finicky sometimes so i’ll be back once it’s done booting back up great so my phone has booted back up as well as you will see now right up at the leading right now i have full signal bars there so there’s the distinction in between absolutely no and also fall i understand immediately that the PR l has been flashed as a result of that however i can go in advance and also show you individuals actual fast simply to increase check we can go ahead and also enter into settings and after that scroll down once again most likely to concerning tool and status as well as up on top you will see a PUBLIC RELATIONS l variation one 337 it did work just great I am currently wandering on the Verizon’s network so that’s it once again take hearken to

those precautions that I did discuss earlier on in the video clip that ought to functioned as enjoyable as 3 and the note 2 if you have any type of inquiries in all feel totally free to ask simply leave a remark be sure to register for me also follow me on Facebook Twitter and also Google+ all links will certainly remain in the summary of the video below and also as constantly many thanks for seeing make certain to provide this video a thumbs up alright and I do not know if you guys have actually stayed this lengthy but I did intend to see to it you people something actual quick you will certainly see this is in fact my account I’ve in fact utilized a lot more sprint 3G data roaming than I have real just sprint data the reason being due to the fact that when I’m out I actually utilize LTE around my in my area where I go I’m constantly I’m LTE otherwise when I come house I simply kind in that Verizon PRL and roam on Verizon so there you have it revealing you that it does function simply great

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